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Used worldwide, kratom is now peoples’ favorite herb! Do you want to soothe your anxiety? Or perhaps you need a mood enhancer. Are you struggling with chronic exhaustion? Then you are probably looking for a kratom vendor.

Here is when the difficulty begins.

Now, many vendors around you claim to offer the best quality Kratom. To choose one is no easy thing to do, and I am here to help you out by reviewing a company called the Kratomers.

Kratomers is an Indonesian company, based in Kapuas Hulu. Founded in 2015, its business is now online for its customers!

Let’s see what the Kratomers has to offer us.

What Products Does The Company Offer?



One organic aspect of Kratomers is that they produce their kratom with natural processes. I am excited about its products because kratom is native to Indonesia, and Kratomers is an Indonesian vendor!

If you go on its website, you will see 4 different colored strains of kratom which are available in different blends.

The company divides Kratom according to the location it is grown in. So, you will see Philippine, Malay, Thai, Borneo, and Maeng Da Kratom. The 4 colored strains are Green, Yellow, Red, and White.

When it comes to a variety of products, Kratomers is definitely starting out but currently, its website does not offer crushed leaves, extracts, or capsules. It does not have any line of CBD products or accessories. The only available products are powdered kratom strains.

But hey, Kratomers is a new online store and they are doing well given its reputation!

Kratomers is a wholesaler as well as a regular kratom store. Prices start at a striking $80 which is justified according to the usual market price. It does not offer inexpensive samples of different strains or blends.

Therefore, if you are new to kratom and want to try alternative strains or blends, the store may not help you out.

However, if you know your herb, you might want to check Kratomers out. Particularly, you can ponder over White Hulu Kapuas Kratom, with a starting price of $80. In my opinion, this is its most interesting product as it is native to its production line.

So, it is organic and natural for a nootropic supplement! Now that is important. Why? That is because it can be used daily for resolving stress, depression, and panic attacks.

Are Products At The Kratomers Safe?

Is Kratomers American Kratom Association GMP qualified? No. However, on its website, it has repeatedly mentioned that its products are ‘3rd party lab-tested’ for heavy metals, adulterers, or any contaminants. Kratomers is not exactly a new name in the Kratom market, so I am willing to take its word for it!

Besides, it does not use any additives or fillers. Lab reports, which a lot of kratom vendors strive to upload on their websites, are not available. Kratomers claim to ethically harvest their kratom by giving special training to farmers, which is very responsible.

On its website, Kratomers has explicitly mentioned that it does not sell kratom if you are under 18, pregnant, or nursing.

Unlike other sellers, Kratomers makes sure to tell its customers the side-effects of Kratom. Is there any mechanism to verify consumer information? No.

Please note that Kratomers started its online business in 2020 only. So, it might be a work in progress!

But overall, the company seems honest and I think you can expect safe products from it.

What Do Customers Think About The Vendor?

Kratomers’ website has published only 5 customer reviews — and surprise — they all are positive.

Its Facebook page was last active years ago but you can see its products on Instagram. However, customer engagement is little.

There are no Google reviews available.


Kratomers is very consistent with its pricing mainly because its product variety is extremely limited but naturally produced. The smallest price of Kratom Vein Powder is $80, which is quite close to the market price.

Other vendors usually keep samples of different strains so you may make the right choice. Kratomers does not offer such samples but that’s justified.

I’ll tell you why. Unlike other vendors, Kratomers is very descriptive about its products. This vendor is very honest about product usage and effects. So, even if you invest $80 for 1 kilogram of vein powder, you will not be disappointed!

If you are interested in buying Kratom in bulk, Kratomers offers a very reasonable deal of 6 kilograms for $480.

Overall, at a wholesale price, you might want to consider this! But remember, this is kratom powder. So, your dose might vary from the ones in capsules or extracts.

Payment, Shipping, and Return Options at the Kratomers

Payment Method at Kratomers

Like other vendors, Kratomers accept PayPal and various other credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. It is profoundly comforting that Kratomers also ensure the safety of your credit card information and billing address by using SSL encryption.

Its payment options are quite inclusive except for it does not accept Cash-On-Delivery (COD).

Free Shipping with Kratomers

Although Kratomers ships almost everywhere for FREE, currently it is not operating outside of the US. It dispatches your orders through EMS Post Indonesia.

Due to illegality laws, it does not ship to some US states like Vermont, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Tennessee. It is always recommended to check out your state laws on kratom before ordering it online.

It is quite impressive that Kratomers ships to anywhere in the United States within 2 to 3 business days. Anywhere else, it takes 3 to 5 business days. Considering other kratom vendors, this is a fast service, so points to the Kratomers!

Kratomers also send all the packages very discreetly, so if you want to keep your kratom consumption a secret, you most definitely can.

However, you are responsible to pay for any added custom tax or import duties. Do not get too disappointed! This is quite common among other Kratom vendors as well!

Return Options at Kratomers

If your shipment does not match your order or is defected, you can easily return the products within 30 days. Just make sure that you do not remove the packaging or damage the product.

You can also get a refund on one condition—the item that you want to return must be out of stock. This might seem too harsh but Kratomers want to ensure that the freshness of its products still is intact.

Kratomers promises to deliver 100% customer satisfaction so it processes your return/refund request within 7 days!


To streamline the review, here is a quick summary of Kratomers.


  • Lab-tested products
  • Reasonable prices to buy in bulk or wholesale
  • Local, organic, and natural harvesting of kratom
  • Multiple credit card options
  • Free and fast-paced shipping
  • Reliable return and refund policy
  • Discreet shipping


  • Not AKA GMP qualified
  • No evidence of lab testing – but the company follows the practice
  • Only powdered kratom is available
  • No exclusive discounts or promo codes
  • No samples available for the beginners

Final Thoughts

Since the Kratomers is a new online store, I am in favor of giving it time to expand its variety.

It might pay exceptional care to clear lab testing. Its prices are higher than the usual market but because it’s located in Indonesia, you can definitely expect pure, high-quality kratom from it!



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