Are you a kratom enthusiast trying to figure out whether you should smoke kratom or vape it? What are the key differences between smoking and vaping kratom? Whether you should go for these methods for ingesting kratom inside your system? Right in this piece, you will get all your queries resolved. So, let’s find out all about smoking vs. vaping kratom – and which one is your best bet?

What is the difference between smoking and vaping kratom?

How can you decide whether a cheesecake is high-calorie or a marble cake? Definitely, you would look for the ingredients used in making both cakes, right?  Similarly, here, you need to understand first what is exactly vaping or smoking kratom, and later, after weighing the pros and cons, you can decide what would work best for you.

So here we go!

How do you smoke kratom?

You must have come across individuals smoking cigarettes. Have you ever wondered how the whole phenomenon works? The dry tobacco leaves begin to burn as soon as the fire flame hits them. The nicotine from tobacco enters your lungs, makes its way to the bloodstream, and later nicotine receptors to initiate the effects.

In kratom’s case, the dry kratom leaves are rolled in a cigarette, instead of nicotine, the key alkaloids, Mitragynine, and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine enter the lungs. Later these alkaloids bind with the mu-opioid brain receptors and produce effects like pain relief, reduced inflammation, stress and anxiety release, boosted energy, happy mood, and enhanced focus and motivation.

Can you vape kratom?

When you are vaping kratom, you breathe in the vaporized form of the dry herb produced by a vaping device. A few brands have introduced herbal vaporizers and vape pens in their product line to facilitate the users who prefer vaping over smoking kratom.

Vaping kratom with herbal vaporizers

Herbal Vaporizers are designed to heat the dry M.Speciosa leaves so that combustion does not occur. The ideal temperature for heating the herb in the vaporizer is 347°F to 392°F. As a result, only vapors are produced, and users inhale vapors, not the harmful smoke.

Vaping kratom with vape pens

On the other hand, many individuals use e-cigarettes or vape pens. The vape pen operates on a battery and heats the liquid solution of kratom. The cartridge contains the e-liquid of kratom, and the atomizer helps with heating it. As the individual inhales from a mouthpiece, the entire vape pen begins to work.

Here is a YouTube video explaining how it works!

The Pros and Cons of Vaping and smoking kratom

By now, you know the key differences between smoking and vaping kratom. Next, we will spotlight the potential positive and negative outcomes of both methods.

  • Do you want kratom’s effects to kick in faster? If that’s the case, then both smoking and vaping techniques will work for you. When you smoke or vape kratom, it directly enters your lungs and produces fast-acting results after quickly binding with brain receptors.
  • Smoking kratom helps with nicotine tolerance. Instead of tobacco, you smoke a herbal leaf that would help with withdrawal symptoms of substance abuse.
  • Many people want to look chic and modish while having their favorite kratom strain. Vape pens are a modern yet cool method of ingesting kratom in this scenario.
  • Kratom’s bitter taste is often challenging for user’s taste buds. With smoking and vaping, you don’t need to experience the strong flavor of kratom.
  • Why should you prefer vaping over smoking kratom? When you smoke kratom, you are passively inhaling the toxic gases – carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, along with smoke particles. These gases are extremely hazardous for your respiratory system and affect your kratom dose’s potency and effectiveness. On the other hand, vape pens heat the kratom leaf or e-juice without causing combustion. In short, it is entirely non-toxic.

What are the negative impacts of smoking and vaping kratom?

  • If you are a regular kratom user, you must know that speciosa’s alkaloids are sensitive to heat. Whether you are smoking or vaping kratom, you cannot be sure-shot about the strain’s potency, as the alkaloids’ concentration is altered after having an encounter with heat. As a result, the effects are milder and less lasting.
  • People who preferably choose smoking kratom have to use more dry leaves than individuals who prefer kratom tea or capsules. But Why? As the heat destroys most of the rolled kratom leaves quickly, they need to add more dry leaves to experience the effects. It is a costly and less effective method.
  • Kratom vape juices are extremely expensive. Additionally, a small number of trustworthy vendors sell this product. So, in either case, you have to spend more money and time to find the best product from a reputable vendor.
  • If you use kratom in public settings, you may have to limit your use in areas where vaping and smoking are not allowed.
  • According to research, smoking and vaping are associated with lung diseases. It is another red flag to be considered, as malfunctioning lungs won’t let you live in good health.

So do not let the side effects of smoking prevail over the ultimate benefits of kratom. You can take it in the form of tea, raw powder, capsules, or tinctures to avoid such harmful effects.

What are Reddit user reviews about vaping vs. smoking kratom?

According to Reddit user reviews, smoking and vaping kratom do not bring about more pronounced effects. Moreover, you have to take higher dosages (that would cost more) to feel the effects.  

So, what should be your ideal choice?

Smoking and vaping kratom are entirely less effective approaches if you look forward to kratom’s health benefits. Other methods, like toss n’ wash, capsules, extracts, and tinctures, are more potent and less costly.

Final Thoughts

Smoking vs. vaping kratom is a new query of kratom enthusiasts. However, smoking and vaping kratom help the user experience the effects much faster than other methods. But both have several drawbacks, ranging from less effective results to causing liver diseases. Hence, it is not recommended to vape or smoke kratom too often. Although, enjoying the experience once in a while won’t harm you.




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