Dosage is as important as the medicine or natural alternative that you consume to combat a health issue! If the dosage is out of place, there’s more trouble than convenience. Similarly, the administration of the drug is important too.

Have you seen anyone drink an injection? Or has any doctor prescribed applying the serum in a capsule? No! That’s because an intravenous medicine has to be injected and a capsule is to be ingested! A simple mistake can cause a big confusion and we are not talking about a simple ‘c’ or ‘s’ here!

This article will describe how to take Akuamma seeds, and it will also highlight the correct dosage with their respective effects. These seeds work to improve moods, reduce discomfort, and provide energy to combat illness.

Many users claim that this natural botanical is an excellent pain suppressant, although there is no scientific evidence. However, if you get your hands on this phenomenal energizer and motivating seed, here’s a brief dosage guide to help you get started.

For any botanical supplement, a standard dose can’t be mapped out because everyone isn’t suffering from the same kind of pain and everyone doesn’t have the same pain threshold.

However, for the convenience of readers, reviews from different drug forums, including Reddit have been added to the article to give you a better insight into the experiences of other people and how you can relate them to yours.

How to take Akuamma Seeds?

If you thought kratom was a bitter natural supplement, you are in for another jolt! Akuamma seeds are much worse! Most people prefer to take this seed as capsules so they can avoid the bitter taste.

Those who take it in the form of powder, add a sweetener, or make it with tea to conceal the bitter aftertaste. Some users take Goji berry along with it and you can try some new innovations and share with us as well!

Capsules are a safe spot!

You can purchase this botanical supplement in the form of raw seeds, ground seed powder as well as capsules. If you have a coffee grinder, go for it and crush the seeds to liberate the goodness of nature!

Measuring the correct dosage is easier when you have the seeds in crushed form. Secondly, do not use a teaspoon as a scale as these measures can be inaccurate. Most natural supplements and alternatives have unpleasant effects when consumed in excess.

Use an accurate digital scale and then find the best capsule size for yourself. You can have vegan capsules too if you are allergic to the other ones. We always recommend Non-GMO and Allergen-free capsules to suit every consumer. Making your own capsules will help customize your dosage and simultaneously ensure quality and freshness.

Fill the capsules according to the dose that you ingest. This way you can have a stock of pills readily available to you.

Toss and wash is a hit

Some users prefer the toss and wash method while others even chew the seeds, but it has been reported that eating the seeds can cause severe nausea and vomiting. To avoid this, you can toss the required dose in your mouth, and quickly top it with a glass of water!

The fast method will not allow the taste to settle in your mouth and the aftertaste is also very short. The water consumed with the crushed seeds makes it easier for the powder to pass down without tantalizing, or in this case torture, the taste buds.

Avoid drinking too much water after it because if you burp you will get the bitter taste all over again in your mouth.

How to prepare purified alkaloids from Akuamma seeds?

When using Akuamma seeds as an antiprotozoal drug, you can follow this method to take medicine. This process ensures that you get the purified form of the alkaloids. It comprises the following steps.

  1. Pulverising picralima nitida plant
  2. Use a solvent to extract the material. Dry it and then re-extract the dried material with a different solution.
  3. Extract a fresh sample of Akuamma with boiling water.
  4. Filter and concentrate the boiling water solvent extracts under reduced pressure.
  5. Concentrate the dried extract now to obtain the gum. Re-extract the Akuamma gum with an aqueous acidic HCl solution.
  6. Next, filter the acidic extract and make it alkaline to a pH of about 9 using NaOH solution.
  7. Extract the alkaline solution using dichloromethane, concentrate it, and then dry it under reduced pressure to obtain an alkaloid fraction.
  8. Next, separate the alkaloid fraction using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry to obtain purified alkaloids that can be employed in the treatment of various diseases.

What is the correct dosage of Akuamma seeds and how long does the effect last?

Akuamma Seeds dosageThe average reported dosage by many users is around 250mg-500mg. This is almost equal to 1-2 seeds. If measured by spoon, this equal to 2/3rd of a teaspoon.

The extract usage is considerably less overall. Users state that an ounce of powder usually lasts 20-30 days, but this totally depends on the usage of the individual.

To kill severe pain, people go for a dose as high as 2-4 grams, and according to some users, they experience an analgesic effect at a high dose of 6 grams.

However, if you are new to this drug, it is recommended that you start with a little dose and then work your way up slowly to identify the proper dosage for yourself.

Users on Reddit reported that effects last for 3-4 hours maximum.

At what doses will I experience side effects?

Side effects start appearing with continuous use and high doses. Though Akuamma seeds have been accepted as a safe pain-killing regimen, however, it must be mentioned that it is a sedative, and high doses exceeding 6-8 grams can cause the depression of the respiratory center in the medulla resulting in a coma which can even prove fatal.

At a dose of 2 grams and higher, you will most probably experience headaches.

What is the best option for me?

Akuamma Seeds: Ground the whole seeds and use the toss and wash method. One seed is usually equal to 2/3rd of a spoon. Though it isn’t a pleasant way to ingest seeds, this approach is the most efficient and provides fast relief from pain and gives a sense of well-being.

Akuamma Seed Capsules: This is taking the Akuamma seed powder. One capsule is equivalent to 1 seed, and around three tablets provide the best analgesic effect. If you need a quicker relief, you can make a hole in the capsule or open it to toss and wash.

Akuamma Seed Tincture: For faster and fuller relief you can take few droppers full. It doesn’t have long lasting effects, but it gives the fastest way to pain relief.



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