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Kratom’s health benefits are widely known. It is basically a tropical tree, the leaves of which are used for numerous medicinal purposes.

It helps with improving physical performance and boosting mood. Moreover, it is pretty easy to consume since you can either chew the leaves directly or drink them as tea.

Yes, we know that Kratom’s (unproven) health benefits can’t be denied. However, the recreational drug in question is still not legalized in many countries.

So, its lack of availability and incredible medical stories might pose an issue. Yes, you can find it in shops that operate “under the radar”, but it’s a big quality risk! So, we would recommend you to not go down that path.

So, is there any place where premium quality Kratom can be obtained? Fortunately, the answer is yes, there are a number of online stores known for selling genuine Kratom leaves. And one of the most reliable online shops happens to be…

SOL Botanicals

Looking for a one-stop destination for all-things Kratom? Or better yet, do you want to explore a variety of options for the same? And at the same time be assured that whatever you are looking at is 100% natural? Well, you have come to the right place, then!

SOL Botanicals boasts about helping people in their pursuit of establishing a spiritual connection with nature.

The company in question also claims that the Kratom capsules and powder it offers have been derived from a mystical plant situated within Borneo Island.

It is said that the plant in question has been in use for spiritual uplifting for thousands of years now.

Let’s come to the products for a second now, the SOL Botanicals’ online store has a dedicated “Shop” tab.

Once you access it, you will be presented with an impressive variety. You can choose from different strains (Royal Thai, Maeng Da, and Borneo) and types (Capsules and Powder).

The store even cares about your budget restrictions. Whether you are searching for a high-end Kratom product or an affordable option, SOL Botanicals has got you covered.

To make you a regular buyer who has a fun shopping experience on every visit, there are eGift cards available as well!

In short, we think that SOL Botanicals has done an impressive job of organizing their store to make the user experience easy and worthwhile. Options to filter products on the basis of type, strain, and price also exist.

SOL Botanicals – Product Highlights

Offering Quality and Diversity All at One Place!

We mentioned above how the products are divided into different categories for a smooth shopping experience. We even listed down the different strains available at SOL Botanicals. But you will be surprised to find out that the variety doesn’t end here.

Yes, that’s right! At SOL Botanicals, the goal is to equip the buyer with the best of the best. And that can only be possible if a colour choice is presented as well.

So, here is a glimpse of different coloured Kratom products that you can order for yourself (provided that its use is legalized in your country/city/state).

1) Red

  • Royal Red Thai (Capsules and Powder)
  • Red Maeng Da (Capsules and Powder)
  • Premium Red Borneo (Capsules and Powder)

2) White

  • White Maeng Da (Capsules and Powder)
  • Premium White Borneo (Capsules and Powder)

3) Green

  • Green Maeng Da (Capsules and Powder)
  • Premium Green Borneo (Capsules and Powder)

Expect the inventory to get even bigger as time passes!

Salient Features – How SOL Botanicals Stands Out Among The Rest?

Apart from a wide range of products, there are tons of other reasons why SOL Botanicals is a one-stop destination for purchasing premium quality Kratom. Here are some of its most impressive features:

1) Lab Test Report

Perfection and Potency are among the topmost priorities of SOL Botanicals. So, every product that is listed on the website has been manufactured using an extensive natural process (from seeding to harvesting and processing).

Only after a plant successfully goes through detailed lab tests for quality assurance is when it is deemed suitable for being processed.

2) SOL Botanicals’ Claims

It is easy to make boastful claims about a product at the start. However, if these claims are proven to be false, it can result in a massive loss for the brand selling that product.

How SOL Botanicals differs in this regard is that it is totally transparent. It is mentioned on the site that the company remains open to sharing the results of its lab tests with the users.

So, it vouches for their credibility. As discussed above, leaves of a mystical plant (in use for centuries) on Borneo Island are sources of the products you see listed on SOL Botanicals.

3) Product Authenticity

We mentioned earlier how countless shops sell fake or low-quality Kratom. Some of these vendors get caught, while others continue to exploit their buyers’ trust.

But it looks like that’s not the case with SOL Botanicals. From being transparent about sharing results of the rigorous testing that every plant goes through to ensuring quality at every stage of the manufacturing process, the company in question is committed to safeguarding its products’ purity, potency, and integrity at all costs.

4) Social Media Presence

Unfortunately, SOL Botanicals doesn’t have a massive social media following. However, there’s always room for improvement. So, expect it to shine on your favourite social platforms in the future.

Why SOL Botanicals?

If you are still asking yourself why you should opt for SOL Botanicals for fulfilling your Kratom needs, here are a few other good reasons:

  • Remarkable Customer Support Service
  • Availability of eGift cards and an Exciting Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Wide Range of Authentic Products Offered at Different Prices
  • Easy and Fun Shopping Process (Just Add your Products to the Cart and That’s it!)
  • Protection of Privacy and Security of Users’ Personal Details

Does SOL Botanicals Offer a Return-Back Guarantee?

SOL Botanicals has an effective Return Policy in place. So, product returns and exchanges are subject to the said policy.

According to the Return Policy, products can only be returned or exchanged within 30 days of the purchase. Your return/exchange request will be evaluated once you submit an Exchanges and Refunds submission form.

Shipping & Payment

For Payment, using a Credit Card is the safest and most convenient method.

As for shipping, the method commonly followed is USPS Ground. You can even opt for Air Shipping if you have placed your order on a Friday and would prefer it to arrive sooner than the following Monday.

Due to certain laws and restrictions, SOL Botanicals (as of now) doesn’t ship to the following states/cities in America:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Washington DC
  • Wisconsin
  • Denver (Colorado)
  • Jerseyville (Illinois)
  • Edwardsville County (Illinois)
  • Alton (Illinois)
  • Columbus (Mississippi)
  • Union County (Mississippi)
  • Oceanside (California)
  • Ontario (Oregon)
  • San Diego (California)
  • Sarasota County (Florida)


In the end, we have formed the opinion that SOL Botanicals is indeed a credible seller of Kratom.

From product manufacturing to ensuring a smooth shopping experience and presenting a wide variety of products, the brand surely knows what it is doing.

It edges out its competitors on more than one front. Moreover, it is a constantly evolving brand and you will see that reflecting on the website over time.

We hope that our article helped you form an opinion of SOL Botanicals as well. In order to stay up to date with the changes (policies, inventory, prices, etc.), we would recommend you to monitor the website.



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