Blue Lotus, aka water lily, is cultivated and produced in many parts of North Africa and Central Asia. It is even known to have a cultural value in many areas of Egypt. It has been used for many centuries to treat a number of conditions like insomnia and anxiety and to provide one with peaceful relaxation.

Grown along the river Nile for centuries, this beautiful blue flower was once used as a sacred flower at funerals and held a high place in ancient Egypt. They are known to also have used it to reach “higher levels of consciousness”.

However, the modern-day use of this amazing flower is hidden in its psychoactive properties, and when smoked, it is known to have euphoric and even hallucinating effects.

On the other hand, why and how blue lotus is smoked, is it harmful to smoke it, the medical purposes of smoking blue lotus, and safe ways to do so are some of the questions one should be asking before consuming the flower?

We have thus reviewed the properties of the plant and are going to provide you with detailed answers to each of the above questions. So please stick with us through these few minutes of reading!

Purpose Of Using/Consuming Blue Lotus

Not much research is available on the medical properties and benefits of blue lotus. Therefore, it’s hard to shed light on its authentic medical purposes. Yet, it is believed to have some magical properties and is still used worldwide for many interesting purposes. The main and most important one is the hallucinating effects it creates.

These effects are more powerful when smoked rather than used in any other form. It creates a feeling of joy and euphoria, but the effects are not as strong as alcohol or any other harmful drug. Therefore, it is considered safe to use.

Some of the other purposes or benefits for which blue lotus is currently used include strengthening the sleeping process and treating insomnia, treating and dealing with menstrual problems, to help intensify lucid dreaming, nourishing and giving refreshing effects to the skin, as an aphrodisiac, etc.

Yet if used too much, it starts showing its harmful effects, including palpitation and hot flashes. You may even end up having dizziness and extreme nausea so one should always be careful regarding the amount one consumes.

Different Ways of Consuming Blue Lotus

Blue lotus can be consumed in different ways and forms. It largely depends on the target effects you want to get from this magical plant. But it is also important to mention that there is still a serious lack of available data and research on its safe dosage and maximum amount that should be consumed for each dose.

However, some of the most popular ways in which the flower is generally consumed are given below:

Oil and Extracts: While oil from the plant can be used externally only, its extract can be added to a number of beverages and can even be taken in combination with other compounds and drugs.

The oil is known to have several properties, the most important of which is to relax rigid muscles and alleviate stiffness in the joints. On the other hand, extract or tincture made from blue lotus is consumed to gain psychoactive and recreational effects. The effects are even compared to ecstasy by some of the users.

Blue Lotus Tea: Blue lotus tea has been a popular method of consuming blue lotus in dried form in modern times and even in ancient Egypt. The tea is chiefly used for medicinal purposes, such as recreational effects and curing insomnia. It also has some aphrodisiac effects.  

Smoking Blue Lotus: Consuming blue lotus through smoking is especially for the ones looking for psychoactive effects of blue lotus. Since most of its stimulating compounds are found in its buds, smoking the flower will activate the dopamine receptors in the brain, producing ecstatic effects or getting you “high”.

It can be smoked in various ways, such as through joints, using it in a pipe or even in a vaporizer or vaping with an extract made from the plant. One must remember that consuming the plant through smoking can have powerful effects so it should be consumed carefully.

Safety Measures To Take While Smoking Blue Lotus

Since a lot of research and literature is not yet available on the consumption of the plant, the users should always be cautious while consuming the plant, especially the beginners. The newbies are advised to always start with a to see the exact amount that suits their body and needs.

Given below are some of the safety measures one should keep in mind while consuming or beginning to consume blue lotus for any medicinal or other purposes, especially through smoking:

  • The dosage and amount per dosage should be determined according to the form you consume blue lotus in. In the case of smoking the plant, the amount should not exceed 3-5 grams.
  • Remember that consuming the plant through smoking has strong effects. So it is not advisable for everyone to begin with it. The beginners should begin consuming the plant in other forms such as extracts and tea and should only take half the dose while smoking.
  • The plant should not be smoked mixed with other compounds with strong and addictive effects, such as marijuana.
  • As it has been mentioned already that adequate research is not yet available on its side effects thus, it’s better to be avoided by pregnant/breastfeeding ladies and should be kept away from children.
  • Since there is no expiry date given for the plant and there is no generally accepted dosage, one should always consult their healthcare provider before using it for any medical purpose.
  • One should avoid driving or doing tasks that require focus during and after smoking blue lotus.

Wrapping Up

Even though blue lotus has been used in different parts of the world for centuries, sufficient research is still unavailable for its safe consumption and dosage. Because of its psychoactive properties, it can be addictive and even harmful if consumed in high doses or for a prolonged period. So one must always consult their healthcare provider first before beginning to use it in any form.



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