Some people want different effects that cannot be obtained by merely one strain of kratom powder. Sometimes red kratom provides too much relaxation to be an effective daytime pain killer or white kratom may give you too much energy or anxiety. Ketum has speciality kratom blends that may be the answer. In addition, they have potent blends for enhanced kratom experiences. 

Ketum has 6 different specialty kratom blends that offer a range of beneficial effects. 

Power Green

Power Green is what it sounds like – a powerful mixture of potent green kratom strains. This special blend is designed to provide users with euphoria and painkilling effects with smaller doses because it combines potent Green Maeng Da and Green Kali strains. 

Green Maeng Da provides a strong mood boost and a sense of euphoria. In addition, it has mild pain killing effects and helps with productivity, concentration, and focus. Green Kali is an equally potent strain but with better pain killing effects. The kali strains also tend to be more relaxing than the Maeng Da strains.

The combination provides an uplifting, balanced experience. This blend is great for the daytime and will not keep you up if you decide to consume this product closer to bedtime. Not only that but if you suffer from chronic pain, this blend will relieve it without compromising your ability to work productively. 

White Fire

White Fire is my personal favorite strain. Typically, I like to have a boost in productivity and concentration when I consume kratom. However, I also enjoy the relaxing qualities that come with a potent red strain. White Fire is the perfect balance between energy and relaxation because it contains an excellent ratio of red and white strains. 

White Fire is very potent, so it will not take as much powder to achieve desired results as it would if you used one strain. I find that the white strain complements the red strain to provide increased euphoria, long-lasting effects, and relaxation. Not only that, but I usually take this specialty blend at night, and it does not negatively impact my sleep patterns. However, this blend also works well during the day or even the morning and will not reduce my work productivity. 

Lucky 7

Lucky 7 is a brand new specialty kratom blend available from Ketum. This blend is a combination of the most potent strains that Ketum offers to mix strong, long-lasting effects. The strains that are combined in this blend are Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Yellow Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Green Borneo, and Red Sumatra.

The blend of Green Maeng Da and Green Borneo provides euphoric energy without too much stimulation. Both of these strains are great for calming an anxious mind while simultaneously providing a modest boost in energy and improved concentration. 

Red Maeng Da provides nearly as much pain relief as the strongest red strains and gives a good amount of energy. Not only that, but it is also very potent. Red Sumatra is a fantastic strain to relieve anxiety or to help you relax. Red Borneo is better for focus than other red strains and offers a small amount of sedation, and may help with mild pain. Together, these three red strains offer a wide range of effects not typical of a single red strain. 

White Maeng Da is like other white strains, except it is also very potent and does not cause negative side effects like shakiness or anxiety. It gives a euphoric burst of energy. It also lasts much longer than other white strains. It lends itself to combinations because it gives euphoria and energy to more relaxing red and green strains.

Yellow kratom strains are unique because they are created through fermentation. They are also rarer than red, green, and white strains. I have found that each yellow strain offers unique effects, but they are generally more energetic than reds but much less energetic than whites. I find that they are typically more relaxing than green strains but also provide more focus. I use them when I need to be very productive. Yellow Maeng Da is no exception and gives a mellow yet slightly stimulating effect.

These strains mix together to give a multitude of effects, and it will not take much because every strain included in Lucky 7 is potent. The combination is great for those who use kratom for energy or anxiety. However, it may also provide some users with pain relief because it includes three red strains. 

Ultra Red Horn 50x Enhanced

This blend mixes the mysterious and rare Red Horn strain with 50x extract to provide potent painkilling effects. Red Horn kratom has personal effects that seem to match your energy levels before consumption. Therefore, if you are consuming kratom when you are tired after a hard day’s work, you will likely get more relaxing effects. If you are using it as an energetic pain killer, you may get a modest mood boost and slight stimulation. However, nearly everyone who consumed Red Horn agrees that it is an excellent strain for pain relief. 

Kratom extract is composed of concentrated alkaloids found in the kratom plant. This extract can be 10, 20, or even 50 times stronger than regular powdered kratom. Extracts can be blended into powdered kratom to enhance it and increase the potency. The Ultra Red Horn 50x Enhanced kratom blend has 50x extract added to Red Horn. This makes it very strong and a great choice for severe pain.

However, this potent blend is probably not the best for providing energy. Some users may mix a gram or two with their regular powder dose to achieve their desired effects. For example, if it is mixed with white powder, it will significantly relieve pain without making you too sleepy or relaxed. 

This blend, due to the enhanced and potent qualities, is more expensive than regular kratom powder. However, since the effects are so enhanced, you will be able to easily get more than your money’s worth because it still costs less than $30 for an ounce, and you can take only a few grams for long-lasting pain relief and relaxation. 

Red Devil 10x Enhanced

For those who want pain relief but do not want a kratom blend as powerful as the Ultra Red Horn 50x blend, Ketum has Red Devil 10x Enhanced. This product is a fantastic alternative to strong narcotic pain killers because it contains a mixture of great red strains and 10x extract. It is also very affordable at under $23 for an ounce and will not take much to provide you with powerful results. Many users like to mix it with their nighttime kratom dose for enhanced effects, relaxation, and pain relief. 

Super Green 50x Enhanced

Super Green 50x Enhanced is a highly potent, enhanced solid blend of Green Maeng Da, Green Indo, and 50x extract. Even though it is strong, it does not make you sleepy because it does not contain red strain powder. Also, Green Maeng Da is a euphoric green strain that provides a decent amount of energy and stimulation.

Green Indo is less euphoric but offers pain relief and concentration. Supplement these two strains with 50x extract and you get a wonderful product that can be used for energy, euphoria, and mood boost. This is a great blend for anxiety relief, especially when combined with a relaxing green strain like Green Malay.  


These special strains are only available from Ketum and offer a wide range of benefits for any kratom consumer. If you want pain relief without becoming sleepy, White Fire is a great option. Lucky 7 provides a full range of effects from 7 different potent strains of every color.

Power Green is a blend that gives anxiety relief with a mild increase in focus. You also have the opportunity to purchase three different kratom blends that include 10x or 50x kratom extract to help with severe pain, anxiety, or relaxation.



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