If you are a regular wanderer in the world of kratom, you must be used to weird combinations coming up every second day. From kratom and coffee to a kratom cake, people have crossed all boundaries. But amidst all these senseless combos, some combinations actually work.

Yes, you got the reference right. Mixing kratom with cannabis is a pretty popular concept. As both the compounds are psychomotor stimulants, people hypothesize that using them together would amplify the effects.

But the question of the hour is, is it safe to mix kratom & weed? Dive into the following account and see for yourself whether the kratom-weed combo is a winner or not.

Is it Entirely Safe to Mix Kratom & Weed?

We, humans, are inquisitive beings. Therefore, we like to try out new aggregates in search of that one perfect combo that will blow our socks off. Similarly, people blend cannabis and kratom in search of unconventional impacts. However, the common intention behind all of them is to augment the results.

But we cannot just casually mix the two and start using them. As both the drugs are pretty potent, we must act wisely. So, is the combination safe or not?

In short, it is perfectly safe to use if you are using it within a limit. But the thing is, there are no clear-cut guidelines. Therefore, people tend to use unrealistic doses, and as a result, they face the music.

On the contrary, if we mix the two in the right proportions, we can get some spectacular results. Being kratom or cannabis enthusiasts, you must be aware of the benefits both these compounds have individually.

Moreover, even if you are a complete fresher to the world of these herbs, do not worry. Continue reading, and you will find both the medicinal and recreational benefits of kratom and cannabis. So without further ado, let’s begin.

What Will Be The Effects of Mixing The Two?

As you all know, both compounds are mildly psychoactive. You must be familiar with the primary outcomes. Nonetheless, kratom and weed are two of the most prevalent herbs that are currently popular worldwide. From medicinal uses to recreational uses, there are hundreds of potential applications of both drugs.

However, we are interested in the effects that the combination generates. People suggest that if we blend kratom with weed, both the drugs will compete, and we will lose the potency. Fortunately, this is not entirely accurate.

Although both these drugs have a somewhat similar outcome, they both operate with separate systems in the human body. Therefore, we can negate the aforementioned opinion.

Cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system in our central nervous system. Alternatively, kratom ties bonds with the opioid system in the human body.

Furthermore, if we marry the two together, there will be a boost in their potencies. Theoretically, they will synergize and give us better results, long-lasting results. Users who have mixed these two and used them state that they have experienced more profound impacts.

Moreover, here are some proven benefits of kratom and weed. Although the original list was too long, we have tried to make ours as concise as possible. Therefore, below you will find the perks shared by kratom and weed, the ones that are most likely to be amplified.

Potential Benefits

There are three particular active compounds in the kratom-weed blend. They are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine(from kratom), and THC(from weed). Although these compounds are poles apart, they still have some common effects.

Increasing Productivity

Firstly, both these compounds are known to increase productivity. As we have discussed earlier that these compounds are psychomotor stimulants, they make us more active. People who have to do long strenuous tasks can take a dose to improve their working power.

Moreover, according to research, kratom has potent effects in making us more alert and proactive. Furthermore, according to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), we can use the compounds to develop better cognitive skills that help us excel at physical tasks.

On top of that, after ten minutes of consumption, we can experience a dramatic rise in our sociability, our giddiness, and our alertness. Therefore, if we use a combo of kratom and cannabis, we will feel a long-lasting increase in productivity.

Treating Pain

Almost every second person who uses either kratom or weed uses it as a painkiller. In fact, several studies prove the medicinal effect of marijuana on treating pain. Be it localized pain or one spread over a wide area, cannabis can help you manage it.

Furthermore, experts researched kratom to find out if it also had some painkilling properties. The National Institute on Drug Abuse marked kratom as a potential painkiller for reducing minor pains(that are not caused by any severe conditions).

Hence, the cannabis-kratom blend would be even more potent in helping us manage pain.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Scientists researched in 2017, intending to discover the therapeutic potential of kratom. To their delight, kratom possessed anti-inflammatory, immunity-enhancing, and appetite-suppressing effects.

Moreover, the cannabinoids in weed are also potent anti-inflammatory agents. According to research, almost half of the cannabinoids obtained from the Cannabis Sativa extract reduced inflammation in the subjects.

Therefore, if we administer a blend of cannabis and kratom; we will surely experience better and more enhanced anti-inflammatory properties.

Improving Sleep

Kratom, the tropical plant, is known for improving sleep. The alkaloids in the plant bind with specific receptors of the body and promote a feeling of calm. Moreover, 5% of the population suffers from recurrent insomnia, and 30% suffer from sporadic insomnia. Therefore, we could use these drugs to support our sleeping routines.

Cannabis Sativa is also quite prevalent due to its use as a sleep promoter. The THC and other cannabinoids are incredibly proactive in binding to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. When the binding occurs, the system releases hormones that help us sleep better.

Prefatory research into cannabis and insomnia proposes that cannabis has therapeutic potential for treating insomnia. Besides, if we use both the herbs together, it will have a massive positive impact on our sleep-wake cycle.

However, there are two sides to all coins. Similarly, with the therapeutic benefits of the combo, there are some side effects too. Just to be clear, the undermentioned side effects occur once in a blue moon. Therefore, you must not worry about them unless you have a medical condition.

Rare Drawbacks

Although people tolerate both drugs very well, there are still some who don’t. Therefore, it is essential to discuss the adverse effects. Moreover, we must understand one point at the very beginning. If you have a medical condition like liver disease or gastritis, you cannot ingest these drugs.

The sole reason behind the suggestion is that the drugs’ active compounds can worsen the situation further. Therefore, we must take care and stay away from extra medicines if we are on some medication.

Nonetheless, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a report on the topic. It suggested that most of the side effects associated with kratom and weed are minor. Here are some of the most recurring side effects:

Hence, we advise you to use the combo only if you are medically fit. As the combo is more potent than the individual drugs, we must administer it with more caution. Other than that, it is safe to mix kratom and weed if we regulate a few variables.

But what variables do I need to regulate? Although there are many factors, two of them are the most vital; dosage and strain type. Continue reading to get a better idea of the two.

Combining Kratom and Weed

You have familiarized yourself with the combination’s pros and cons. Hence, now it is time to talk about actually consolidating the two together. There are two significant pointers you need to focus on when formulating the kratom-weed combo.

Firstly, you need to figure out the dosage. And secondly, you need to come up with an efficient method of taking the drugs in harmony. So, let’s begin in order.


The most crucial part of administering any drug is regulating its quantity. It can make a world of difference. Moreover, both medicines have contrasting effects on different amounts.

Therefore, we have mentioned the two distinct impacts for which people use the two drugs.

For A More Profound Effect

If you are a regular consumer, then you would require a more potent dose. Although the amount depends upon the method of administration, we can still make a fair estimate.

When mixing weed and kratom, use the two in equal proportions. For a strong effect, use three grams of kratom powder mixed with three grams of the herb.

Moreover, you can also increase this dose up to five grams each if you are used to consuming the two daily.

For A Subtle Effect

If you are fond of the mild insinuated effect of kratom and weed, then your optimum dose would be different. To get a tempered impact, mix anywhere less than two grams of both herbs. If you went over the two-gram mark, you would lose the mild effect. Instead, you will get a decisive result.

Therefore, to get a mild effect for a more extended period, try taking multiple doses. Space each small dose with a two-three-hour gap. In this way, you will get a mild effect for a longer span. What’s more, we can help you in finding dispensaries in the US.

Besides, it also vital that we don’t exceed the dose suddenly. Like, if you are a newbie, start from rock bottom. Try a dose of as little as one gram each, and move your way up. Starting from the bare minimum would allow you to get a fair idea of your body’s tolerance. Moreover, it would also point out some side effects which could be more severe if you started from a more potent dose.

How To Mix Kratom & Weed?

There are numerous ways to administer weed and kratom individually. But when it comes to mixing the two, our options are limited. There are three basic ways of taking the two drugs simultaneously. They are:

  • Both kratom and weed come in teabag varients. Therefore, we can measure the amount individually and add that to a common kettle. Moreover, you could also brew the two separately and then mix the beverages. But like, why do the extra work when we can get the job done effectively with the first method.
  • The most straightforward way to take the kratom-cannabis blend is by rolling a joint with a mixture of both powders. In this method, the bioavailability of both drugs is also the maximum.
  • We are familiar with the capsule and gummies that are in the market. Hence, we can also take two pills, one with kratom and one with cannabis.

Furthermore, does the variant of cannabis and the kratom strain have a say in all this? Yes, they do. The type of strain determines the dose, the effect, and pretty much everything.

Are There Any Kratom Strains That Go Well With Cannabis?

Although there has been no official research on this combination, people have tried it independently. And to our amazement, people have had success. Therefore, based on people’s opinions and personal experiences, two kratom strains go well with cannabis.

Final Words

Every day there is news in the world of kratom. Part of it is entirely absurd, while part of it is surprisingly practical. And when it comes to mixing kratom with cannabis, we can say that it is a working solution. Although there is debate regarding its safety, a massive proportion of kratom enthusiasts favor the mixture.

Therefore, if you are fresher, you try both of them individually. Gradually, you can move your way up the ladder. And soon, the day will come when your body is ready for having the two together. As for regular users, give the combo a try and see if everything adds up.



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