Brand Name: The Ever Green Tree
Key Products:  Maeng Da in powder and capsules, Bentuangie, Elephant, Super Green, Kratom Extracts (black diamond, green sapphire)

When you go to buy kratom, be careful with the quality and blend of the strains because it can be tricky.

As being an unregulated supplement in several states, kratom products can be of low quality and sold without any check and testing. I feel lucky that I went to The Evergreen Tree for my first purchase and since then, I’m hooked!

The Evergreen Tree is an online shop offering all kinds of strains in capsule, powder and concentrate form. The reason I stuck to this supplier was plain and simple: quality and variety at a reasonable price. There are several other reasons that you may find appealing about The Evergreen Tree.

As a buyer, we all have some preferences that we ensure. So, here’s my synopsis of the products and the whole experience with the brand.

The Evergreen Tree Kratom

Ethical Consumerism

The shopping experience at The Evergreen Tree will be smooth since they ensure the safest kratom strains at a decent price. When you log on to the site, you can choose from powders, capsules and extracts without worrying about the quality.

Kratom is imported from Indonesia and is processed and packed in the United States, maintaining its freshness and efficacy. The farmers in Indonesia are known to the company, so there is little chance of substandard kratom delivered to you.

The Evergreen Tree is a company of kratom enthusiasts and offers refunds and returns in case you ever want to exchange products. These facilities make your shopping experience more comfortable as you know someone is willing to understand your point of view when you are giving kratom the first try or if you are trying a different strain!

When your Evergreen Tree kratom arrives, the packaging is a consolation that the substance inside is of good quality.

The vendor uses pharma grade, FDA-approved jars and bottles.
You can keep the precious kratom strains fresh and beneficial for an extended time. A critical factor for ethical consumerism standards is the speedy order dispatch and delivery.

The company ships the order within 24 hours or even earlier if you order before 2 pm PT. This efficient delivery only enhances the company’s policy of delivering fresh and quality products to customers.

Lab Testing

Lab testing for kratom is a serious matter since many laboratories don’t want to test the substance that has so many restrictions and may be termed as a Schedule 1 drug by the DEA.

Kratom test involves sampling and testing of tens and hundreds of strains to determine whether they are handled in the right way and processed to deliver fresh and effective products. Once the lab tests are clear, the product is viewed as pure, clean, without any contaminants and suitable for consumption.

The Evergreen Tree tests all the batches of products and have a 1.7% alkaloid average standard. There are three types of tests that every batch of kratom undergoes.

The biological testing is for Salmonella, Staphylococcus, yeast or moulds to confirm that the kratom strains are safe to use.

The other test is heavy metal; which nullifies the presence of arsenic, cadmium, lead or mercury in the strains.

The last test for The Evergreen Tree kratom is of identification or quantification. This test is to determine the alkaloid, lactone ratio. Once all three tests are passed, the kratom strains are processed to make powders or capsules for customers.

evergreen Kratom Lab Testing

Origin Of Source

Kratom is found in Southeast Asia, but the most effective and authentic strains come from Indonesia. The Evergreen tree sources all the strains from farmers in Indonesia and Thailand. Therefore, customers can rely on the quality and efficacy without a doubt!

Out of all the imported strains to the U.S., the Indonesian kratom is considered most authentic as its effects and benefits are more.

Variety Of Products

What makes The Evergreen Tree a first choice is the variety of products that one can enjoy and benefit from!

There are around 2 different varieties of kratom strains. I found Maeng Da, Green, White and Red Vein varieties that one can read about on the Internet.

Apart from these, there were speciality capsules and powders such as Bentuangie, Elephant and Super Green kratom.

All these categories have further options such as the Borneo red vein, green vein and white vein and the Sumatra green, white and red vein strains.

In powder form also, several varieties make your shopping experience a complete choice! You will find so many options that you will never feel as if you bought your kratom capsules or powder without much thinking!

What I Liked Most

One essential thing that gained my attention was the simple layout where you can see every product and choose to read the details from the main menu.

There are more than 24 products, all explained well for the users who wish to learn about the different kinds of kratom.

The packing of the products and quality of every powder and the capsules are also an attractive feature for users. The best part is that you will earn rewards and can avail discounts every day, whenever you decide to shop!


The different powders, extracts and capsules are affordable for users since they start from $29.95 minimum and does not exceed $135.95 .

This is a reasonable price for kratom since all other websites do not offer small quantities and the smallest jar is at least $30 or more on the other sites.

If you compare the prices, concerning the quality; The Evergreen Tree is economical and provides the broadest range of products in one place.

Discounts And Rewards

When I logged on to the site, I received a whopping 20% discount as a welcome gift. The code you get from the website is applicable for three purchases, and then, you definitely become a regular customer!

Similarly, when you subscribe to the website and make an account, you get a 15% discount, which makes it possible to shop the more expensive options for me.

If you are already amused, here’s more. there is a permanent discount on your bill. For instances, you get a 10% discount for spending between $59 and $139.

With Kratom shopping, you will also find a 20% discount if your shopping bill exceeds $272 in total.

This discount offer is what really made me decide that I will return for further purchases.

The reward scheme at The Evergreen Tree is a unique one. You can buy kratom and earn points on each purchase, which you can redeem whenever you want.

This offer is not a common one, and my friend who recommended it to me mentioned it passionately as well!

Personal Recommendation

I can personally say that the white vein Bali kratom, which invigorates and stimulates the senses and makes me focus on my work. I used the white vein Bali kratom as the first attempt to kratom, and I became a fan only because of its impact on my work performance and mental concentration.

Another variety that I tried and loved was the Betuangie kratom powder. It is slightly sedative and relieves pain efficiently. I used it when I had severe back pain due to a sports accident.

Not only was the powder easy to consume as a tea, but it was also quick acting and relieved me of the pain within minutes. I only took one cup of tea every evening and remained pain-free for hours.

You can also try the enhanced kratom combo. It is a mix of the strains that can calm your nerves yet uplift your mental energy to release stress and help you face all kinds of problems calmly and pleasantly.

The enhanced powder is a blend of two or three kratom types to improve the effect and make you feel stronger, energetic and stimulated.

Shipping, Payments And Other Details

Just like there are several options for kratom on The Evergreen Tree website; you can find shipping options to suit your budget. If you wish to receive your order within a short period, you can opt for the USPS Priority mail that ensures delivery within two to three working days.

However, all shipping that is not booked on a priority basis delivers within one to six days according to the distance and time of order received.

International customers can pay through credit card and receive the order with additional charges and customs cost.

For local buyers, there are several payment options such as cash on delivery, and e-check but unfortunately debit/credit card is no longer available — only AmEx to place your order.

All this makes the shopping experience at The Evergreen tree so rewarding and straightforward that you feel free. I enjoy the quality of products, but I also enjoy shopping from here since the customer service is excellent and has never delivered less than it promises.



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