Super Green Indo Kratom is the new sensation in the Kratom world. Gaining popularity rapidly this variety of Kratom is known to cause stimulation and relaxation at the same time!

Yes, you read it correctly. The strain that can make you high yet calm you and soothe you! Known to work efficiently, it has helped many to study, to work and to focus better.

The euphoria that comes with its consumption is comparable to the ones you get from consuming red veined Kratom.

Elevation of mood heightened confidence and socializing allows one to communicate better. So yes, it does help in parties!

Super Green Indo Kratom is called super because of the technique of production or selection. This type of Kratom is made from super-sized leaves of Kratom plant.

These leaves have more alkaloids as compared to ordinary leaves, and thus this strain is more potent than other strains.

As a result, the physical and mental effects produced by this Kratom strain is more profound.

What are user reviews about Super Green Indo Kratom?

green indo kratomAccording to users, when they take Super Green Indo Kratom they feel a sense of motivation, and they are more focused.

They tend to work till they complete the task at hand or fill out the study course.

As compared to Ritalin or Adderall this amazing herb doesn’t strain you or gives you anxiety.

Instead, it evokes a sense of calmness along with stimulation. The positive experiences of users shared on various drug forums, and Reddit has increased the popularity of Super Green Indo Kratom.

Effects of Super Green Indo Kratom

It is known to have versatile effects. When taken not only it shows the traditional effects of Kratom, but it surprises everyone by its simultaneous production of stimulation and relaxation.

Some of the effects of Super Green Indo Kratom are mentioned below;

  • Pain relief

    pain reliefIt is effectively known to act as an analgesic. It does so by altering the pain pathway and induction of release of endorphins and enkephalins.

    Since it primarily acts on the Opiate receptor ‘mu,’ it has the leading role in reducing pain.

    Th is why people who are suffering from acute pain, therapeutic pain (chemotherapy and radiotherapy in case of cancer), surgical pain and pain due to any diseased condition, use this herb on a regular basis to nullify pain.

  • Euphoria

    At an optimum dosage, it produces mild euphoria. This feeling of wellness helps one in getting rid of evil thoughts due to anxiety and depression.

  • Relaxation

    It is known to cause intense relaxation. The mind forgets all worries and stresses, and the nerves are relaxed.

    This relaxed state of mind allows one to focus better and become happy. Relaxation and calmness are some of the effects of super green Indo Kratom that makes it so popular.

  • relaxationStimulation

    It acts on the Opiate receptors present in the brain and periphery to stimulate one and evoke heightened responses in him.

    Work similarly to Opiates it makes one high and induces euphoria along with the elevation of mood.

    These stimulant actions of super green Indo Kratom are also responsible for promoting motivation to work or study and stay awake.

  • stimulationWakefulness and heightened alertness

    It helps with excessive sleepiness as well as laziness. It encourages long periods of wakefulness that enables one to work tirelessly and efficiently.

  • Focus

    It allows one to be more focused and reduces lethargy. There comes the point when a person can’t focus anymore due to excessive workload, and this is where Kratom comes handy.

    It helps in increasing attention span and allows one to concentrate better on job and studies.

focusAre there any side effects of Super Green Indo Kratom?

As compared to other Kratom strains like Bali and Malay, it shows fewer side effects such as nausea and wobbles.

It is reported to be cleaner provided it is high-quality Indo strain. At high doses of Super Green Indo Kratom, one may feel a mild headache. This effect is very rare though.

Comparison between Super Green Indo Kratom, Green Malay, and Green Maeng Da

Super Green Indo Kratom, Green Malay, and Green Maeng DaThe three strains though green veined have properties that differ from each other. Super Green Indo Kratom differs from Green Malay and Green Maeng Da in the following ways;

  • Analgesic effect

    The analgesic effect of Super Green Indo Kratom lasts longer than Green Malay but lesser than Green Maeng Da.

  • Potency

    It is more potent than Green Malay and has potency similar to that of Green Maeng Da.

  • Relief from anxiety

    It provides prompt relief from anxiety as it has relaxing effects while Green Malay and Green Maeng Da do not actually reduce anxiety as they are only stimulant strains.

  • relief from anxietyElevation of mood

    Due to its high content of 7-hydroxy mitragynine, Super Green Indo Kratom is more efficient in elevating mood as compared to Green Malay and Green Maeng Da.

  • Sedation

    It produces less sedation at higher doses as compared to Green Maeng Da.

  • Stimulation

    It has a comparatively less stimulant action to Green Maeng Da, but it has more stimulant action than Green Malay.


dosageAs it is a super Kratom strain, the dosage need not be high. A dose of 2 grams is enough.

If you do not feel any effects at this dose, take another 1 or 2 grams after 30 minutes and find your sweet spot.

At a very high dose, the effects are considerably diminished so it should be avoided. Nausea and headache may occur at high doses.


Super Indo green Kratom is known to be the Kratom that always hits so no matter what dosage you take it will always show effects.

This is why it is recommended for beginners who are not aware of the optimum dosage or in other words the sweet spot for Kratom.

It can be rightly rated 5/5 as it has all the properties one can desire for.

So, if you are looking for a strain that has both relaxing and stimulating properties, you are at the right place. It’s time for you to try Super Green Indo Kratom.