Simple Botanicals

Simple Botanicals

Address: PO Box 2158
Independence MO 64055-0058
Email: [email protected]

Payment Options: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover

Are you new to the Kratom industry or trying to get some information about Mitragyna speciose? Did you encounter different Ketum sellers in your quest for the decent products? Instead of looking for different vendors, rely on our recommendation and give a try to Simple Botanicals. True to its name, the brand is one of the sellers that you may fall in love with.

Fortunately, the name is quite easy to remember, try and refer it to others. Bringing you the best of ethnobotanicals – is the objective of this company. Without sacrificing quality, they pay attention to the needs of the customers. Despite the competition, they are struggling to have a respectable brand image in the Kratom industry. So, let’s get it going:

Simple Botanicals VS. Other Brands

Offering a wide variety of products, this company has Red Dragon, Green Maeng Da, White Hulu, Yellow Vietnam, Green Malay, Super Borneo, Red Indo, White Thai, Red Malay, Bentuangie, Green Borneo, Red Sumatra, Green Thai, Green Indo, Red Horn, and the list goes on.

For the product type, you must know that Simple Botanicals have a variety of packs, CBD Syrup, CBD capsules, CBD Oils, and CBD Dabs. Most importantly, they offer the Cart while you can also check the “order status” from their official website.

In comparison with other brands, they have a decent website layout, reasonably priced products, and best customer services.

What They Believe In

As per their website, they did mention the work ethics, objectives and detailed information. Simple Botanicals believe that customer experience should be on point. They do not like to have questionable shipping dates, different payment options, and various other complications.

Unlike other sellers, one may not have to face these problems while dealing with it. Due to the Food and Drug Administration, they did not discuss the benefits of Kratom on their website.

How Do They Manage Their Business Operations?

As far as the customer experience are concerned, one can reach them via social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other options are also there. To have a check on the customer reviews, you can see the customer’s feedback and comments on these social media platforms effortlessly.

While talking about this ketum company, you must have an idea about the medical evaluation of their product. From there website, it is clear that Simple Botanicals conduct the monthly lab tests but they are not GMP (good manufacturing Process) certified. Neither they cited any laboratory reports on the webpage nor declared the name of any laboratories.

What Makes The Brand Stand Out?

Apart from their quality, Simple Botanicals keeps a check on the privacy and confidentiality of the customers. From the collection of information to the secrecy and safety of the customers, they keep everything in proper alignment.

What people love about Simple Botanicals is that this company offers the best privacy policies that can help them to have loyal customers.

So, what’s up with their quality and the products they offer? The brand clarifies that they have the highest quality standards which can make them the go-to brand for the customers

Shedding Some Light On The Other Aspects

By the United States Postal Service, one can have their shipment delivery right on time. Over the order of $70, you can avail some discounts. Here’s the kicker: they have the Sale options along with the discounts and coupons. Through their social media and newsletter, they give some discounts and thus melt the hearts of customers.

What you might not like is the restrictions on Return? They do not accept the returns on any item except there may be some cases when this company feels that the product is entitled to return or one has been facing some problems.

What Else?

Aside from the quality and shipments, you can order their products through the credit cards which can be a convenient option for you. And on top of that, their products guarantee the satisfaction of customers through their natural ingredients.

Always check the doses before taking them, as it is important for the safety of a person and adhering to the accurate doses ensures the effects on a person. For this reason, Simple Botanicals discusses every single detail on their product descriptions. If you want to read the feedback of customers, you will understand that people are quite satisfied.

Apart from their user-friendly website and the presence of customer representatives at your service, they leave the other brands behind. For as long as you take the thang product as per the guidelines, things will work smoothly for you.

Did We Miss Anything?

Upon visiting the website, you can see the discounts, vouchers, and other such options Apart from the product, they have a decent packaging style that considered the quality of products. On the other hand, the order process and descriptions are there to cater to your needs. Primarily, Simple Botanicals had not made any false claims about the products.

Moreover, they did not mention the aspects and uses of Simple Botanicals. When we talk about the pricing structure of the products, the price range starts from $13.99 to $139.99. Considering the prices and quality of this brand, Simple Botanicals proved to be legit and simple in a literal sense!

Our Verdict

At Simple Botanicals, they promise for several things which comprise affordable prices, effective customer support system, free samples, secure day payments, same-day shipments and the whole list of benefits.

If you like to go through the feedback of customers, you’ll understand that Simple Botanicals are trying to grab the attention of the customers via a wide variety of different offers and premium products.

By providing the quality and quantity under one roof, Simple Botanicals exactly knows how to run the business and what to do for the customer’s satisfaction. Overall Brand: Recommended!

Did you ever use any Kratom products? How was your experience? Waiting to read your reviews in the comments section!



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