Anxiety and stress have reached the higher level these days and millions of people are the victims of it. Each day millions of antidepressants are being sold in every region.

These antidepressants are chemically called benzodiazepines which are designed to reduce the body stress. This article acts based on a herb which has the potential to alter the moods and stress conditions by elevating energy levels; it’s none other than Rhodiola Rosea.

The downside of antidepressants

The antidepressant medicines raise the levels of neurotransmitters called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) or increase their sensitivity so that they can calm the body stress and anxiety.

All the modern day antidepressants follow this mechanism. The effects of benzodiazepines are harmful to the body. They make people feel drowsy, uncomfortable, weak, confused or unsteady.

Even the worst side effect can be panic attack or depression. For this reason, antidepressants are never advised to be used for long-term usage. But if a person is facing serious problems in his life and he must take some anti-depressant what is his choice other than to contribute using these harmful antidepressants.

For this reason, the researches on alternative medicine have become popular and experimental within last decade.

Herbal alternative to antidepressants

The antidepressant has a natural cure too. Fortunately, the research on herbs has become common, and people have realized the potential of the plants.

Safe and legal alternatives of depression are many, and among all of them, Kratom is the most useful and powerful herb.

There are several other region based herbs which are a powerful alternative to Kratom since it may not be available everywhere. One of such alternatives is Rhodiola Rosea.

Rhodiola Rosea – the origin

Rhodiola Rosea is a famous medicinal herb from the high altitudes. It is a native of Europe, Russia and some parts of North America. For its medicinal properties, it has been a common choice for treatments in traditional Chinese and Scandinavian medicine.

Its extract is a very potential agent for the adaptogenic property. It helps to reduce stress, fatigue, chronic pains, physical and psychological effects of anxiety. It is evident from the history that Vikings used Rhodiola Rosea to preserve their physical strength and support.

Efficacy Of Rhodiola Rosea

The root and leaves of this plant are said to be the most potent. Root is more frequently used for treating medical conditions. The plant lives enriched with many beneficial chemicals such as tyrosol, rosin, rosarian, Rosavin, and salidroside.

Among all these, tyrosol is the most important one since it is associated with the magical effects of the plant as the whole.

The Rosavins is a name given to rosin, rosarian, and rosavin which are glycosides, collectively helping to reinforce the effect of Rhodiola.

What are the benefits of Rhodiola Rosea?

Rhodiola Rosea provides numerous benefits which are necessary and beneficial for health. Some of the main advantages are enlisted below.

A natural energy booster

Rhodiola Rosea is a natural energy booster which means that it is highly active adaptogenic compound. It enhances the healthy energy level and stamina.

The increases energy levels are often linked to the reduced stress levels which eventually initiate the endurance and strength. Rhodiola not only works for the physical relaxation but the mental relaxation as well.

A study by Department of Botany, Norwegian University of Science and Technology studied the chemical composition of Rhodiola and found all the beneficial chemicals and volatiles to be highly abundant in it.

Behavior and mood

The human behaviour is often defined by the mental condition and body activities. In the form of natural supplement for boosting energy, Rhodiola also promotes the self-contentment by inducing the hormone serotonin.

This phenomenon not only elevates strength but also makes the worst mood swings under control and save you from social embarrassments.

A study by Department of Neurology, Armenian State Medical University elaborates Rhodiola Rosea L. extract to be highly confident to treat mild to moderate depression.

Enhancing mental capabilities

Research by Department of Neurology, Armenian State Medical University ensured that Rhodiola Rosea in stress produces improved results of mental alertness in doctors during night duties. According to this study, even the low dose worked very well. So in this study, it can be used for enhancing cognitive functions too.

Another study published in Phytomedicine examined the effects of Rhodiola in two doses, one average dose and second as 50% higher in the target group of mentally stressed people alongside placebo and control group. The results showed most top results for both the doses.

Improving health and immunity

The chemical components of the plant, tyrosol, salidroside and the group of Rosavins all work for improving the body systems even from a cellular level. They support the working of bones, RBCs, WBCs, neurones and liver. Overall, continuous use may boost immunity and improve the health status of a person.

What is the recommended dosage?

The average recommended dosage is 200mg twice a day which makes 400mg per day. A health physician may prescribe a higher dosage of up to 600mg for treatment, but it is not advised to be used for self-medication to induce immunity.

Legal status and safety

Rhodiola Rosea is a safe and juridical herb to be used. It provides countless health benefits and no side effects. It is 100% legal to be sold and is readily available to be purchased.

The recommended dosage is advised to follow, and overdose is strictly prohibited. The dosage is clinically tested and verified by Complementary Medicine, PCMD, the University of Exeter to be safe and efficient.