Legalizing Kratom has been the most important priority of American Kratom Association for years now. For them, legalizing Kratom is essential to open a gateway to research.

This research can help in identifying the use of Kratom in medicine and healthcare set up. And it’s not just the association that is putting efforts for the legalization of Kratom.

Some healthcare agencies are aware of the benefits of Kratom and they are also against the banning of Kratom. Similarly, the users who have benefitted from the use of Kratom are actually struggling to get it legalized.

We all are aware of the fact that all substance in the field of medicine has side effects but they can be overcome with proper research and attention.

This is exactly what Kratom needs at the moment. Banning Kratom will close the only ray of hope for those who are living a painful life due to so many morbidities. If Opiates are not the solution than Kratom definitely is.

The top 10 reasons as to why Kratom should be legalized are listed below. Some of these reasons are so strong that the government of different states of America had to lift the ban on the use of Kratom. Let’s have a look at them.

1) Kratom Is The Best Alternative To Dangerous Painkillers

Kratom Is The Best Alternative To Dangerous PainkillersKratom is one of those painkillers that have very little side effects. It is not as addictive as the Opiates are and it doesn’t cause any fatality.

It is harmless as compared to the other painkillers like morphine and other Opiates.

Opiates have been the cause of many fatalities. Overdosing on Opiates has caused around 18,000 deaths in America in 2014. Kratom is not an Opiate. It is a natural substance that is blocking pain by binding to the Opiate receptors.

Kratom in its unadulterated form is safe to use, and according to a report published in 2016 in the journal ‘Brain research bulletin’ Kratom death and toxicity, cases are ‘non-existent’ in the region of Southeast Asia from where Kratom is derived.

2) Kratom Is Helpful In Breaking The Opiate Addiction

Kratom Is Helpful In Breaking The Opiate AddictionKratom the basically acts on the Opiate receptors. It produces effects similar to those of Opiates, but it cannot be labeled as Opiates. It reduces the Opiate addiction by producing effects but which are less intense without causing any addiction.

People who are undergoing Opiate withdrawal have found Kratom as a magic substance.

Their Opiate withdrawal symptoms were relieved significantly, and they got better without getting addicted to Kratom. They didn’t have to go through the pain and the severity of the symptoms.

3) Kratom Is A Potent Natural Stimulator

Kratom is like caffeine in action when it comes to stimulation of the central nervous system. Kratom uplifts the mood and helps one in focusing and concentrating better. This stimulation comes at small doses of Kratom.

The other potent stimulators available in the market like amphetamines are quite dangerous to the human health. Those drugs are responsible for causing CVS problems. However, Kratom, on the other hand, is a safe substance that comes with very few side effects.

4) Legalizing Kratom Will Regulate The Use Of Kratom

We have already seen that banning drugs has not helped much. The prohibition of the use of marijuana is a big failure. Studies confirm that the continued use of marijuana has taken many lives, despite the fact that it has been banned in many parts of the world.

The consumers of methamphetamine are increasing each day at a very alarming day. Once you legalize a substance, you start regulating it. You know the batches of the substance being produced.

You are aware of the components of the product. Legalizing Kratom will also incentivize the vendors to provide accurate information about Kratom and its usage.

5) Banning Kratom Will Increase The Black Market

Banning Kratom Will Increase The Black MarketIf you ban Kratom, it will still be sold. The prices will reach the sky because there won’t be any regulation by the authorities.

The black market will be on the rise, and there are chances that adulterated form of Kratom reaches the consumers.

A case has already been observed in which Kratom was adulterated with other substance and once used it caused the death of a person with respiratory depression. Looking at the facts, it is important that Kratom is not banned.

6) Legalizing Kratom Will Promote Research

It is evident from the little information available about Kratom that very less research has been done on Kratom. Once Kratom is legalized, scientist and healthcare workers will start working on it and find out its uses, benefits and side effects.

Thus you are identifying the hundred new arenas that will be opened with extensive research on Kratom. Studies will also prove its efficacy and potency. Legalizing Kratom will foster the standardization and safety of Kratom.

7) Legalizing Kratom Will Make America Safer

The legalization of Kratom will make America safer by reducing violent that comes with substance trafficking, and it can also be made safer by removing the promise of illicit big money.

8) Kratom Has Immense Medicinal Uses

Kratom is not just a painkiller and a substance that can help with Opiate addiction. It is a substance that can be used for diarrhea, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, any inflammatory conditions and many other diseases.

However, the research about the use of Kratom in these diseases is negligible. Legalizing Kratom can promote the use of Kratom for such medicinal purposes.

9) Kratom Is More Readily Available And Has A Very Low Abuse Potential

As compared to other substance for medicinal uses especially analgesia and Opiate withdrawal, Kratom is available readily, and it is available at affordable prices.

Legalizing Kratom will enable people to have access to Kratom readily thus relieving their ailments. It is worth mentioning that Kratom has very low abuse potential.

It is very unlikely to cause addiction until unless very large doses are consumed or it is taken in the form of extracts or tinctures.

10) Kratom Is All Natural

Kratom Is All NaturalAt the moment, we are looking for new substances to cure many diseases.

Kratom is that one natural substance derived from the Coffee plant family that has properties to cure many diseases.

In the raw form, that is the form of leaves; Kratom is the safest substance. It has negligible side effects when taken alone and not with other drugs. Extracts of Kratom can have consequences that can adversely affect the body.


Kratom can help with a lot of problems that the world is facing today. It is the time that we understand the importance of Kratom and acknowledge it as a safe drug in order to use it effectively. Legalizing Kratom can help in the achievement of all the above-mentioned objects.



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