Mitragyna speciosa, aka Kratom extracts, are increasingly popular globally, particularly in the US. There are numerous ways to consume Kratom; however, can you snort Kratom powder as well? 

In crux, while this is trending, it is not worth trying! If you are a Kratom enthusiast or a newbie and are desperate to unlock the answers, then note that both Kratom and restlessness are a lethal combination. 

Don’t worry, sit back and relax because we’ll cover everything you need to know! 

This article will discuss the risks and side effects of snorting Kratom powder, the alternative methods of consumption, and more. 

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A Brief Insider To Kratom

Kratom is a herbal extract that is derived from the dried and crushed leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. The leaves have a rich alkaloid (chemical) profile of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine that act like opioid drugs. The alkaloids are responsible for boosting both physical and mental energy levels.

Unlike its cousin (coffee) it has zero caffeine levels; however, it is very addictive. Depending on the dosage, it acts like a stimulant (lower dose) and a sedative (higher dose) and therefore can pose serious threats as well. Kratom leaves come in four basic colours: red, green, yellow and white and there are different strains available in the market; each offering unique benefits. 

There are numerous forms of Kratom products ranging from powders, capsules, teas, vapes, liquid shots, etc. that can be consumed orally without the need of a prescription.

[Note: Despite Kratom being an over-the-counter supplement, we strongly advise all consumers to consult a physician beforehand.]

Is It Safe To Consume Kratom?

The US considers Kratom as alternative medicine. Technically, it is still in a grey area; it’s illegal in several states and cities in the US. Though it has no federal bans, it has sales and distribution restrictions in some areas and, therefore, is sold primarily online, and all purchases are made via cash on delivery. Nevertheless, you can also find Kratom in local head shops, supplement stores, and gas stations. However, we advise you to follow some guidelines before jumping on the bandwagon.

Kratom is a very addictive substance and a very controversial supplement. You should always consult a physician, read online guides or get reviews from people in your close circle for dosage guidelines, etc. Like always, we strongly recommend starting from a low dosage of around 2 grams approximately.

Can You Snort Kratom Powder?

When it comes to popularity, Kratom powder always wins the most votes. Many users prefer it over other products to obtain more out of their product. Kratom leaves are dried, ground into powder, then transformed into other products like capsules/tablets and extracts. Does a question surely arise if you can snort Kratom?

Hypothetically, yes. Is it advisable? No!

Traditionally, Kratom is consumed orally, many have tried snorting powder and this is somewhat trending; however, we will discuss all reasons as to why it is unsafe! Snorting is an alternative option to oral consumption; it’s the nasal administration of drugs via sniffing powdered substances, whether recreational or prescription, via the nose. 

How Does It Work?

Compared to oral ingestion, snorting works by following an entirely different mechanism. Internally, our nose has a lining of nasal membranes surrounded by various blood vessels. Once snorting the powder, the fine particles get absorbed by the membrane and diffuse into the blood vessels. After that, the alkaloids are carried to different organs, primarily the heart and brain, directly interacting with the body’s opioid receptors as other drugs or therapeutics do. 

In comparison to oral ingestion, snorting acts much faster. 

Why Do People Snort Kratom Powder?

It is pretty natural to be questioning, ‘why on earth do people snort Kratom rather than consume it orally?’ Well, the following reasons will surely quench your curiosity:

Faster Impact

Perhaps the most alluring reason to snort anything, let alone Kratom powder, is because of quicker impact. This notion is verifiable for many drugs and therapeutics, however, in the case of Kratom, it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to interact with the brain. 

Overcome Withdrawal Symptoms

Some people believe that snorting helps them rapidly recover from withdrawal symptoms; however, this is entirely a psychological phenomenon, and there is no research or science to support the claim.  

Fights Drug Addiction

One of the most popular excuses and a major aspect promoting Kratom’s popularity lies in its potential to fight addiction. As reported in a 2016 review the alkaloids, especially Mitragynine, trigger the same pleasure and relief receptors in the brain as do these drugs, often consumed via snorting. Consequently, individuals trying to counter their addictive behaviour by detaching themselves from the dangers of drugs/abuse alternatively resort to snorting Kratom.


Medically, this term refers to the breakdown of complex substances into finer molecules for easier absorption. Many users reason that oral absorption of Kratom is poor in the gut/liver in comparison to the nasal route. 

What Are The Risks And Side Effects Of Snorting Kratom? 

While this herb might come in fancy packaging that might be aesthetically pleasing, apart from physical and psychological dependence, it has many short- & long-term side effects and involves lethal risks! Let’s take a closer look at them:

Short-Term Side Effects

Frequent Nose Bleeds

Excessive snorting can gradually injure the mucous lining/membrane and cause internal infections and sores to develop. As a result, it can even obstruct the ability to trap dust particles. Moreover, it can cause the blood flow to increase and persistent nosebleeds. 

 Swelling Of Nasal Cavity

Snorting Kratom can escalate your sinus and cause severe inflammation as well. As a result, it can also block your nasal passage and make breathing much more difficult. Moreover, it can cause swelling around the eyes and cheeks too. 

Nose And Throat Irritation

You may also experience constant tickling/prickling sensations in both your nose and throat. Sinus infections, internal sore formation, and the absence of humidified air can cause dryness and increase the urge to scratch constantly, damaging blood vessels, and the friction can cause bleeding. 

Respiratory Infections

Like smokers, all snorters need to be prepared for this as well as it can damage your entire respiratory system and cause your immune system to weaken. As a result, your natural defence mechanism against infectious pathogens decreases, causing internal blood clots and infections to develop in the lungs.

It can also hamper the functionality of the mouth, throat, voice box, etc and be detrimental for people suffering from tonsillitis, asthma, bronchitis, sinus, and even dental issues.

Hinders Breathing

All the above-mentioned issues can cause the nose to heal slowly and even cause many short-term breathing difficulties. 

Long-Term Side Effects

Additionally, snorting Kratom can also cause long-term repercussions, including: 

Nose Deformation

Our nasal cavity (upper nose, palate, and bridge) is made up of many kinds of soft tissues and cartilage. Persistent snorting can cause the septum tissue to damage and cause your cartilage to fall off and as a result causing saddle nose deformity.

Sensation Loss

The damage isn’t limited to the nasal cavity, it can even spread to other vital organs and if untreated, permanently affect your hearing and vision as well. 

Allergic Rhinitis

This condition causes internal inflammation of the nose due to an allergen, irritants, or production of excess histamine (protein) and mucus. 

Pulmonary Embolisms

A serious threat that causes blood clots to travel to the lungs; as a result, it can block one of your pulmonary arteries and even cause death. 

Other Issues:

Other life threatening issues include rupturing of mucus membranes, chronic lung infections, etc. 

Overdose Risk

Now here comes the biggest threat/risk associated with snorting Kratom—Overdosing. Here we’ll tell you why exactly:

Kratom powder consists of many natural, inactive compounds such as Carbohydrates, especially plant fibre and cellulose, that can block the nasal pillories. The powder won’t be digested and instead will accumulate and block the upper respiratory tract putting the individual at a high risk of overdosing. Here are some symptoms of Kratom overdose:

  • Tremors
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Hallucinations
  • Respiratory issues, including difficulty breathing
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Abdominal/Intestinal pain

What are recommended methods of taking Kratom?

Unlike snorting, oral methods ensure the digestion and absorption of plant fibres, cellulose, and other nutrients without inflicting any harm. You can consume Kratom via other methods instead of snorting, such as: 

Kratom Incense

This is a common ritual in both the East and West parts of the world that involves burning Kratom and inhaling the fumes to get a sense of relaxation. 

Kratom Teas

Unbelievably, teas are a popular product that people love to brew and enjoy regardless of the season. Boil your measured mix, add a hint of sugar or flavour, sit back and enjoy.

Smoothies And Drinks

You can even add your Kratom powder to your favourite hot or cold beverages infused with different flavourings. 


Another famous and very convenient to use the product, especially if you despise the bitter taste of Kratom. 

Sugary Treats

Why not try infusing Kratom with your favourite desserts or sugary snacks such as brownies to enjoy the best of both worlds!


We believe that currently, it is uncommon, but the trend might increase in the future; however, we wish to enlighten you that while it might seem physically possible, it does not mean you resort to it! Snorting Kratom is not safe at any cost! Despite the quantity being large or small, snorting Kratom is strictly unadvisable due to serious repercussions. Though it is not documented, people who have snorted Kratom might have done it due to psychological reasons. 

Our nose and sensation of smell are very vital to our lives! The negative effects and risks involved surely outweigh the benefits. By now, we are sure that we’ve hopefully managed to turn off your decision to snort Kratom for all the reasons extensively discussed in the article above. Stay safe!



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