Red Riau Kratom is one of the latest additions to the Kratom family. It’s a new strain from evergreen Mitragyna speciosa, a deciduous tree belonging to the coffee family that shows effects similar to that of Methylxanthines.

It can be found in the Riau province of Indonesia and has a significant role in the medicinal history of countries like Thailand and Malaysia.

From the Southeastern coast of the island of Sumatra, this strain has been able to make a havoc in the users of Kratom.

Red Riau of Kratom was previously sold under the name of “Sumatra Kratom” but has now acquired a new name.

The market of Red Riau has grown ten folds as a significant number of people are showing interest in this rare strain.

This Kratom is rich of numerous advantages and promises to calm and healing effects.

Use of Red strain of Kratom not only brings the mind of a user in the sense of tranquility but also enables him to embrace life with peace.

Origin of red vein strain

As per one of the largest suppliers of Red Riau of Kratom, the red strain grows in primary as well as the secondary rain forests located in the region of Riau.

Leaves collected from these wild trees are dried and converted into powder after passing them through special techniques that involve harvesting, drying, and advanced processing.

The weather conditions of Riau is perfect for the growth of Mitragyna speciosa trees that share a lot of common attributes with Borneo and Sumatra regions located in Indonesia.

Red Riau of Kratom has a lot of features which are similar to other strains grown in Indonesia.

However certain qualities of Red Riau of Kratom, for example, its sole fineness, makes it distinguishable in the eyes of the expert users.

Additionally, the red strain of Kratom has a fresh sweet smell, compelling an individual to use it.

Effects of Red Riau Kratom

The effects of Red Vein Riau resemble other red veined strains of Kratom.

These leaves are extensively used to as a relaxant due to their soothing effects on the body.

The same effect can be applied to use it as anxiolytic to calm down the nerves. Also, it can help as an analgesic in the management of pain.

Red Riau is, however, thought to be a lot less concentrated as compared to its closest competitors Kratom such as Red Thai or Red Bali strains.

Nevertheless, Red Riau offers a cure to relax the muscles, elevate the mood and to treat the anxiety by calming the nerves in a natural way by releasing many internal chemical messengers like glutamate.

This Kratom strain is quite common in its characteristics with Red Sumatra and is said to have a stimulating effect on the brain.

Red Riau Kratom is said to be a mellow strain which has positive effects on both the mind and body.

The strain has a pleasant taste having a very less bitter taste which makes it suitable for consuming the raw form by adding in herbal teas.

Active ingredients of Kratom

Mitragyna Speciosa has been found to consist of a vast number of alkaloids that account for its substantial benefits.

The main ingredients of this species are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG).

A general estimation believes that over 40 other compounds are present in M. speciosa with 25 alkaloids including mitragynine pseudo indoxyl, mitraphylline, Rhynchophylline, 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine, Isopteropodine, and much more.

These alkaloids are very powerful, and our body has very less immunity against them, which allows them to show their effects for a longer duration.

How to consume Red Riau Kratom?

There are two methods of using a Red strain of Kratom for enhanced results.

The first method is to use this Kratom species in making a herbal tea.

For this purpose, the powdered form of Red leaves of Kratom in the desired amount is mixed in boiling water.

Adding a few drops of lemon into the tea will give a boost to the effects of Red Riau Kratom, and then drinking it as soon as possible.

The second method of using Red Riau Kratom is by ‘toss and wash’ method.

In this way, the required amount of Red Kratom is accurately measured and is consumed either with plain water or grapefruit juice for best results.

Alcohol, due it awkward interactions, I strongly prohibited with Kratom.

When to take Red Riau Kratom?

It is advised to take the Red strain of Kratom on an empty stomach as this will avoid any possible interaction of Red Riau with food and will provide quicker results.

Consuming Red Riau 4 hours after a heavy meal is best to observe maximum effects.

The effects of Red strain of Kratom are also said to enhance if the user stays in a dark room and engage in serene activities like listening to slow music.

What is the right dosage of Riau Kratom?

The precise dosage of Red Riau of Kratom vary from person to person and is dependent on some factors.

The primary factor in determining the suitable dose for an individual is his level of sensitivity towards herbal medication.

1 to 3 grams of Red strain of Kratom is enough to produce a moderate effect.

For obtaining a strong effect, 5 to 7 grams of Red Riau is considered to be sufficient.

Is it a safe strain to use?

Very few cases highlight the side effects of Red Riau Kratom. The majority of these cases involve the use of Red Riau in an excess.

In people who use a large amount of Red strain of Kratom on a daily basis, a rapid loss of body weight is also common.

The most commonly observed side effect of Red Riau is nausea which leads eventually to vomiting because the body rejects the Kratom species.

Heath problems are doubtful to occur in people who occasionally use the Red strain of Kratom.

Just like any other drug, moderation is the key to avoid preventable side effects.



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