Speciosa Kratom. You must have come across this term being advertised on social media, or have happened to see it stocked in a friend’s cabinet or heard a relative boasting about its healing powers at some point.

Even though the herb has thrived for tens of thousands of years, a notable Kratom variety that has taken the health and wellness world by storm is the Super Speciosa Kratom. Thanks to its distinctively potent and balanced characteristics.

In addition, its outstanding quality coupled with the cheap pricing quickly caught the public eye, and the strain rose to fame in no time. And rightly so! The Super Kratom is indeed one of the most fascinating yet precious Speciosa variety that Mother Nature has to gift humanity.

The Ultimate Kratom For A Health and Wellness-Minded Community!

The Super Speciosa varietal has undoubtedly opened an exciting new world for Kratom enthusiasts all across the globe. Kratom sellers, far and wide, too deem it as their top-selling brand. This alone serves evidence to the fact that there is indeed something extra-ordinary or superb about this breed of Speciosa Mitragyana.

So, if you wish to immerse yourself in the world of Super Kratom, we wholeheartedly welcome you! Here, we have compiled a wealth of information to take your experience to a whole new level.

What is Super Speciosa Kratom?

Super Speciosa Kratom Strain

The strain garners attention from the kratom community by its name alone. And you will discover in the course of this article that the word “Super” means a lot more than a mere marketing buzzword.

Super Speciosa Kratom is super in terms of its appearance. It is super in terms of its health benefits. And above all, it is super in terms of its long-lasting impact, matchless aroma, and heavenly flavor.

Enough with the praises! Now let’s get to the point:

This Kratom strain belongs to the Mitragyna Speciosa family of herbs native to Southeast Asia.

To be more specific, this tropical evergreen tree is abundantly found in the marshy rainforests of Central and Southern Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and elsewhere in the Pacific Rim.

The wild jungles in the region are a safe harbor for Kratom cultivation, and the warm and humid climate with ample rainfall favors the rapid growth of the plant.

On average, a Speciosa tree reaches a height of 42 feet (13 meters) and stands prominent with its hanging, dense clusters of yellow flowers and broad green leaves.

Each leaf constitutes over 40 distinct psyco-active compounds that give the herb it’s signature dual recreational value (as a sedative and a stimulant).

Kratom leaf isn’t a recent discovery. Instead, it existed and was used for generations by the locals to unwind their exhausted minds and bodies.

Despite sharing a deep connection in folk medicine, the 21st century has witnessed a whopping surge in its visibility and popularity in all corners of the globe.

Why Buy Super Speciosa Kratom?

Still skeptical of ordering Super Green Speciosa online?

Hold On..

Let us convince you a bit. Here are all the reasons for why one must look no further than purchasing a premium quality Super strain of Kratom:

1) Highest Quality

While purchasing Speciosa Super, customers can rest easy knowing that they are ordering nothing less than the best and the safest product that has undergone a series of tight quality control measures.

Right from its ethical cultivation to manufacturing in farm-bill compliant units to packing in FDA regulated facilities, the most up-to-date growing and processing techniques are employed to guarantee consistent quality.

2) Affordable Rates

Perhaps what lands the Kratom Super breed one step ahead of the other strains is its cheap prices.

The manufacturers strive to make this essential available and accessible to all members of the Kratom community, even if that means sacrificing their profits.

The Super power-pack is, therefore, one of the most budget-friendly options in the whole of Kratom family.

3) Supreme Potency

For this end to achieve, farmers cultivate the plantation in mineral-rich soil and are also careful for the leaves to attain optimal maturity (so as to concentrate the alkaloids).

Therefore, this varietal boasts the most robust alkaloid profile to jumpstart your mental and physical energy levels.

4) Purity Guaranteed

To capture and deliver the true potential of this plant, sellers abide by the guiding principle of purity.

Needless to say, all powder is derived from 100% pure, original Kratom Super leaf, and there are absolutely no pesticides, filters, or artificial ingredients involved.

It is closely inspected for any possible impurity or contamination and goes through rigorous third-party lab testings at the end of which it receives a Certificate of Endorsement.

5) Exceptional Freshness

The Super Kratom powder is sourced directly from Asia and obtained from freshly picked leaves not older than a few weeks. Each step is meticulously planned to retain maximum freshness, and the final product is securely sealed in zip-locking.

We Bet, There Is No Other Herbal Product The Likes Of Super Speciosa Kratom!

Super Speciosa Kratom Strains Vs. Other Kratom Strains (Benefits)

Searching to buy a kratom variety you can trust?

Your Wait Is Over!

Without a shadow of doubt, Speciosa Super takes a beating and an ideal buy for all the right reasons. So, let’s get down to explore its numerous health benefits and healing powers that makes it different and absolutely the best:

1) Super Kratom For Stimulation

Too sore to plan a party or an outdoor activity?

This functional kratom variety is a seamless introduction to the flow and guaranteed to take you from workout to office to late-night partying and everywhere in between.

At lower doses, the Super strain acts as a powerful energizer, and the user experiences increased stamina, motivation, sociability, and euphoria.

All in all, the clarity-boosting blend will help fuel your concentration levels throughout the day and ensure that you are back on the toes to doing your thing.

2) Super Kratom For Sedation

Do you know that insomnia has been declared a Global Epidemic by the health experts with a massive 35% of the US Adults suffering from the disease?

So, good news for all the unfortunate night owls out there.

Speciosa is touted as a viable treatment for sleeping disorders. And higher intake of the herb can lead to calm, contented and relaxed feelings overtaking and the worries slipping away so that the user can escape into a waking-dreaming sort of sub-conscious state.

3) Super Kratom For Pain Management

kratom for pain

Approximately 50 million people (around 20.4% of adults) in the United States suffer from chronic pain.

Even though these patients are overwhelmingly prescribed synthetic and natural medications or recommended specific diets and regular exercising, a popular Eastern remedy has made its way into Western Medicine.

Any guesses?

Yeah, Super Kratom works very well to relieve pain sensitivity.

According to a survey conducted by the Pain News Network and the American Kratom Association, Ninety percent of the Mitragyna users have cited the herb as “very effective” in mitigating pain and treating myriad other conditions such as depression and anxiety, insomnia, opioid addiction, and alcoholism.

4) Super Kratom For Sexuality And Vitality

kratom for

The role of Kratom in one’s sexual life is also worth mentioning. Reported (and yet highly contradicting) advantages of the herb include enhanced erectile function, increased sexual arousal, and improved performance that lasts impressively longer.

Consequently, men, in particular, prefer combining sex and kratom to forge lasting bed memories.

Note: Despite the benefits, there are some unwanted and disagreeable after-effects of Kratom Super that tag along. These include fatigue, sweating, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, dysphoria, and erectile dysfunction.

In What Forms Is Super Speciosa Kratom Available?

With the hype surrounding the plant, it is now present everywhere. While it was previously associated in only powder form, the herb is now manufactured in a plethora of impressive options. So, let’s dive deeper into all the choices available in the market to curate your Kratom experience:

1) Super Speciosa Leaves

Super Speciosa Leaves

Traditionally, the locals were accustomed to chewing these raw leaves, which is more of an unprocessed and unrefined version of the herb- just how Mother Nature gifted!

2) Super Speciosa Powder

Super Speciosa Powder

One of the widely prevalent forms of this herbal remedy is in its powdered state. The leaves are hand-plucked on optimal maturation, de-stemmed, cleaned, dried, and then micro-grinded into a fine powder.

This powder can be conveniently used in varying proportions and adjusted as per diverse recipes and distinct ways, which we will discuss later in the course of the topic.

3) Super Speciosa Capsules

Super Speciosa Capsules

Kratom Tablets are yet another mainstream availability that has an added advantage of being mess-free and accurately measured- neither more nor less.

An Everyday Capsule With Repair In Mind!

They come in varying sizes, strengths, and dosages and are most commonly taken to prevent the herb’s pungent taste while tapping on the benefits.

Caution: The impact of Super Kratom Pills can delay, so be patient with the result and avoid overdosing (that can lead to harmful reactions).

4) Super Speciosa Extracts

An extract is a potent concentrate of pulled-out alkaloids, which is powerful even on small doses. Therefore, be mindful of your intake as excessive consumption can lead to severe consequences (even if the supplier’s instructions on the label state otherwise).

5) Super Speciosa Tinctures

Everything you rave about the breed can now be conveniently unleashed in the tincture form. Well, this is the kratom extract typically dissolved in 20% ethyl alcohol concentration. Again even a few drops are potent enough, and newbies must start with small doses.

6) Super Speciosa Gummies

Kratom Gummies

Now no more messes in the kitchen!

A couple of online retailers have now introduced Speciosa Gums to enjoy its benefits for longer. However, the additive ingredients involved in producing gum may reduce kratom’s efficacy, so Kratom fans might crave more to achieve the desired impact.

How To Use Speciosa Kratom?

One can get creative with a pack of Super Powder of Speciosa to their heart’s content.

Remember, just like any other ingredient, it can too be used in myriad recipes. And there is literally no end to the list of fantastic (read: CRAZY) combinations that can be crafted.

Even though nearly all methods work well to deliver the desired impact in as little quantity as possible, one must choose the best suited to their preference. After all, the entire process must be a “sweet-spot” while being fun and worthy. Some of our top-picks are highlighted below:

1) Toss and Wash

This is not only the quickest way to ingest Kratom but also the fastest means that get processed by the body- almost immediately. Measure the dosage you need or use a measuring spoon, scoop it into the mouth and gulp it down with a glass of water.

2) Brewing Tea

Want to experience the strongest sensations of kratom? The Green Kratom tea is yet another typical way of intake though it slightly minimizes the analgesic properties.

Just boil the powder or crushed leaves in water for half an hour or so, allow it to sit for a minute or two, strain out the residue, and add an enhancer of your choice (be it honey, lemon, orange juice, sugar or apple cider vinegar).

Drink it piping hot or icy chilled. Both ways taste incredible while offering that consistent, refreshing effect.

3) Mixing in the Food

Detest or dislike the bitter taste of the herb? Wait. We have a solution!

A tricky way to mask the flavor and aroma of Kratom powder is by mixing it in food such as yogurt, pastry, sandwich, or so. With trial-and-error and frequent experimenting, one can come up with the right food-to-kratom ratio to satisfy your taste buds.

4) Adding to a Beverage

Again this technique works well to rinse out the pungent flavor. Combine the Kratom leaf powder in your pre-workout drink, smoothie, or juice and enjoy the benefits.

Attention: Speciosa powder in Orange Juice deserves a special mention for being the best treatment as the alkaloids in the powder get concentrated and give an amplified effect.

5) Chewing Raw Leaves

Well, if you are daring enough, try chewing on the raw leaves!

Just the way the original kratom inventors, the ancient Kratom communities, and die-hard Mitragyna fans have it to experience an immediate effect.

How To Differentiate Original Super Speciosa Kratom Powder From The Fake One?

So, you are all excited to buy a personal pack of Speciosa Powder?

Now, imagine yourself falling in a hoax and receiving some horribly-packed, foul-smelling, and awfully-tasting kratom.

Isn’t a tragedy, to say the least!

Therefore, its crucial to learn to spot an authentic vendor selling an excellent quality Super Speciosa strain. Because one wrong choice and the kratom experience is doomed, and all the money goes down the drain.

One way to do is to keep experimenting with different sellers, which is obviously quite a pain-staking option- both mentally and financially. The other way around is to do a bit of research and discern through trust symbols before settling for the ideal one.

The latter sounds more feasible! No?

So, following we have explained on how to judge the strain’s originality and authenticity using three different parameters:

A) The Supplier’s Reputation

There are hundreds of suppliers, retailers, and online stores when it comes to buying the best Super Speciosa Kratom. Amongst them, exists a considerable number of weak, ineffective, sham, or notorious vendors.

Therefore, for your convenience, we have formulated a checklist to help you determine whether the supplier is genuine or not:

  1. The number of years the company is in business. (Remember, nobody can survive for long if they offer garbage).
  2. A list of their import and raw material suppliers or their network of farmers in the source regions.
  3. Offering a 100% money-back guarantee or other quality claims.
  4. Collaboration with notable third-party services, like Paypal.
  5. Certificates of Endorsement by AKA (American Kratom Association).
  6. Approval from top-tier Third-party Laboratory Testing.
  7. A fully operating, user-friendly, and informative website for buying Super Speciosa.

B) The Product’s Genuineness

Watch out for all the features possessed by the original Super Speciosa listed below to make sure that you aren’t fooled:

  1. The powder is freshly packaged and has a long shelf life (check the Manufacturing and Expiry Dates).
  2. The pack is securely sealed.
  3. The powder characterizes a powerful earthy aroma.
  4. The powder tastes bitter.
  5. The kratom doesn’t feel very light or a powdery dust.
  6. Even a small amount is enough to experience the full spectrum of effects.

Remember, failure to encounter any of the above signs is a definite red flag.

C) Reviews about the Vendor and the Product

It’s natural for us to search adequately down the Google wormhole before deciding to buy any product. So, reviews are the final tell-tale sign for a naive buyer to decide whether to bite the bullet and place an order for Green Leaf Kratom Super Powder.

Again one must keep an eye on fake reviews as the most miserable companies desperate to bring traffic, and prompt people to buy will hire writers to do that. Therefore, while reading reviews, the following signs are enough to ring bells if you encounter them:

  1. The Review is too positive (with praises sung in every line).
  2. The Review is put up on informal sites like YouTube or Reddit (where supporters are mostly paid).
  3. The Reviews sound similar and follow a specific pattern with slight variations in wordings.
  4. The Reviews are posted within a specified time duration (again it increases the likelihood of the vendor hiring someone to do the work).
  5. The Review is extremely biased, listing only advantages and no disadvantages whatsoever (remember, every story has two sides).

Dosage Guide For Super Speciosa Kratom

Since the strain is extremely potent, its dosage necessitates care and must be taken with caution as it renders a wide range of effects that varies from one person to another!

Exactly, how much a consumer needs really boils down to several factors like age, physiology, weight, body tolerance, and other medical conditions. However, generally, the following guide is considered appropriate:

  • 1 gram: Light Dose
  • 3 to 4 grams: Moderate Dose
  • 5 to 7 grams: Strong Dose
  • 10 grams: Extremely Strong Dose (which can simultaneously prove dangerous)

Like always, it is recommended to start with small doses to avert potential side-effects and observe for the reaction. One can also mix it with other kratom varieties to avoid building up a tolerance or the stagnant strain syndrome.

It is also worth remembering that upon consumption on an empty stomach, the effect ensues within 15 to 20 minutes (although higher doses have a faster onset). The intensity, then, develops gradually- peaking for two to four hours.

The Bottom-Line

100% Pure Organic Goodness

The popularity of Speciosa Leaf Super Powder is gaining unprecedented momentum as more and more Kratom enthusiasts are beginning to explore its benefits in managing various ailments.

And for those who haven’t got their hands on this incredible strain yet, we strongly advise them to jump on the bandwagon. It is one of its kind strain with a unique aromatic experience and a perfect addition to your kratom repertoire.

However, to get the best results, it’s imperative to buy an authentic and safe product from the best Kratom vendors.

All in all, the Super strain of Kratom is packed with great potency as compare to regular concentrates. So, order this safe, holistic, and herbal remedy to manage myriad health complications, while sitting on the couch!

Disclaimer: Many people get confused with this strain’s name as there exists an online vendor sharing the same name. So, let us set the record straight!

Super Speciosa seller and Super Natural Botanicals powder are two entirely different things with no connection whatsoever. Where Super Speciosa online store sells different kratom varieties, this Super Kratom powder is an exclusive product brought to you by Super Natural Botanicals.

Super Kratom: A Classic That Stands The Test Of Times




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