Many of you who haven’t heard of this before, might pass it as an absurd idea. However, synthetic urine is an actual thing that many people use to pass a drug test. People who consume cannabis or any other substance that can tip off the drug test wouldn’t want to rely on their urine for passing an upcoming drug test.

Nowadays, office jobs, athletic positions, and even public service positions require a drug test before induction. A weed user may feel wary as urine tests are designed to detect weed in the system even after eight days of usage.

Since every individual has a varying period of weed presence in the body, it can get tricky to submit a sample of urine even after a week or ten days of using cannabis! This time period of weed presence is for first-time smokers so you can imagine the ordeal of drug tests for a regular weed smoker!

Synthetic urine gives you a chance of passing the drug test after regular consumption of cannabis or other natural substances that may be detected in the body for days after use.

At this point, many readers may have questions like, ‘do laboratories find out the difference between synthetic and natural urine?’ or ‘will I get caught for using synthetic urine to pass a drug test?’ While these questions are valid, the answer is that you may pass a drug test using synthetic urine, but of course, laboratories are becoming aware, and they can detect fake urine.

Due to this reason, drug testing companies are sharpening up and strictly supervise the testing process, and laboratories can detect fake urine. However, it is still very possible for you to pass the drug test with synthetic urine. Just remember to go through the process correctly.

The purpose of this article is to tell you all that you need to know about fake pee and the risks and advantages of using it for a drug test!

What is Synthetic Urine?

Many of you must be confused about what synthetic urine is? This is also known as fake pee and is created for cannabis users so they can pass drug tests without any risks of losing their job.

Synthetic urine mimics the appearance, composition, and properties of human urine. This substance contains urea, ammonia, sulfates, and all other components found in natural urine. The specific gravity and pH of fake pee is also closest to natural human urine.

While it is suggested that you do not procure this substance for wrong reasons, such as passing a drug test for Schedule 1 drugs, it may be most useful for clearing any test for cannabis usage.

You all would know that cannabis or hemp oil is not a banned substance but is a medicinal and recreational substance that helps with several health issues. Therefore, one can understand that a cannabis user would want to pass the drug test, and it wouldn’t be an illegal practice either!

Factors of Synthetic Urine

The factors that make synthetic urine an identical replica of human urine are:

  • Color: The color of synthetic urine is yellowish, and warm-making it looks like urine, which is rarely colorless.
  • Creatinine level: Chemists add various solutions in the synthetic urine, so that urinalysis results are as close to the original as possible.
  • pH level: When creating synthetic urine, chemists check the mixture to ensure that the pH level is closest to the human urine pH level. This is done to ensure a believable composition so that when tested, the pH levels match with human urine to make the fake pee seem like an original.
  • Temperature: After checking the temperature of human urine, chemists add components to keep the temperature of the synthetic mixture as close to the real thing as possible.

These factors make synthetic urine as close to human urine as possible, but there are still some risk factors involved. We shall discuss them later; however, you can trust the composition of this mixture as the most reliable way of passing a test.

Selecting the best synthetic urine for an upcoming drug test

We realize how people can be concerned about a drug test, but there are numerous unreliable types of synthetic urine in the market. While some of these fake urine compositions get detected in the drug test, others don’t work and cannot even pass as a sample!

It is necessary that you understand how to select the right fake pee for your drug test to be a successful negative! A large variety of fake urine makes it hard to select the right one; however, here are a few key points to consider when you go to buy a synthetic urine kit.

Trusted seller

For buying any material, you always turn to a popular brand or a trusted shop where quality is not neglected. An increase in the demand for synthetic urine has given way to many unreliable vendors selling kits that might not work or will get detected in the test.

For this fake urine, don’t go to a fake buyer! Always rely on trusted sellers who will not compromise quality or sell subpar items for profit. A little bit of research on the Internet, or turning to friends who use cannabis might be helpful in locating the right vendor with the right kind of synthetic urine that will guarantee a safe drug test.

When you research for the right dealer, make sure to find the name or brand of the fake pee that has given desired results to people. This way, you will get a step closer to passing the drug test without any risk!

Uric acid

Normal human urine contains uric acid, so most of the laboratories will test for uric acid content in a urine sample. Although drug tests are done to detect the presence of any drugs but uric acid in synthetic urine is the first component that you will check!

Shelf life

When you get the call from your supervisor or team leader that it is time to clear a random drug test, you must not get upset if you know the expiration date or suitable time period of use for the synthetic urine kit you possess! Drug tests usually come as a surprise, and you must be prepared, but what if your synthetic urine kit has a short shelf life? Make sure you know the expiration date of your urine kit so that you don’t go through bad testing that remains on your record forever!


A good variety of synthetic urine will come with a heating pad and a strip that shows the current temperature. When you submit a sample, make sure that the fake urine is at the right temperature so that there are zero suspicion and a higher chance of passing.

Types of synthetic urine

Fake urine is available in liquid as well as powder form. It has been a while that people have argued which one is better. However, as you know much about liquid synthetic urine by what we have explained above, let’s see what powdered urine is all about. The powder urine will have the same properties as human urine when you add it to water so you can select which type of synthetic urine you would want to buy.

People find powdered urine easier to carry and possess, as there is no issue of keeping a pack at the back of your drawer! Moreover, when you go in to give a sample, it is easier to sneak in the pack! Having said this, buying liquid or synthetic powder urine is a matter of preference and finding the most passable option.

Powdered urine is not 100% synthetic as it is dehydrated human urine, which makes it an obvious success at drug tests. While powdered urine may be easy to keep nearby, it is also drug-free and does not have any preservatives.

Suppose a laboratory is testing for any substance other than drugs. In that case, they might find liquid urine to be more suspicious if they detect a preservative or a component that is not part of nature, human urine.

In a calibrating machine, powdered urine will give results identical to human urine as it retains all the properties and remains a valid drug test. However, when you try to draw a comparison and see which one is better, users say that liquid synthetic urine may be a better sample for drug tests as powder requires individual judgment to use water for dilution if there are instructions with your powdered urine kit, very well! But many individuals might not be able to get the right mix, which again makes a drug test doubtful.

Many users believe that mixing the components should be done professionally, which makes liquid synthetic urine a success.

Risks of using fake urine

More and more people are using synthetic urine to slip it in their drug test samples for a definite clear. The drug test may be a job demand or a regular screening at a club or even a clearance to ensure that athletes are clean. However, cannabis and other organic substances that react with the receptors in our brain may also appear on a drug test, making it a negative!

There are several known names of synthetic urine available in the market, but is there any risk of using fake urine? If you ensure all the factors mentioned above and select the right kit for your upcoming test; you will be closest to a successful test, without any risks!

Is synthetic urine legal?

Buying and selling synthetic urine is legal all over the United States. The states of Indiana and New Hampshire are the only states where you will not be allowed to buy or use a synthetic urine kit.

However, we always advise users to steer clear of any misuse and only resort to fake pee if you are avoiding a negative test result for cannabis or other organic substances. If you use scheduled drugs, fake urine may be a serious offense towards your authorities.

Other uses of synthetic urine

Other than passing a drug test, synthetic urine may come in handy for a few more reasons:

Animal repellant: Ever heard of dogs marking their territory? Well, now you can mark yours too! When you don’t want any animals trespassing, lace the area with urine so all animals stay away and you remain happy!

Rodents can be a menace in the garden, and one way of keeping all stray animals and rodents away is to spread some pee around the place!

Medical studies: Medical students study many things about urinalysis by observing the various characteristics of fake pee.

Scientific research: Many laboratory tests and observations are done on synthetic urine to further improve testing and methods of conducting urine tests for various medical and scientific inference.

What kinds of tests can you pass with synthetic urine?

While most urine tests are for medical purposes, there are various drug tests done by organizations, employers, and sports clubs to ensure a clean working body! Synthetic urine is most commonly used to pass drug tests. We understand that people might not be interested in cheating on a medical test; they may want a negative drug test for several reasons.

Millions of people use substances like cannabis, kratom, and other euphoric organic materials for various reasons. While these substances are legal to use, the drug tests do not separately mention that the individual consumed cannabis or kratom. A drug test measures the amount of euphoric substance in your urine, and that may put you in danger of losing your job or place among the track and field athletes at the club!

People use fake pee most commonly to pass drug tests, and that may be the foremost use of this product! Find the details here.

Last Thoughts

Synthetic urine is an option to clear a drug test by all the people who want a clear drug test. When you go to buy a urine kit, make sure that you are aware of the components to search and the key points to consider for a successful result.

These days there are many makes and brands of synthetic urine. Make sure you do some research on the one that ensures a successful drug test. Similarly, make sure that the brand you buy is closest to the real thing in terms of color, temperature, pH, and composition.

People can buy either powdered or liquid fake urine; you can choose one that suits you most. However, many users prefer the liquid form of fake pee as it is a pre-mixed liquid without any complication or chances of bad judgment. Synthetic urine may be used for other purposes such as keeping rodents away and researching urine properties for medicine and scientific purposes.



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