Have you ever thought of growing your marijuana side by side with another crop?
In areas where marijuana is illegal, weed is often planted with other crops in order to hide them.

In some highlands of the Philippines, marijuana growers usually plant their weed side by side with eggplants. The broad leaves of eggplants can effectively hide the marijuana plants that are growing underneath it.

For people who want to cultivate weed organically, marijuana is often planted with crops that naturally deter insects. Marigold can be planted near marijuana since insects hate this plant.

In some cases, citrus trees are planted near marijuana. Citrus plants attract insects that prey on pests that destroy marijuana crops.

There are also instances when another plant is cultivated beside marijuana as sacrificial plants.

The pests eat the leaves of these sacrificial plants instead of the leaves of marijuana. A good example of this is okra. This plant is extremely hardy and can survive pests.

Even if the leaves are devastated, an okra plant will still flower and produce fruit. This makes it an excellent sacrificial plant.

If you are a marijuana grower, perhaps you can plant kratom as a way to diversify your products and reach out to wider markets. Within the marijuana community, a huge part also experiments with other drugs.

Among the things they experiment on is kratom. As such, plating kratom will help you reach out to this largely untapped market.

But first, what is kratom?

Understanding Kratom

Characterized by its showy clusters of dark yellow flowers that hang down from its branches, Kratom is a plant found in the deep rainforest and wild jungles of Southeast Asia, popular for its psychedelic effects.

Kratom’s scientific name is Mitragyna speciose. It is more commonly seen in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar where it is traditionally used for its purported medicinal properties.

For instance, in some areas, people brew the dried broad green leaves of this plant and swallowed or used as tea concoction.

Some people also chew, smoke, or drink its leaves as a potent pain reliever that is said to have the same stimulating effects as opioid pain relievers such as morphine, fentanyl, and codeine.

Chewing the leaves of kratom has been traditionally advised for people who have problems with low energy, loss of appetite, and decreasing sexual desire.

The compounds from the leaves are often extracted by the natives to use as an antiseptic and for the fast healing of cuts and wounds.

Other people also take advantage of the leaf extracts to heal bouts of coughs, diarrhea, and even intestinal infections. Mothers in this region also use kratom as an agent for intestinal deworming agents.

As a mood enhancer, kratom is often prescribed by traditional healers to people who work in laborious professions as a mood enhancer and painkiller.

The use of kratom has increasingly become popular worldwide at the start of the 21st century.

Around this time, more and more people have talked about the invaluable health and therapeutic value of this plant in aiding mental and physical wellness.

Aside from this, the recreational value of Kratom as a stimulant or sedative-narcotic is also celebrated and well-documented.

What Happens When You Use Kratom And Cannabis Together

kratom and cannabis

People often refer to pure or unadulterated kratoms as “Botanical Kratom.” This term is universally used to differentiate plants that are natural and without any adulterants from the ones that have been contaminated by other products.

This is especially helpful in helping people such as yourself avoid the dangers of adverse effects of contaminated plants.

People have been warned about the bad effects of contaminated kratom. In fact, if you only experienced side effects, consider yourself lucky. Contaminated kratom is known to have caused fatalities I multiple instances.

However, many people still use kratom with marijuana. Is this even safe?

Marijuana and Kratom share the same environment. In nature, both plants natively grow and live in the same rainforests and jungles of tropical Southeast Asia.

As such, both plants have been traditionally used by the natives of this region for their health. It is not difficult to imagine that the natives themselves have also used both plants simultaneously.

This practice has found its way to modern times where people now use these two side by side.

Marijuana strains that contain a lot of CBD will have similar effects to Kratom. They are excellent sedatives and perfect for getting you relaxed and chilled. For marijuana with a lot of THC, the effects are extremely different.

THC results to psychedelic effects and will give you “high.” If either strain of marijuana is added with kratom, you will get extremely different effects.

Kratom with CBD strong marijuana strain will be great for relaxation. Kratom taken with marijuana with a lot of THC will result to a very interesting mix of psychedelic effects.

Synergistic – this is how the positive harmony of differing pharmacological actions of this kratom and cannabis is often described. This is why for many people, combining kratom and cannabis is the ultimate combo for recreational drug use.

Simultaneously using both plants will surely allow you to experience enhanced relaxation. However, as with other substances, it is best for you to carefully stagger your intake of both plants. The effects could be too much if you take a massive amount of these two plants at once.

Also, you need to make sure that you have already eaten something in between taking kratom and cannabis. This is to help you prevent any untoward effects such as feeling faint or lightheaded.

Similarities In Growing Kratom And Weed

Growung Weed and Kratom

It makes sense to grow both kratom and marijuana in the same “farm” if you are interested in combining them for recreational of medicinal purposes.

If you are a businessperson, adding kratom in your roster of crops will give you additional income. It will also allow you to potentially reach out to the kratom market that you probably have not yet touched base with.

If we still have not yet convinced you to plant kratom with cannabis crops, here is a list of similarities in growing kratom and weed.

1) Both Kratom And Weed Plants Thrive In Warm Tropical And Humid Environment

Kratom and cannabis are endemic in the same environment. This means that both plants are native in the same kind of climate, soil, and air.

In the tropical rainforests and jungles of Southeast Asia, both kratom and marijuana may even live side by side as both plants occupy the same niche in the ecosystem.

Given this, your kratom and marijuana will need the same kind of heating tools when they are grown in colder environments.

Tents and greenhouses for growing both kratom and marijuana will require heaters to keep them dying from cold.

2) Both Kratom And Weed Require The Same Type Of Soil

When growing any type of crops, the type of soil is an important aspect of farming some crops are acidic so have more alkaline pH. The crops will also require different nutrients.

When you are planting different types of crops, your crops’ different requirements of nutrients and pH levels may become a huge problem. When planting kratom and marijuana, this will not be a problem.

Since both plants grow in the same place and environment, both plants grow in the same type of soil with the same amount of nutrients.

As such, planting them together makes sense. You will not need to change your source of soil and even what fertilizer to use. In some crops, you may need to change the formula for fertilizers.

As far as gardening tools go, because you will be working with the same type of soil, you will only need the same set of gardening tools for both of your plants.

Spade, shovels, and trowel will be essential for both plants. Check out the tools list provided by Weekend Gardener to learn more about must-have tools for your garden.

3) Both Kratom And Weed Plants Need The Same Pest Control

Pest control on Kratom and CBD

The fact that both Kratom and marijuana are native in the same rainforest. It makes sense to think that both grow in the same food web and ecosystem.

As such, they have the same predators. Both are being preyed upon by the same insects and fungi. With this in mind, your strategy to control the pests for one plant will also work for another.

So you do not have to prepare two different pest strategies. In fact, if you plan to grow your kratom and marijuana organically, both plants actually thrive well with plants that deter insects like marigold.

They are also compatible with citrus trees that attract beneficial insects. Lastly, they are not affected by the presence of sacrificial plants like the okra.

4) Both Kratom And Weed Plants Follow The Same Growth Cycles

Except for Vietnam, the whole of Southeast Asia only has two types of seasons. These are the dry season and monsoon season. The dry season is characterized by extremely hot weather.

At this season, the whole region experiences a perpetual state of summer where the temperature may be as hot as 40 degrees Celsius.

However, during the monsoon season, the warm air from the Pacific Ocean bring typhoons and rain that drenched the whole region in water. Jungles and marshlands are covered by floods.

The whole region becomes wet with torrential rain. In this type of season, all plants follow the same growth cycle. In such conditions, all plants flower year-round. There is no specific flowering and fruiting seasons. There is no season where the leaves fall to the ground.

In this case, kratom and marijuana can be planted and harvested at the same time. There is no “kratom season” nor there“marijuana season.” Both plants grow and are harvested at roughly the same time.

When planting both kratom and marijuana in the same area, you will need to buy the same lumens of lights. Both will require direct and intense lights as both plants grow in the tropics.

Some strains of marijuana may need some shade so you can plant them directly under the branches of kratom.

As far as the sprinkling system goes, both plants will need roughly the same volume and force of water. You will not have difficulty customizing your marijuana garden for your kratom.

5) Both Kratom And Weed Plants Require The Same Kind Of Care

With the similarities mentioned above including similarities in environmental, soil, and pest control requirements, you can safely assume that both plants will require the same care regimen. Both plants will need the same amount of sunlight.

Both plants will require the same type of measures against cold weather if you live in colder regions of the world. Both plants will require the same amount of fertilizers and watering.

Everything is the same. As such, this will make your cultivation a lot more sustainable since you are exerting the same amount of effort.

Important Things To Remember When Growing Kratom And Marijuana

Marijuana and Kratom are two different species of plants. Though both share many similarities, especially when growing them, it is very important to remember that these two plants are still very different from each other.

They do not belong in the same family, so the differences are extremely important to take note of.

Kratom is, in fact, a tree. Kratom is categorized as an evergreen tree that grows in the tropics. It actually belongs to the same family as the coffee plant.

If you ever find yourself in the jungles and rainforests of Southeast Asia, you will notice that the trees are extremely broad and tall.

This is because the plants in jungles compete heavily for sunlight. So when planting your kratom, it is best to plant only one or two trees at a time.

They will grow into huge trees as such you do not have to plant more than two. You may opt to trim your trees so they do not occupy as much space.

Kratom can be planted in large pots and will grow short is trimmed regularly. The trimming could be done at the same time during harvesting time.

This way, your kratom tree will grow new branches and fresh leaves that you can once again harvest.

So, if you are thinking about growing your marijuana side by side with another crop, we hope that this article has given you ample information to consider planting kratom.

Kratom is a special plant. At the moment, there is a huge market and little competition for it. This will be the best time to venture out and explore growing and marketing kratom as a crop. Who knows, perhaps, this may be the break that you are looking for?



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