Reasons Why Kratom Has Medical Benefits


Not only within medical and scientific circles but the community, in general, wonders why kratom is beneficial, as compared to conventional medicines. It has already been stated time and time again that kratom does not lead to addiction, but that can be said for many other medicines too. Moreover, a lot of medicines used in moderation do not lead to addiction either. So what advantages does kratom offer that other medicines do not? This is the prerogative of this article; to enunciate the various advantages that a user shall benefit from after consuming kratom.

Choosing Kratom over conventional medicines

The primary advantage offered by kratom, compared to conventional medicines and drugs, is that it contains a host of various secondary chemicals. These secondary substances include the Uncaria alkaloids, epicatechin, mitragynine as well as ajmalicine. These substances allow kratom to have an extreme advantage over opioids that are currently being used. They have a host of different medicinal properties, such as controlling antioxidant activities.

Other properties include cardiovascular benefits, providing users with the capability to fight off a host of bacterial and viral infections. Moreover, they act as immune stimulants, thereby boosting the immune system and keeping the user healthy. In short, these benefits allow kratom to have a plethora of advantages as compared to opioid narcotics within various applications.

This allows it to be used as a replacement for the substance codeine, in order to act as a cough suppressant. The ability to enhance the immune system will offer numerous benefits in helping individuals fight off a host of infections that lead to coughing and flu or fever.

Primary benefits

One of the primary benefits of kratom is its association with pain relief because it acts as a stimulant along with relieving aches and chronic pains. Hence, those individuals who have recently suffered from injuries or accidents, and have had surgeries, can easily ease their pain using kratom.

It acts as a mild painkiller and will boost the user’s immunity at the same time. It is common knowledge that surgeries or injuries can lead to viral infections, due to the patient’s susceptibility and vulnerability. This no longer needs to be a cause of concern for users of kratom.

Moreover, it can be used to substitute methadone or the substance buprenorphine, with a range of different health benefits. The secondary chemicals within kratom can assist the addict to quickly recover from poor health, which tends to be common amongst long-term drug users.

Future Research On Kratom’s Benefits

It cannot be denied that kratom has the potential to offer a host of more benefits, provided that further research is conducted. Currently, research on kratom is critically needed in order to determine its effectiveness in overcoming withdrawal symptoms associated with minor drugs. It is almost confirmed that current opioid narcotics do not possess the properties that are present within kratom. This will allow kratom to eventually completely take over opioids and provide a viable, and healthier alternative to opioids.

Moreover, another worthwhile research that is currently needed is the possibility of removing the non-narcotic substances within kratom. What can be done with the extraction of these non-narcotic chemicals and then developed into medicines. The potential to develop medicines using kratom substances will be a revolutionary change.

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Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.