It has become a trend to take kratom in the form of capsules instead of taking it in the form of powder. The reason is simple. Strongest kratom capsules are handier; you can carry them anywhere and take them at any time without going through the entire process of measuring the dose then taking with some shake or making a tea out of it. Taking capsules is easy but is it affordable?

Many people out there consider that strongest kratom capsules are way expensive than powder and try to make capsules at home. The process is time-consuming and is it worth it?

This article will be sharing the best and strongest kratom capsules and will also help you buy them from the most reliable online vendors. Let’s have a look at the best Kratom capsules.

  1. Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

    Pur Kratom CapsulesMaeng Da kratom is considered one of the most potent strains of Kratom. It gives energy and causes a high level of stimulation.

    It helps in the promotion of confidence and makes one feel happy. You require minimal quantities of Maeng Da to produce the desired effects. Maeng Da capsules are way more beneficial than Kratom powder because they are easy to carry and so if you need to take them along for a trip or a conference, you can do so without the fear of spilling it.

    These strongest Kratom capsules are used for the enhancement of mental functions. It is important that the dose of capsules that you are taking must be equal, as in the capsules should be of similar size and you shouldn’t be taking them very regularly.

    Regular intake can cause the built up of tolerance. There are three different types of Maeng Da Capsules; Red, Green, and White. The red ones are the strongest.
    Dosage: 2 Maeng Da Kratom capsule is sufficient to give you the effects mentioned above.

    Best Vendor: Pur Kratom (

  2. Bali Kratom Capsules

    Bali is generally considered a slow Kratom strain, but with long-lasting effects, that is grown in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It is also one of the cheapest strains of Kratom.

    Taking Bali Kratom capsules will make you feel relaxed, simultaneously reducing your anxiety. It doesn’t give you the sedative feeling; you start feeling less worried and more contended. It also gives a significant amount of relief from pain and can be considered as a substantial alternative to the hazardous painkillers.

    These Bali Kratom capsules also help in appetite suppression. It gives you focused energy and doesn’t tire you at the end of the day. Bali Kratom comes in three types i.e. red, green and white. White Bali Kratom is more popular than the other Bali strains. It a potent and well-rounded strain.

    Dosage: The dose of Bali Kratom is taking a capsule containing 1-2 grams of Bali powder. You can increase the dosage to 2 capsules if you don’t achieve effects from one capsule but take it at least 30 minutes of the first dose.

    Best Vendor: Super Natural Botanicals (

  3. Kapuas Kratom Capsules

    Kapuas Kratom CapsulesKapuas Kratom is a modified strain of the regular Kratom derived from countries in Southeast Asia. Only a few leading Kratom vendors sell this strain of Kratom. Kapuas Kratom Capsules are used for inculcating motivation, stimulating the mind and for mood enhancement.

    It gives an energizing effect that is similar to that of coffee. It is a potent strain that can be used to stimulate one for study purposes or even a job. It also has a painkilling effect, and thus people with chronic pain can take Kapuas Kratom capsules. These capsules also help in alleviating anxiety and depression.

    Just like Kratom leaves come with 3 different colored central veined leaves, there are three types of Kapuas, the red, green and white ones. Red Kapuas has more mitragynine than white one and thus it is a better analgesic. Green Kapuas capsules are non-sedating and non-stimulating.

    Dosage: 1-2 capsules to achieve moderate effects.

    Best vendor: Top Extracts (

  4. Sumatra Kratom Capsules

    Sumatra Kratom capsules are high-quality Kratom capsules that are grown in Indonesia. It has gained popularity in the recent years. It comes in three different types; red, green and white.

    This strain has distinct properties, and the effects can range from energizing to relaxing. It a strong and a slow strain. It has properties opposite to that of Maeng Da Kratom. It relieves stress, elevates the mood, lowers the blood pressure, and calms the nerves.

    The white vein in Sumatra is considered more stimulating than the red vein Sumatra Kratom. The green vein Sumatra is in between the white and red and has more long-lasting effects than the other strains.

    Dosage: 2-3 capsules of Sumatra Kratom can give you the desired effects like relief from pain and stress.

    Best Vendor: Pur Kratom (

  5. Indo Kratom Capsules

    Indo Kratom CapsulesIndo Kratom is known to have the highest content of Kratom alkaloids like mitragynine and hydroxymitragynine, next to Maeng Da Kratom.

    It is known for alleviating anxiety and stress. It produces a considerable amount of relaxation, and thus it is generally liked by people. It is originated from various islands of Indonesia.

    Unlike many strains of Kratom, Indo Kratom has more relaxant and sedative effects instead of stimulant effects. It causes the relaxation of muscles and produces analgesia.

    It also aids in sleeping and alleviates sleeping disorders like insomnia, parasomnia and night terrors. It causes increased arousal and happens to increase libido. It promotes optimism and improves confidence levels. It is also known to have an antioxidant action.

    Indo Kratom comes in various types, including, red, white and green. Ultra-enhanced and super Indo Kratom blends are also available. White Indo Kratom is the most stimulating variety.

    Dosage: The effects are moderately achieved when one takes 4-5 capsules. The size of the capsule must be 00, i.e., holding only 0.5grams of Indo Kratom powder.

    Best Vendor: Pur Kratom (

  6. Thai Capsules

    Kratom spotThai capsules containing Thai Kratom powder provide an equal balance of sedation, analgesia, and stimulation. The three types of Thai Kratom capsules are Red Thai Capsules, White Thai capsules, and Green Thai capsules. Generally, green Thai and White Thai capsules are more popular.

    The Thai Capsules are mainly known for causing stimulation and relieving pain. It is known to produce a sense of relaxation as well as stimulation of the brain.

    Thus, one can focus on work, feeling at ease with higher productivity. It relieves acute as well as chronic pain and causes one to feel optimistic and energetic after its ingestion. It reduces mental stress and makes one think positive.

    Dosage: For beginners, the dose is 2-3 capsules, while the average dose is 4-6 capsules. Please ensure that you do not use it regularly as it can build up a tolerance and cause dependence.

    Best Vendor: Pur Kratom (

  7. Borneo Kratom Capsules

    Borneo Kratom CapsulesBorneo Kratom powder is derived from the world’s 3rd largest island ‘Borneo.’ It is a unique strain of Kratom that offers effects like energy and stimulation and comes in three varieties, i.e., green, red and white.

    It is commonly used in draining situations when a person becomes exhausted. It has less analgesia producing impact thus it is not majorly used for pain relieving. It offers the energy and stimulation, comparable to that of coffee but more long-lasting. It improves cognition and enhances attention span.

    Taking Borneo Kratom capsules before studying can help you stay focused and concentrate better on the books. It helps in dampening distractions and background noises. It also has a significant anti-depressant effect.

    Red Vein Borneo is known for effective pain relief and white vein Borneo capsules are the least popular of all three varieties.

    Dosage: The average dose is four capsules, each containing 0.5 grams of Borneo Kratom powder. Some people get effects after intake of 6-7 capsules.

    Best Vendor: The Kratom connection

  8. Malay Kratom Capsules

    Malay Kratom can be counted as one of the most robust Kratom strains. It causes mood elevation, production of euphoria and stimulates the consumer. It also produces analgesia, but mainly people use it for stimulation. At low doses, it produced a balanced effect of stimulation and relaxation. At high doses, it leads to intense calmness followed by sedation.

    It enhances energy levels, making one more focused and also improves wakefulness at low doses. It relieves stiffness and joint pain and acts as a muscle relaxant. It also serves as an anxiolytic and reduces stress levels and depression. It induces calmness.

    Green Malay Kratom capsules are the most popular strain of all the Malay strains. Super Green Malay Kratom is also generally liked by customers.

    Dosage: At a dose of 1-2 capsules you will start Malay Kratom kicking in. You can increase the dose to 3-4 capsules to achieve calmness and sedation. The effects last up to 6-7 hours.

    Best Vendor: Kratom Spot

How to take Kratom Capsules?

You can use various methods to take Kratom capsules. You can take the water, juice or shakes. You can take them with food. However, to aid its digestion, Kratom capsules can be taken with lemon juice and grapefruit juice.

Drinking too much water with Kratom capsules can prolong its onset of action. It must not be taken immediately after a meal as it slows down the digestive process of Kratom capsules.

So, anything that hampers gastric motility and reduces gastric secretions must be avoided while taking Kratom capsules as this significantly reduces the digestion of veggie or gelatin capsule thus delaying its action.

How to Select the right Capsules Vendors?

Kratom capsules vendors can be sometimes overpriced and sketchy, but most of them are legit. You need to check how the vendor harvests Kratom and processes it into the final product, i.e., capsules. You can check it by looking at any guarantee certificates they have on their website or email them.

Vendors that offer the money back guarantee are usually legit. The site or online store has a good track record of customer service, and there are good reviews about the vendor on the site as well as on other blogs.

What to look for Before Buying Kratom Capsules Online?

Whenever you want to buy Kratom capsules online, you need to understand a few things. They are covered in bullets below;

  • Always check the size of capsules. The smallest capsules are of 00 sizes and contain up to 0.5 grams of Kratom. This way you can easily calculate the dose of Kratom you take.
  • Check whether the capsule is veggie or gelatin based. Some people are allergic to animal products and consuming gelatin capsules can cause adverse effects.
  • See if the capsules have micropores. These aid in the quick digestion of capsules.
  • Price of capsules must be checked and compared to prices of other vendors.
  • Does the capsule contain pure Kratom powder, extract or blend? Extract and blends are more potent than regular Kratom powder.
  • Does the capsule contain any preservatives or additives?


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