You are a regular Kratom user and you see some visible acne, what will you do? And how will you react? Can Kratom products cause acne?

We have seen that some people may experience minor issues of kratom, but others say that they did not face any such thing.

Although kratom side effects might have zero to minor impact on the users — they may have different results depending on their skin condition.

We believe that the harmful results of kratom are usually attributed to frequent use and high dosages of kratom. This includes drowsiness, dehydration, constipation, migraines, and vertigo.

You may avoid these adverse consequences by being cautious with your doses rather than taking daily and changing the strains often.

Several benefits made people use Kratom products. But unfortunately, Kratom can also have some properties that may harm you. So, can you count acne in one of those side effects? Although, the lack of in-depth studies make things unclear but there are certain cases that you should know.

Kratom Causes Acne: Is It True?

Several studies and customer behaviors showed that kratom is favorable for your skin when used topically instead of oral consumption. Not surprisingly, it can benefit your skin in different ways as it can have long-lasting results. It can help to treat countless skin conditions, for example, acne, inflammation, as well as flaky and dry skin.

From people’s experience, one can easily state that individuals were lucky enough to see the positive consequences of using Kratom-based products. You may have seen facial lotions containing fruit enzymes which can heal your skin. In addition, these are usually the Kratom products that have healing properties and they are the perfect fit for your skin-related issues.

Regrettably, no scientific studies or in-depth details show the exact association between acne breakouts and Kratom. Most of the studies focus on the anxiolytic and analgesic effects.

However, if someone looks at anecdotal studies, they will discover that it is not unusual to have evidence of acne breakouts and Kratom. Though, some individuals reported the acne outbreaks immediately after using Kratom products.

At times, this can be the cystic acne but we believe that several reasons may cause it. There is so much uncertainty when we discuss this topic as some others believe that these outbursts may be caused by factors like the process of taking certain drugs or reducing the doses of some medications.

How would you know if kratom causes acne?

Before using the products, evaluate and analyze the overall condition of your skin. Ensure that your skin is crystal clear, and you never have any breakout when you start using it.

 In the case of breakouts, don’t take until the pimples disappear.

After then, you must wait to ensure that the acne should not reappear.

When it recurs, you can be certain that kratom causes acne in your case. 

Nevertheless, if kratom has some association with acne, then you should think whether acne is a “tolerable” side effect.

Can the benefit of Kratom overshadow your acne?

You must search for skin products that can help you to improve your acne or you may even consider visiting your dermatologist for a thorough check-up.

Reliability, integrity and transparency are some factors that you must judge in any Kratom-based skin product. In addition, high-quality Kratom products always have guaranteed ingredients that can improve your skin.

Having a sample pack is another feature of Kratom-based soaps that you cannot ignore. In this way, you can examine your skin. The unlimited skin benefits and an exceptional quality of strains, these two appear to be the perfect combination for healthy skin.

Can You Consider Using Kratom for Skin?

Do you know that your skin has the largest porous structure? This refers to the fact that your skin can absorb everything that you apply and it can directly impact your well-being. Also, Kratom soap is undoubtedly the most common product for external use. These soaps do not have any nasty chemicals and they can look after your skin condition because of their healing effects.

Some people say they feel fresh after using Kratom skin products. In contrast, store-purchased soaps may have precarious chemicals that may turn people into natural soaps. Thus, Kratom skin products can be the perfect substitute. Besides, Kratom’s moisturizing, exfoliating and antibacterial factors are ideal for individuals that are suffering from various infections.

On the other hand, you can experience the antioxidant properties in Kratom bath bombs. Therefore, they can help an individual to cope with multiple skin infections. Most importantly, the use of citric acid and baking soda are some of the major ingredients that make the Kratom products exceptional for your skin.

The baking soda comes up with some distinctive antibacterial characteristics. It removes dead skin cells and helps to treat the common problems of your skin problems. The next is the use of citric acid that consists of the anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

If you plan to use the bath bomb or willing to go for Kratom soap, then worry no more because these can handle your skin-related problems.

Final Verdict

Every person has a different skin type. You have to opt for an in-depth assessment of your skin type before using any Kratom product. Without any doubt, Kratom has a long tradition and application as an herbal medicine in South Asian regions. Nonetheless, scientific studies on the correlation of acne breakouts and Kratom are limited. However, when consumed as a skin treatment, Kratom may have valuable properties for the inflammation, dry skin and acne.



  1. I get cystic acne on my back and backside when using Kratom at over 4 grams a day which is below the average I’d say. Doesn’t matter the brand as I have purchased from the top rated sites in terms of freshness and quality. I stop taking it and within a week or less, those red spots all over me disappear. I start again and guess what? I break out again. I hate when people argue how it doesn’t cause acne because “I’ve been taking high doses for years and I never have a breakout so people are getting their acne from something else!”. I really dislike ignorant people. Your body’s reaction may be totally different than someone else despite taking the exact same thing at the same exact dose. So yes, you may get bad cystic acne from Kratom even if you have clear skin when you start taking it.


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