Shruumz is a chocolate brand that claims to have THC, CBDa, CBN, CBG, HHC, and mushrooms like Lions Mane, Reishi, and Chaga. This chocolate is manifested as having psychoactive effects, specifically as “Microdosing.” That means it is designed in a way to take in microdoses each day. Shruumz 1.6-ounce chocolate bar consists of 15 pieces/doses.

But the thought that keeps striking in mind is whether Shruumz chocolate has the desired amount of active ingredients to have min relaxing effects. What components it comprises, and what effects do they have individually? What is microdosing, and is it healthy? These questions make this topic quite ambiguous for users considering the anticipated Shruumz chocolate bar.

In this article, we have rounded up the answer to every posed question, so understand and give it a read. From ingredients, their effects, and user reviews to microdosing, you’ll find everything here.

So, let’s take a look into the details without any delay!

What Is a Shrummz Chocolate Bar And Its Ingredients?

Shruumz Chocolate bar is a combination of many compounds like magic mushrooms and CBDa, CBD, CBN, CBG, and HHC to enhance cognition and reduce anxiety. Here is an overview of these magic mushrooms and their effects on the mind;

Lions Mane Mushroom

Lions Mane Mushroom has been an active ingredient in Chinese practices for decades. They comprise immense benefits like improving mood, reducing anxiety, and causing mind relaxation. 

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom is another mushroom that is an active ingredient in the Shruumz chocolate bar. A well-known mushroom has antioxidant and immunity-enhancing effects. 

Chaga Mushroom

Chaga Mushroom is an antioxidant that enhances cognition and overall mood. 

Dosing Suggestions

The company mentions these dosing suggestions on the chocolate bar to help users to understand its dosage.

Micro 1,2 squares- Energetic, Mind Boosting, Creative, Uplifted Mood.

Mild 3,5 squares- Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted Mood.

Moderate 6,9 squares- Alter Mood, Euphoric, Grab A Seat.

Mega 9 + squares- Visit your friend on mars.

If we talk about its price, you would be surprised to know that it costs around $229 for a pack of 10. As the exact ingredient amount is not included in the product specification, some users need help justifying its price range.

Does Shruumz Chocolate Have Hallucinogenic Effects?

As Shruumz claims to have mind-altering effects, users wonder whether this chocolate bar causes such effects. But if we look at the ingredients list, no active psychedelic compounds are present in this chocolate bar. The sole active ingredients are Lion’s Mane mushroom, Reishi mushroom, and Chaga mushroom.

With the lack of proper dosage information, it isn’t easy to figure out which ingredient can have a psychoactive effect. Some sources indicate that these mushrooms can improve cognition, reduce anxiety, increase coordination, enhance enthusiasm and mindfulness, and have mind-relaxing effects.

What Is Microdosing, And How Does It Work?

Microdosing is a common practice of taking low doses to induce a psychedelic effect. That means taking 5-10% of any compound that can cause mind-relaxing effects. Any substance that has the potential to cause such effects does that by activating the serotonin 5-HT 2A receptors. Serotonin is a hormone known as a happy hormone with its effect of causing happiness and enhancing mood.

Is Microdosing Considered As Substance Abuse?

There are no desired criteria for whether microdosing any psychedelic compound is considered substance abuse. Substance abuse uses prescription or illegal drugs more excessively than the legal dosage. According to the DSM-5 definition of substance misuse, microdosing is not included in that category. That accounts for microdosing, not substance abuse, as it involves taking any compound in excessive amounts rather than in small doses. Still, authorities have rendered most psychedelic drugs illegal in most countries.

Pros Of Shruumz Chocolate Bar

On the official website of Shruumz chocolate bar, they describe the benefits of taking this mushroom chocolate. Let’s take a look at some significant pros;

● This chocolate produces the effect of soothing sensation and calmness.

● On the contrary, it is composed of all the natural ingredients.

● It is pleasant in taste and delicate.

● It has a positive effect when taken with other activities like doing exercise, walking in your favorite garden, or writing a poem.

● To enhance attentive cognition, vision, and mind-boosting effects, Shruumz chocolate is taken by users.

Cons Of Shruumz Chocolate Bar

Many cons of the Shruumz chocolate bar that has been making rounds on the internet for a while. Let’s take a look at them;

● This chocolate bar contains extracts of CBD, THC, CBG, and CBN; the only concern is that there is a difference between the details mentioned on the official website and the lab test reports.

● Some of its ingredients (sugar, fructose) can lead to chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and impaired cardiovascular system.

● There has been disagreement among Reddit users about whether Shruumz chocolate causes psychotic effects via microdosing.

● Shruumz chocolate has higher prices than other standard chocolates that many users don’t like to buy.

Reddit User Reviews On Shruumz Chocolate Bar

No one can tell better about Shruumz Chocolate’s effects than the users who use it for its claimed effects. Here are some Reddit user reviews about Shruumz Chocolate;

“I am here for my experience of this chocolate bar that I bought last night and felt nothing even after taking two pieces.  I then waited an hour and a half and ate three pieces again. After 2 hours, my body started getting strange sensations with so much anxiety. It was not a pleasant experience at all. I felt something, but it was not like a calm Shruumz chocolate psychedelic affected how the company was advertising it. I would not suggest anyone repurchase it.

Another user shares his experience on Reddit about dosing on magic mushrooms;

“This Shruumz chocolate bar gives me a strange feeling, but I am confused about how it works.” They do not list the exact dosage of any ingredient in product specifications. How much of the dose I took induced mind-relaxing effects? That isn’t easy to know. Eating five chocolate bars gave me a strange feeling, but I would not try to eat it again as I don’t know what I am eating.”

There are many user reviews on Reddit about Shruumz chocolate bars and their effects. Some find it mind-relaxing, and some describe it as a hoax. Everyone has their own specific experience, and novice users can get more insight into Shruumz chocolate bar effects by going through Reddit user reviews.

Final Words

Shruumz chocolate bar claims to have “primo CBD extract” and magic mushrooms like Lions Mane, Reishi, and Chaga that can induce mind-relaxing effects. With the tagline of a new microdosing product in town, people get curious whether it has that entitled effect. No exact ingredient amount is mentioned in the product specifications, creating ambiguity. The company should include the said detail that the Shruumz chocolate bar causes psychedelic and mind-relaxing effects.

This article overviewed Shruumz chocolate, its ingredients, dosing suggestions, microdosing, and Reddit user reviews. If you want to try this anticipated chocolate bar and need clarification, this quick guide will help you understand.



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