Super Bali Kratom is a premium quality among mild strains of Kratom. Although it is gentle by effects it is equally useful as other strains. What makes this strain better than others is its highly efficient effects for mood control, social stigma enhancing and mild painkilling properties. This Kratom strain is native to Bali, an island in Indonesia. However, it is called Bali Kratom and not Indo Kratom. Indo Kratom is a different twist.

Both Indo and Bali Kratom are different, despite being native to Indonesia. Indonesian residents have been using Bali Kratom for centuries, but for the whole world, it’s a new thing. It had gained fame in past decade when the trend of herbal alternatives became familiar.

What is enhanced Bali?

The production quality of Kratom strains can change its effect. Enhanced Kratom is a term which is given to a post-harvesting process. Bali Kratom leaves are slowly boiled for a long time. A time comes when these leaves become a thick mixture which is Bali resin. After cooling resin, it is finely ground. The resulting powder of leaves is the finest of all. With this process, typical Bali leaves become 15 times more potent as enhanced Bali powder. It is so powerful that it is not suitable for daily use. Users only enjoy Bali Kratom in combination with regular Kratom strains.

What is super Bali kratom?

In the name Super Bali Kratom, Super doesn’t mean superior. Super is a harvesting term which means that the leaves are handpicked. In this method, only the huge leaves are picked. The large surface area of fat Bali leaves high amounts of alkaloids. It is bigger than the natural Kratom leaves of any strain.

The “super” and “enhanced” Bali kratom

Super Enhanced Bali shows a Bali strain which has superior quality. It is made from the big size leaves. It is a fine powder which is boiled as resin. It has more potential than Bali Kratom which is not enhanced.

Effects of Bali kratom leaves

What should you expect after taking Bali leaves? Following are a few outcome which is common to almost every user of Super Enhanced Bali.

  • Better mood

The result of super excellent Bali Kratom is that it elevates your mood. First and most important effect of it is mood improvement and control over mood swings.

  • Rise in energy levels

It will increase energy levels and all of a sudden you will feel energetic. The analgesic properties of Super Bali with enhanced effects are observant but not common. Not many people use it for pain management. Most of the times it is used for recreational activities.

  • Social development and personality building

It also helps to overcome social fears and lack of confidence. Collectively it contributes to modify a user’s personality. It makes the user bold, outspoken and confident.

  • Stress and anxiety control

Enhanced Kratom helps to overcome fear even in minor quantities. It makes a person free from mental and physical burden. A regular use of Bali leaves can provide complete anxiety control for a psychologically disturbed person.

Ideal dosage for enhanced Bali kratom

A beginner level dosage for enhanced version of Super Bali leaves is minimum as 2-3g. A beginner level dose for simple un-enhanced leaves is 5g. This difference shows that Enhanced Bali leaves are more efficient in less quantity. A regular user can use 6-8g which is an ideal dosage. Over 10g, the dosage can cause sedative and hallucinating effects; it is therefore not suitable.

In tincture form, Bali Kratom can be used from 5 drops as low to 10 drops maximum. Over 10 drops can induce nausea. The high dose is not appropriate for use. The average price online is $26.99 per Oz for Superfine Bali leaves Powder. In supplement form, Bali enhanced leaves are available in veggie, 00 size capsules. A minimum packing of at least 10 capsules is available online for purchasing in only $7.50.

Possible side effects from super enhanced Bali use

Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) is a mild tree. There are no natural side effects of it. The ideal dose for enhanced super Bali is 6-8g only. This means that this quantity is safe to use. There are absolutely no side effects for this amount. When the dose is above 8g or more, it can induce side effects. The side effects from enhanced Kratom of Bali are nausea, sedation, headache, and dizziness. These side effects go on their own from 12-24 hours.

Review summary – the enhanced Bali strain

Bali leaves are mild in nature. When they are enhanced with a unique technique, their potency becomes high. Super Bali with enhanced effects is a high Kratom strain for energy boosting and making the mood better. If is available as powder and supplements. The powder is more popular than supplements because it can make a combination with other strains, only in powder form.

There are no side effects of Bali leaves in average dose. The side effects are only visible when dose exceeds the average limit. All in all, it is safe, powerful and famous strains many people use it in daily routines. However, it is better not to mix it with natural supplements and medicines for personal health and safety.



  1. Are you out of your kind recommending Super Enhanced Bali dosages up to 6 grams?!!! It is like a milder extract that os very, very potent compared to normal kratom leaf. I find this article incredibly it responsible; It should be rescinded or edited!


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