The name Elephant Kratom sounds crazy, I know, but I guess when it comes to from where you derive this particular Kratom strain, you will understand why it is relevant to call as Elephant Kratom. Oh no! You got me wrong over there. It does not come from the elephants. Trust me!

Elephant Kratom is derived from Southeast Asia. It is available in Hulu Kapuas, Ketapang, and Jongkong region of the Borneo Island present in Indonesia. It is grown in the tropical rainforests of Borneo, where the climate is hot and humid, favoring the growth of Elephant Kratom.

When the Elephant Kratom plant matures, the leaves are separated from the plant and stacked together under the sunlight to allow them to dry. Once they are dry, they are crushed and further processed into different forms like Elephant Kratom powder, Elephant Kratom capsules, Elephant Kratom tincture, Elephant Kratom extracts, etc.

Below we will have a look at five things that one needs to know about Elephant Kratom that is sold at Mount Kratom.

Key Fact 1: Elephant Kratom is called so because of the shape of the Kratom leaves, which resemble Elephant ears.

The Elephant Kratom is derived from a particular strain of Kratom that has leaves similar to the shape of Elephant ears, i.e., the leaf size is enormous and has a large surface area. Due to the larger surface area, there is more content of alkaloids present in it.

It doesn’t make it any more potent than the other Kratom strains, but the quantity of alkaloids per leaf is higher than the other Kratom strains. The distinctive leaves also make this particular Kratom strain very attractive.

These leaves are scarce and difficult to find as this strain of Kratom isn’t grown in abundance, because it requires more space as well as water and nutrients.

Therefore, if you come across a vendor selling the Elephant Kratom, you might want to investigate the vendor’s authenticity because many times, vendors sell fake products at a very high rate by labeling it Elephant Kratom.

Key Fact 2: Like the other strains of Kratom, it comes in a variety of three different veins.

Elephant Kratom might have those gigantic big leaves that may make it different from the other Kratom strains. Still, it has the same variety as the other Kratom strains, i.e., the red-veined Elephant Kratom, the green-veined Elephant Kratom, and the White-veined Elephant Kratom.

They are given these names because of the color of the central vein present in each leaf. Now, what’s notable about these veins is that each vein has a different effect. You cannot expect Green Elephant Kratom to function similarly to Red Elephant Kratom. Why so?

Each of these strains has different types and quantities of the alkaloids, the ingredients responsible for evoking the effects in the human body.

Key Fact 3: Elephant Kratom is available in many forms, not just the powder form.

Most of the new strains of Kratom are only available in the powder or capsules, but with Elephant Kratom, we have a vast array of options. Yes, we can take it in powder, capsules, tinctures, extracts, tea, cookies, and any eatable. With these many options, one is lucky to have access to the Elephant Kratom.

How to take a particular strain of Kratom is always a mystery. So Kratom users usually feel confusion over the method of taking Kratom. With Elephant Kratom, you don’t have to worry.

You can take it any form you like, keeping in mind that it is just like all the other Kratom strains with varying properties. For more potent Elephant Kratom strains, do not take extracts or tinctures frequently as you can develop tolerance to it or even dependence.

Key Fact 4: Elephant Kratom is best for distressing situations.

Now some particular strains of Kratom have a very relieving effect. When it comes to White Elephant Kratom, we can rightly say that it possesses this unique quality. The effects are long-lasting and appear even with small doses.

One starts feeling like all the worries have faded. The muscle cramps reduce, and you feel like that the tight knot in your throat has disappeared. The gradual calmness, the soothing feeling, the ability to think, the unique sensation of being happy, devoid of any worries, stressors that are what the White Elephant Kratom brings about.

One should, however, carefully note that at high doses, one might feel too sleepy because you are under the sedative effect of the high dosing of the Kratom strain.

Key Fact 5: The dosing of Elephant Kratom is essential to achieve optimum effects.

This is a very crucial part when it comes to taking Kratom. You will not find the label saying to take Kratom in this dosage. No, they don’t mention it on the name. Then how should you know what is the right dosage for you?

You have two options, either read a hundred blogs and then follow a random dose or start with a low dose and experience the effects yourself. With the latter option, you do not take the risk of overdosing, which is very much essential, given that you have not taken Elephant Kratom before.

Many users say that the optimum dosage is somewhere between 2-2.5 grams of Elephant Kratom, but this is a very vague statement. I mean to which strain of Elephant Kratom does this dosage apply? So, you need to understand that you start slowly, take small doses, and avoid dosing multiple times a day. You gradually build your dose to the level where you start feeling the effects you want.


You do not need to confuse Elephant Kratom with something else. I know the names of all these multiples strains are so confusing. Remember, Elephant Kratom is tough to be found by farmers. It’s grown in very few places, and so if you think you are buying it from a very reputable site, you need to trace it back to its origin; otherwise, you risk yourself getting a product with additives.

We at Mount Kratom, have access to the unique strains of Kratom that our clients deliver to us directly from Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Our online store is known for the quality of products, customer services, and the fantastic discounts that we offer to our valuable customers. If you don’t like a product, we offer you a money-back guarantee. Have a look at our online store and happy Kratoming (don’t know if those terms exist as yet).



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