Rinca Kratom is an Indonesian vendor established in 2014 in Pontianak. It is an outstanding solution for those looking for premium-quality kratom powder for personal use or reselling it to others.

This brand serves you with many strains keeping the prices quite affordable for all. Rinca Kratom always collects the Mitragyna leaves during peak seasons to get the maximum concentrations of alkaloids.

This seller considers the customers’ satisfaction as its reputation and always takes pride in serving you with the best strains that are not easily accessible these days. This feature has helped this brand a lot to get a loyal family of buyers from across the globe.

What Does Its Product Line Have?

The complete inventory section of Rinca Kratom is divided into different categories to develop a better understanding for you. The major categories include different strains like Batak, Bali, Red, Green, White, Maeng Da, Premium Dark, Super, Signature, and Yellow. Every strain comes with multiple products, as discussed below.

Bali is available in Gold, Green, Red, and White colors. When it comes to Premium Dark, it has two different products e.g., Brown and Black Maeng Da. Similarly, the Signature Strain section also has two varieties, including Red Rinca and Green Rinca. Furthermore, you can buy Yellow Strain in two different forms, i.e., Borneo and Maeng Da.

Does This Seller Provide Me With Lab-Tested Kratom?

Product authentication is one of the most critical factors you must consider when buying Speciosa. It gives you a sense of security that you are taking safe items.

Thanks to Rinca Kratom, which verifies the freshness and purity of the whole stock. In addition, independent lab tests are performed to ensure how safe the products are to consume.

If you are sensitive about the nature of products displayed at this store, this seller displays lab test reports on its official website for your satisfaction. You can check the reports before you buy anything from this merchant.

How Much Do They Charge?

When it comes to online shopping, most buyers become price sensitive. Therefore, price plays a key role for the customers when they plan to buy anything online.

As far as the prices at Rinca Kratom are concerned, they are pretty affordable. This seller has maintained the same standard for every strain available out there. You can buy a 1-kilo packet of all the products for only $35.

Buy Kratom In Bulk From Rinca Kratom

Buying in bulk means getting stock in kilos, and this is only suitable for those who are already selling Mitragyna or want to get associated with this business. Rinca Kratom has become successful in gaining the trust of over 100 Mitragyna merchants worldwide.

Want to benefit from bulk purchases? The good news for you is you can save up to 70% on every bulk purchase. You can buy your kratom powder in three different packaging sizes, e.g., 5-kilo pack, 10-kilo pack, and 20-kilo pack.

Is It Possible For Me To Track My Order?

Most of the time, customers get curious about getting continuous updates on their orders once they get shipped. Again, thanks to Rinca Kratom that has provided you with a quick order tracking facility. You can track your order just by proving your order ID and email address.

How Does Rinca Kratom Ship Products?

Instead of relying on a single shipment method, this vendor uses two different services from different service providers – UPS and DHL. All you need to do is to place your order and clear the payment. Once you are done, the concerned staff will start working on dispatching your parcels immediately.

You can choose either DHL or UPS according to your comfort. If you have got something specific to ask from the seller you can drop an email at marketing@RincaKratom.com or RincaKratom@gmail.com. In addition, you can also get in touch with the vendor by calling them at 089618626196. 

How Can I Pay Them?

The payment method becomes a matter of concern for many online buyers. Most of them prefer using banking lines to clear their payments. However, many don’t feel comfortable paying through this channel. So, a seller should offer multiple options for the buyers to pay for what they buy.

Keeping in mind the factor mentioned above, the Rinca Kratom offers multiple payment options to facilitate you better. From visa cards to master cards and PayPal to banks, you have a variety of payment platforms to choose from.

Is This Seller Active On Digital Platforms?

As you know, the online community is increasing day by day. This trend is especially getting popular after the COVID-19 pandemic’s waves. Therefore, to stay digitally active has become almost necessary for every business these days.

Rinca Kratom has made its presence on Facebook and Instagram. It has 173 followers on Facebook, whereas only 21 people are connected with the vendor on Instagram. 

Superb Customer Support Services

The best part of Rinca Kratom is that it always listens to its customers carefully and works on improving service standards. The buyers feel quite happy because they are given value that most vendors don’t do.

If you explore the buyers’ feedback, you will find many of them quite satisfied, which gives this online store a solid boost. Check reviews before you purchase any strain. Good Luck!

This is the owner of Rinca Kratom with Jeremy Steding owner of 1836 Kratom.

What Is So Special About Rinca Kratom?

The certain parameters that play their part in making this brand stand out in the kratom market are:

  • Authentic and all-natural items
  • Over 20 strains are available
  • Exclusive discounts when signing up for the newsletters
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Premium packaging to protect your goods
  • Multiple methods to pay for your products
  • Your privacy is highly protected
  • Excellent assistance for customers

Final Thoughts

Looking for a variety of kratom strains under one roof? Rinca Kratom does not only provide you with this facility but also sells organic stuff at decent prices.



  1. I trusted Rinca Kratom based exclusively on this post. So I sadly feel the need to share my experience, and the author of this post should update the shipping info on this post accordingly to prevent problems, like mine.

    Because I automatically trusted them, and I must say the guy I talked with is a very nice guy and very helpful, I just ordered via email communication with him, followed instructions and sent bank transfer (didnt read/accept policies or was informed of antything regarding shipping/risks from them).

    My conclusion:

    DO NOT order from Europe. I made an order to Europe, I was not informed of which transport company would be used nor was I informed that it is not possible to guarantee a shipment to Europe. Customs stop their shipment in the UK,and I am left with no order, no money and no solution.


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