Kratom tea is one of the most popular ways to take kratom.

But what happens when you’re short on kratom for your tea? You go online and start to frantically look for a vendor.

Then, you get lost. Because there are so many vendors out there.

This is where I come in. My goal is to help you choose a kratom company and end your spells of confusion every time your stock runs out.

Here’s everything you need to know about Tea Time Botanicals before you shop with them. Let’s begin!

What Products Do Tea Time Botanicals Offer?

Tea Time Botanicals offer a colossal variety of products.

They offer a range of products, from CBD Premium Cigarettes, Red Candy extract to accessories like Hand Sanitizer Gel. If you go to their online store, there are 6 categories in the ‘shop’ section. These categories are accessories, CBD, extracts, herbs and botanicals, regular strain, and sample products.

Tea Time Botanicals have an impressive total of 66 products available on its online store. The prices range accordingly, the highest being a $38 and the lowest being $1.5. Their accessories are quite handy and trendy with the touch of convenience and good designs.

You can shop for #IAMKRATOM bracelets to show your support for the industry or you can use Plastic Mason Jar for $4 only. Other products include Metal Teaspoons, Leaf Buddi, Vaporesso, Capsule Easy Filler, and more.

For better optimization, Tea Time Botanicals also have a CBD store with 50 products. However, some products are the same as in the ‘Accessories’ category. The most expensive product in this category is the High Potency CBD Oil for $105.99 which is further available in the Peppermint or Vanilla flavor.

One distinct feature of the Tea Time Botanicals is that they strive to offer a variety in the same product as well. For instance, in the CBD category, you can buy Raw Flower in Purple Gas, Russian Automatic, and CB Dawg.

With 6 products, extracts category includes Green Candy, White Candy, Chocolate Candy, and Red Candy. They also offer Crystal Extract Sample for $55 and 50X Crystal Extract.

Even though Crystal Extract Sample sounds like a promising idea to test 2 grams of each extract but a price of $55 brings it to inconvenience for affordability.

Tea Time Botanicals claim to offer one of the best qualities in their herbs and botanicals to justify their company’s name that includes ‘Botanicals’ in the title.

However, their variety only lasts for 8 products in the ‘herbs and botanicals’ category. In this section, they also offer Hirsuta for the minimum price of $18 – a herb that is used for tolerance reset.

In the Regular Single Strain Kratea, there are 22 products. This vendor has considerable regard for giving customers multiple options to choose from. They not only offer reasonably priced Kratea capsules, but they also offer a plethora of strains to choose from. This is a terrific way to choose your favorite strain according to your use.

The most interesting and commodious product is the Individual Starter Sample Pack which is economically priced at a minimum of $4. You can test out 1 individual strain with a weight of 12 grams according to your preference, that too, at a very serviceable price.

In the Sample Pack category, Tea Time Botanicals is very generous with the number of strains they offer, especially in a sample pack.

Can You Trust The Company?

Unfortunately, Tea Time Botanicals is not AKA GMP verified, ergo, there is no authoritative affirmation for their safety of use. It is quite difficult to configure if the company is following the standard protocols while manufacturing kratom products.

Yet there is a silver lining, always! Tea Time Botanicals assure that for the concern of safety, they only purchase vein colors instead of strains. So, they are mixing their strains to ensure the quality of the product!

According to the website, they UV Sanitize every batch of each vein to carry a wide array of the strains to safeguard the welfare of their consumers. Additionally, they also mention the colors vein they utilize. But it is hard to argue if this is enough.

Furthermore, they test all of their products for all microbial contaminants, heavy metals, and quantification. Yet, they have not mentioned any procedure of testing involving directness or any third party.

Pictorial evidence, as well as lab reports, are not available for consumers. The only disclaimer they have offered on their website is about unwarranted medical suggestions, and how they refrain from it, given the lack of medical expertise.

Tea Time Botanicals does mention an age limit of 18 or 18+ but does not ask for any verification from their consumers despite selling Kratom extracts. It is imperative to notice that few other AKA GMP verified vendors hesitate to sell extracts to youth because of their uncontrolled addictive tendencies.

What Do Customers Think About The Vendor?

Currently, their website only displays 4 reviews, and surprise, they all are quite positive except the one where they did not send the promised free sample on the orders of $75 or more. Customers particularly appreciated their quality products over moderate pricing.

The social media accounts linked to their website are not functional. But I was able to find their official Instagram and Twitter accounts which have very little or no engagement from their consumers.

One good aspect of the vendor that I discovered is their exclusive discounts for special occasions like 4 July, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and more.

There are no Google reviews available.

On Reddit, the company boasts overall good reviews.

Pricing at Tea Time Botanicals

The average price of 1 ounce of Kratom at Tea Time Botanicals is $7 to $7.90 without any limitations on strains. All-inclusive, this is a very economical pricing per see.

However, the company is not AKA GMP verified so it might have lingering safety concerns. And your wellbeing is priceless.

Nevertheless, Tea Time Botanicals is a reliable choice if you are a newbie at Kratom consumption. It offers a wide range of strains and their starter Sample Pack is customizable and profoundly economical! Also, Tea Time Botanicals offer a one-time 10% discount if you are new to their store.

They also have noteworthy discounts and recurring promo codes for loyal customers, birthdays, reviews and referrals, and Veterans discounts!

Shipping, Payment, and Return Options

1) Shipping

Currently, Tea Time Botanicals have two Shipping options via USPS. Customers can either choose First Class Mail for the orders of 250 Grams and under which takes ‘estimated’ 3 to 5 business days or you can choose Priority Mail which takes 1 to 3 business days.

The website explicitly mentions that other than the shipping time, it takes 48 hours to process the order. Which seems understandable given the nature of the Kratom they are selling.

They do offer expedited orders via FedEx or USPS, only if you send them a prior notice. Overall, this is a good measure if you are looking for hasty processing.

However, Tea Time Botanicals take no responsibility for the delivery time or product condition once it is shipped to you.

Although they do not provide the list of locations they deliver to, it is clear that they ship all over the US except for the states where Kratom is illegal. It is always safe to offer to run research on the laws on the legality of Kratom in your state.

As of now, Kratom is fully illegal in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, Washington D.C, Alton (IL), Sarasota City (FL), and San Diego in California.

2) Payment

The very comforting notion is that they accept all major debit and credit cards, along with the E-checks. It is disappointing that they do not offer Cash on Delivery for well-incorporated accessibility.

3) Return Options

Return policy applies only 14 days after the delivery on unopened packages. The company demands that you return the package by making a prior complaint to obtain an authentication number. The package must be untouched and it is the buyer’s responsibility to ship it back i.e. consumers afford the shipping.

What Are The Company’s Best Sellers?

Tea Time Botanicals features 11 best sellers on their website. I will review the most favorite ones here for your convenience.

Kratea Stem and Vein with the minimum price of $16 are available in Red, Green, and White color.

According to a review present on the website, it works wonders as a tolerance reset and is eligible for a daily dose! It comes in 85g or 125g packaging. One stone two bird’s product is right here!

Like any other upstanding Kratom vendor, TTB also offers a variety pack as a best seller. In this case, it’s Single Strain Kratea- 250/250 Split (total of 500 Grams) at the high-end price of $67.

It might seem too heavy on the pocket for a small vendor but here’s a plus point: it offers 19 blends!


Tea Time Botanicals Kratom
Single Strain Kratea- 250/250 Split

Everyone loves discounts, and here are two great opportunities to get a discount.

Right now, the company is offering a 20% discount on its entire inventory! Simply enter ‘MEGASALE’ at checkout. Hurry up because this offer ends on 8th July.

If you enter ‘FREESHIP’ at checkout, you’ll get $12 off on all orders over $50. Not a bad offer, eh?


To streamline Tea Time Botanicals, here is a quick summary of the brand:


  • A diverse variety of blends (more than 19!)
  • Moderately priced
  • Lab-tested (no proofs, however)
  • Promo codes discounted deals and veteran discounts
  • Affordable samples of kratom
  • Wide variety of products
  • Allows $100 for insurance on Priority Mail
  • Offer wholesale prices to vendors


  • Not AKA GMP approved (consumerism safety matters!)
  • No Cash-On-Delivery available
  • Lack of reviews on the website
  • No same-day shopping
  • Inconvenient return policy
  • Only ships within the USA

Final Thoughts

On the outlook, Tea Time Botanicals is very reasonably priced, it has a colossus variability and it ensures safety procedures under the light of UV Sanitization and lab-testing.

Nonetheless, my only concern is the lack of evidence when it comes to supporting safety protocols and independent lab testing. Remember, it is not AKA GMP verified!



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