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With multiple benefits, Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is being used for the improvement of the human body and mind. Belonging to Southeast Asia, Kratom is associated with coffee’s family and acts as a natural supplement that helps to improve health and well-being of an individual.

Now, how can one use Kratom? Apart from the benefits of different kinds of thang, ketum powders can be taken as the herbal tea or swallowed in order to have the effects.

But the salmonella outbreak of last year has demonized various ketum sellers, Soap Korner Company has been one of them that had to go through some failure and suffering.

Talking about that time period, it was found that Soap Korner firm had declined their quality at that moment while they had to face the lawsuit.

Moreover, this had shown some aftereffects as various individuals warned others not to order kratom from them in the future.

Keeping their lawsuit aside, they worked hard to overcome their issues and helped several people to take the benefits. But the question is whether they have learned anything from past failures?

Product and Form

As far as the product is concerned, they offer the vegan and all-natural ketum as mentioned on their website. Their products comprise of Green Kali, Gold Bali, Yellow Vietnam, White Bentuangie, Red Pele, Crushed Leaf, and their signature Night Cap blend. Though Big Kahuna has made its position in the international market but one cannot neglect its variety of other products.

Considering the different aspects of their products, it must be mentioned that they are not in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration moreover these are not evaluated on that basis. By mentioning on their official website, this brand cannot be used for the treatment, cure, prevention and diagnosis of any disease.

However, they have restricted the age criteria of the customers and the people under age 18 cannot buy it for their use. With the instructions and direction provided on the packaging of the product labels, these are quite helpful in various ways.

Consulting with physicians before taking these kratom products is also preferable, as it can assist you to understand any medical condition if you have. Most importantly, Soap Korner has not been affiliated with any other product also they own their copyrights and other trademarks.

Pricing and Lab Testing

Keeping in mind the fact that the ketum has to be tested before sending them to the customers thus they have made sure that the products must experience the lab testing. Soap Korner Kratom has mentioned the certificate of analysis on their official website, without any doubt.

On the other hand, the price of the Kratom powder starts from $11.10 but for the product per kg, the prices go up approximately for $135.50. In comparison with other brands, they are quite decent and affordable with respect to beginners, seasoned users, and regular customers.

In reference to their sample packs, they have been equipped with six ounces of Mitragyna Speciosa for under $50. Currently, they offer several discounts on their products, for instance, the coupon code of different sale-offers can be availed.

Customer Engagement

Available on several social media sites, Soap Kratom shows its presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Their customer service representatives are quite professional and best to deal with. To know about the products, one can see the reviews of their customers on social media sites like Facebook.

By focusing on customer satisfaction, they like to make some regular customers thus Soap Korner offers various ways to contact them. People can email them, visit their address, or call them on their phone as stated on their official website.

Do you want to hear more or ask any questions about the brand? Don’t worry, the customer services of Soap Korner have got you covered!

Shipment and Return Policies

So whats next? Well, this kind of thang offers the shipment that focuses on 3-5 working days as they make use of the USPS Priority shipping. Perhaps, most of these orders are shipped on the exact same day and one can keep a check on them. The customers can have an idea about the time at which they may receive the parcel.

On the topic of refunds and return, it has to be mentioned that they are cooperative however the product should not be opened and includes a copy of the invoice. Are you worried about the payment methods? Fear not – this brand can accept most of the credit cards but they are charged 24 hours before the shipping method.

Overall Review Of The Brand

Landed on the category of the recognized and trusted sellers, Soap Korner has paid attention to their customer base. In general, the discussions surrounding these ketum products have been largely linked with the positive brand image. They offer an attractive and simple website layout, easy ways to order the product, affordable prices, and decent packaging.

Nonetheless, there are rumors that hint towards their move to GMP compliance but this case is not clear. Offering the quality at affordable prices, this brand has tried to have a hold in the international market.

Moreover, the consistency of the products seems nice whereas it was found that their kratoms have been linked to the pain relief, stimulating factors, a boost in energy and the list goes on!

Our Verdict

Although Soap Korner had to face certain issues in the past they have come up with various trends in the ketum areas. All in all, their dedication and commitment to consumers along with their tea quality are unmatched. Having that said, one must always keep a check and how-how of the products before making the decision to buy it.

Bearing in mind all about this Soap Korner, they care about the customers’ satisfaction, focuses on the rapid order delivery, consider the quality and quantity of the brand, it can be said that they are listed as one of the decent kratom vendors. Want to give it a try? Go ahead, but let us know about your experience!

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