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While it has started picking up steam lately for its numerous medicinal properties, a good portion of the human population remains unfamiliar with Kratom. That being said, one of our main goals with this review is to educate you about this tropical evergreen tree!

Belonging to the “coffee family”, roots of Kratom exist in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Once it grows properly, its leaves are collected.

Leaves of the Kratom plant, while they are fresh, can be chewed. Or, they can be preserved for exporting or crushing into powder.

Coming to the interesting part now, leaves of the Kratom plant are slowly and steadily coming into the light for the plethora of ways in which they benefit the human mind.

Apart from it acting as a strong antioxidant, Kratom is being used for alleviating pain, enhancing energy, boosting sexual performance, etc.

But as we mentioned that the importance of Kratom as a medicinal drug is still unknown to many. So, where can you get it? We have an idea!

Save On Kratom: A Reliable Source of Premium Quality Kratom!

Looking to buy something that the entire world hasn’t accepted fully can be a tough task. Even if you find a vendor, several questions will pop up in your mind regarding the Kratom’s quality, cost, purity, authenticity, etc.

You will also need assistance with choosing the product that will complement your health in the best way possible.

Enter Save On Kratom, your ultimate destination for all-things Kratom. It is an online store that not only sells but also specializes in Kratom and associated products.

Moreover, it claims to have taken into consideration all the factors that play a crucial role when a person is looking to buy Kratom. In short, Save on Kratom strives to be as user-friendly and reliable as it can get to ensure remarkable user experience.

Launched by the people fascinated with the marvelous uses of Kratom, the store in question has clearly specified that its main priority is to provide people with top-of-the-line Kratom at highly convenient rates.

Moreover, Save On Kratom plans on staying true to its roots since its product inventory is loaded with all-natural products and solutions.

What’s interesting is that the store’s website has a number of pages dedicated to explaining Kratom, its strains, associated products, factors to consider while buying, etc.

That is one way to confirm that the people running Save On Kratom possess immense knowledge of the plant in question. Moreover, the commendable part is that they want to share this information with those who are eager to learn about the said leaves.

Visitors and Buyers can also subscribe to Save On Kratom’s Newsletter to find out about new deals, products, blogs, etc.

Save On Kratom – Product Highlights

One Store, Many Options

This is probably our favorite part of the whole store! Save On Kratom boasts a massive inventory.

Not only can one find different-colored strains, but the store also classified the available strains into different quality classes. So, the three quality classes are Standard, Select/Premium, and Ultra Fine.

In order to make it easier for the customers to come across the exact product they are in need of, the main product page has a filter bar for sorting the products based on 4 aspects (popularity, recency, price from lowest to highest, and from highest to lowest).

And then, there are Categories. Each category hosts numerous products and has properties of its own. Let’s list down these categories, shall we?

1) Green Veins (Powder)

Green Vein 1
  • Used for inducing a good mood along with aiding in enhancing energy.
  • Houses Maeng Da Premium UF and Maeng Da Premium Coarse.
  • Additional Green products include Premium Bali, Thai Select, Indo Select, Borneo, Malay, etc.

2) Red Veins (Powder)

Red Vein 1
  • Like the green veins, red ones also have calming properties.
  • It contains Wildcraft and Horned Leaf, products that are only available in Red on Save On Kratom for now.
  • Additional Red products include Maeng Da, Borneo, Malay, Sumatra, etc.

3) White Veins (Powder)

White Vein 1
  • Used for boosting energy and improving focus.
  • Premium products such as Premium Bali are available in white!
  • Additional White products include Maeng Da, Borneo, Sumatra, etc.

4) Other Categories

Kraotm Leaves 1
  • Kratom Leaves are perfect to be taken with a cup of tea. For this category, Save On Kratom has three of its incredible strains (Bali, Maeng Da, and Wildcraft).
  • Kratom Extract is a must-have if powder and leaves don’t look compelling enough. UEI and Golden Reserve are the strains offered for this category.

Salient Features

Products aside, there are numerous other features that make Save On Kratom one of the best online vendors to buy Kratom from. For your convenience, let’s break down some of these features:

Trusted Vendor: With an experience of over 5 years in the Kratom industry, Save On Kratom has amassed widespread recognition in the pot industry.

Top-of-the-Line Quality: Whether you are interested in purchasing a “Standard” or an “Ultra-Fine” Strain, you can be assured that every product is of exceptional quality and got a green light only after passing through an extensive testing process.

Competitive Prices: With the growing competition on the horizon, Save On Kratom strives to remain ahead of the curve by offering its products at highly convenient prices. Premium Quality Strains at Affordable Rates: The Best of Both Worlds!

Exceptional Complimentary Services: If the purchased products are worth more than $25, the First Class Shipping will be Completely FREE on such orders. Moreover, FREE Priority Shipping is applicable on orders worth over $100. And the icing on the top is a FREE Kratom Powder Sample that comes with every order.

Social Media Presence: Despite having a Twitter account, it seems like Save On Kratom isn’t a big fan of relying on Social Media for promotional purposes… at least for now!

Swift Customer Support: Save On Kratom tends to remain active round the clock to effectively assist its customers with any and all queries and concerns.

Unique Shopping Experience: Save On Kratom’s website is pretty simple to understand and use. All one has to do is register on the platform, select and add products in the cart, and shop away! After an order is confirmed, the concerned customer will be notified about their order’s status until it is in their possession.

Shipping, Payment & Return-Back Guarantee

Save On Kratom has three different Shipping modes:

First Class: It is undoubtedly the slowest option out of the three. However, its services are free for orders over $25 and cost $3 otherwise. It might take a number of weeks for an order to reach its destination if this mode is chosen.

Priority: Free for orders over $100 (and $6.49 otherwise), it is a quick shipping mode known for its guaranteed 2-day delivery, provided that the order doesn’t get placed on Friday (last business day of the week) or over the weekend.

Express: A guaranteed delivery method that can be chosen for all orders worth over $21.99.

As for Payment, customers can clear it through any of the following three options:

  • E-check
  • Money Order
  • Cash

Lastly, as per Save On Kratom’s Return Policy, only those products can be exchanged or returned (for a refund) that are unopened and undamaged.

Moreover, the shipping cost is non-refundable. Also, a refund fee of $4.50 will be cut from the returned amount. Check out Save On Kratom’s Return Policy for additional details.


Overall, we found Save On Kratom to be a reliable source of premium quality Kratom. From having a large and diverse inventory containing different strains and categories of Kratom to hosting content that educates the visitors and customers about the plant’s history and importance, everything reflects how the people running the store are highly experienced and well-informed.

If you are looking to learn about Kratom and possibly start using it, we highly recommend Save On Kratom. It has everything that you need, along with a fun interface for smooth surfing and shopping experiences.

Quality, Affordability, Variety… Save On Kratom has everything in check!



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