Kratom is the most amazing herb in the world. All around the globe thousands of people use it addictively, and it has several benefits. For someone who is suffering from injury, Kratom helps in easing the pain.

For those who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety issues find their mental stress reduced. No matter what the ailment is, Kratom offers some relief for it.

The Kratom powder provides best results, but it is highly necessary to store the Kratom properly so that you do not lose the impact when consumed.

Store Your Kratom In Controlled Temperature

All the Kratom users know that the herb and its components loaded in Alkaloid Mitragynine. This is an opiate agonist and is usually responsible for the relaxing and sedating effects of the Kratom.

When you do not store Kratom in the right temperature conditions, the Mitragynine converts into Mitragynine pseudoindoxyl which is an opiate rival.

To avoid this from taking place, you must take care in storing your Kratom in a dry, temperature controlled, and airtight container.

Store Your Kratom In Cold And Closed Room

It is best to save your Kratom in a closed and cold room preferably without a window. This will make sure that the temperature of the room does not fluctuate. This will also ensure that the alkaloids in the Kratom will not deteriorate over the time.

Some people will also store the product in refrigerators to prevent them from losing potency. While this is not always necessary but storing it in a cold room with stable temperature is a good idea.

Store Your Kratom In An Sealed Container

Another proven way of preserving your Kratom is by storing it in a sealed container. Remember that even a single drop of water can ruin your herb by making it humid and stimulating the growth of mold in the powder.

Unluckily, when this happens, you have to discard your supply of Kratom to prevent from consuming harmful bacteria. You can make sure that your Kratom is dry by placing it in a Ziploc bag and putting it in a jar that is airtight.

Keep Kratom Away From Sunlight

Another best way to store your Kratom is by keeping it away from sunlight.

Don’t put you’re Kratom in a clear glass jar, or even if you are placing it in a clear glass jar don’t put it near a place where direct sunlight comes.

Exposure to both Kratom either in its original form or in powdered form will only ruin it. The ultraviolet rays slowly break down the molecules in the Kratom making it less potent.

Date The Bags And Containers

If you are a person, who wants to buy a lot of Kratom powder all at once just to save money, then you must have a lot of space to store it in your refrigerator.

Write the date of your purchase on the containers and bags in which you will place your Kratom. This way you can use the oldest one first without losing its potency.

Kratom Needs To Be Kept Safe From Heat

Kratom exposure to heat can spoil it tremendously. Never store your Kratom near places where there is exposure to direct sunlight or near devices that are high in temperatures like ovens, cooker or other toasty places.

High temperatures can spoil the quality of the Kratom and also reduce its potency and increase the chances that your Kratom will take on moisture.

If you are storing your Kratom in the freezer or fridge, then it’s highly recommended that you pack the Kratom in smaller bags that you will likely use it within a week.

Before you put the bags in the freezer or fridge, crush out as much air as you can because any lingering air may gather and create moisture in the bag, though this is frequently insignificant.

What you truly need to consider when utilizing cold storage for kratom is that at whatever point you take a kratom bag out of the cooler or ice chest, you shouldn’t open it up until it has achieved room temperature. It can accomplish by letting it sit out for a couple of hours before taking.

This will minimize the danger of any condensation which can create when the kratom leaves or powder achieves room temperature.

Kratom Needs To Be Kept Away From Moisture

Moisture is the worst enemy of Kratom, and it can spoil an entire batch of the herb if exposed to it. Dried Kratom leaves are said to shelf stable because they are totally dry. Unfortunately, dry Kratom leaves or the powder can suck up the moisture from its surroundings quickly.

Consequently, it is advised that you store your dried Kratom leaves or powder far from the most places in your house like dishwasher vents.  Keep your Kratom safe and away from moisture until you are ready to brew it into tea or the dampness cause in the Kratom will lead to mold.

Kratom Should Away From Strong Odor

Kratom powder or leaves quickly take up the smell of different things from the surrounding, which is not desirable if it picks up any nasty odor.

This means that you should be very careful about the place where you are storing the Kratom and protect it from strong odors like damp basement smell or chemicals; it also means that the bottle in which you are storing the Kratom should not possess a strong odor.

Some jars have a strong smell that can leave your Kratom smelling unpleasant and also affect its flavor.

So to ensure that your Kratom is potent and fresh for months follow these recommendations for the Kratom storage.

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