The Super Green Malay Kratom is by far one of the most effective strain of Kratom which is given the name Super because of its superior quality and effects.

It is called “super” not because it is superior to other strains; all Kratom strains are equally valid but for different purposes.

The word super refers to the particular technique through which this strain is harvested. It involves plucking the mature and massive sized leaves only for its production.

The super-sized leaves have many alkaloids which make the effect of leaf extract even more powerful.

The word “green” in Super Green Malay doesn’t only denote the color of plant leaves but the color of veins in the leaf.

The word “Malay” is a short form of Malaysia which shows that it is a region based strain.

Hence the name Super Green Malay is given to this supreme quality Kratom strain which is famous for its enhanced capacity of medicinal properties.

Where does it grow?

Super Green Malay Kratom is a native of Malaysia’s mountain range which has a unique soil composition, allowing it to build with full capacity.

The Kratom strains of this region have unusual cell wall density which makes them different from all other region’s Kratom.

This difference adds longevity to the tree and prolonged effects of its leaf extract.

Effects of Super Green Malay

Various user reviews nominate Super Green Malay to be an unmatched strain of Kratom. Kratom has a general sedative, antipyretic, analgesic and stress control effect induced by similar alkaloids which is shared by all its species.

But, what makes Super Green Malay different from the others is the potential of the respective strains.

These results are gained from any Kratom species but in low, moderate and high amounts.

Super Green Malay being a premium twist works for the most top results in the minimum quantity which makes it efficient.

It is a real energy booster which strengthens the body and brain both. It helps to make focus and concentration better.

It works against all types of pains even for muscular and joint pains.

It reduces the stress level, cure insomnia, enhances the mood and relaxes the body.

Overall it supports immunity and improves the health status of a user.

The appropriate dosage of Super Green Malay

The dosage of any Kratom strain determines its effects and efficacy in the long run.

For Super Green Malay, as the effects are so much high, the dosage requirement for a healthy, adult person is no more than 3 grams.

1 gram is the least amount which can initiate the effects.

According to the heath status, the volume can be increased to a maximum of 10mg that only suggested in extreme medical conditions.

Its effects are slow but last for long, and these effects are great than any other strain of Kratom.

It is used in drinks and food recipes as the powder.

However, supplements in the form of the capsule are also a trending way to use them.

User reviews

A user discussion from drugs forum considered Super Green Malay to be more effective than red strains and a good choice to be used as a stimulator.

Also, they concluded it to be inexpensive and affordable.

Another Reddit discussion termed Super Green Malay to be highly euphoric and best to be used in personal or gatherings both.



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