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Pure Lifted is a vendor based in the USA. It is fairly new to the market, being established in 2018. More specifically, it is located in Bloomington, Illinois. The fact that this vendor has survived even this long in a very competitive market such as Kratom shows may go on to show that they may be legitimate.

This vendor also has a really good reputation in the market which compels customers to deal with them. But this is not enough; the standing of this vendor needs to be evaluated further. This would require a thorough customer to focus on more important questions.

These questions may be; are the prices charged by Pure Lifted reasonable? What is the overall quality of the products? What are the different strains available? Does Pure Lifted make indulge in unethical business practices? This article will aim to answer these and many other questions.

Key Features Of Pure Lifted

1) Different Forms Of Kratom Offered By Pure Lifted

It is important to note that Pure Lifted offers tea products mainly. But within these tea products, customers can choose from 2 main forms offered; powder and capsules. The fact that capsules are offered is excellent as many customers do not prefer the traditional option (which is powder).

These customers do not prefer the taste or smell of the powder form. Having the capsule form allows Pure Lifted to cater to the broader market.

Pure Lifted has many strains available, such as Maeng Da Kratom, Red Strain, Green Strain, White Strain, Bali, Borneo, Sumatra, and Dragon. The vendor offers 5 main options when it comes to quantity for powder; 30, 100, 250, 500, and 100 grams.

For capsules, the vendors offer customers the following options; 50, 100, 250, 500, and 100 grams. The fact that the market will have so many options such as these reflects very positively on the brand.

The vendor also offers Variety Packs in both capsules and powder form. There are 3 options when it comes to the powder form. In the first option, customers can choose 6 strains with 30 grams of quantity each.

In the second option, customers can choose 6 strains with 100 grams of quantity each. In the last option, customers can choose 4 strains with 500 grams of quantity each.

There are also 3 options for the capsules form. In the first option, customers can choose 6 strains with 50 counts of quantity each. In the second option, customers can choose 6 strains with 100 counts of quantity each. In the last option, customers can choose 4 strains with 250 grams of quantity each.

2) Are The Products Lab Tested & Is There GMP Compliance?

On their website, Pure Lifted has given many details with regards to these 2 factors. Their suppliers are very carefully chosen after a thorough investigation.

The lab tests are conducted in US-based ISO/ IEC 17025:2005 food laboratories. Not only do they comply with GMP standards, but they also comply with AHPA standards.

This aspect reflects very positively on the brand. The reason is that Kratom is a very controversial product due to the dangers surrounding it. Even the FDA has issued warnings concerning contamination of Kratom with bacteria, Salmonella, and heavy metal poisoning, etc.

Having such compliances and lab tests quell such fears and dangers. It gives the customers a sense of security when buying and consuming these products.

3) Packaging Quality Of The Products

On the website, nothing has been disclosed about packaging. While this may not be a major concern; it is still important. The packaging should be such that it offers protection to the product and prevents it from contamination. The packaging should also allow the product to be transported and shipped easily.

4) Quality Of The Products Overall Offered By Pure Lifted

Pure Lifted have claimed on their website that they are committed to providing high-quality products. These claims can be justified by the lab tests conducted and by the fact that there is compliance with GMP and AHPA standards.

Furthermore, on general review blogs and social media, Pure Lifted has many positive reviews that prove these claims. They have an excellent reputation when it comes to their products. This aspect shows that the products were successful in achieving their aims and benefits.

It should be noted that these claims can be doubted considering that no actual lab tests or proof have been provided by Pure Lifted that would back the claims highlighted above.

5) Customer Service Of Pure Lifted

There are also positive reviews concerning the customer service of Pure Lifted. Customers can get in touch with the representatives in the following ways; email, contact form, and mail.

The brand accepts the following methods for payment; PayPal, Bitcoin, E-Check or mail. These options allow customers to choose whatever method they are most comfortable with and reflects positively on the brand.

6) Shipping

Pure Lifted only offers one option when it comes to domestic shipping. They offer shipping services through USPS, which is standard. It takes 3 – 5 days to deliver and costs around 7 USD.

Since the vendor also offers international shipping to some countries, there is also international shipping available. There are 2 main options.

The first option is FedEx International Economy that costs that takes 10 business days to deliver. The second option is FedEx International Priority that takes 8 business days to deliver.

Both of these options are very expensive; the first one costs around 186 USD, and the second options costs around 215 USD.

7) Alternatives To Kratom Offered By Pure Lifted

Pure Lifted offers no alternatives to Kratom. This factor allows them to focus on Kratom alone; they can make sure that whatever products that provide are of good quality.

Pure Lifted Products Pricing And Comparison With Competitors

The prices mentioned will be according to quantity. For powder, the prices range around 14 USD – 165 USD. For capsules, the prices range between 20 USD – 330 USD.

The prices for variety packs in powder are between 85 USD – 440 USD. For variety packs of capsules, the prices are between 120 USD – 400 USD.

Now let’s compare these prices with a competitor. The price charged for Red Strain in Maeng Da Kratom powder is 100 USD, in the quantity of 250 grams offered by Pure Lifted.

PurKratom charges the same product, in the quantity of ½ pounds for 90 USD. Indeed, there may be some differences in the quantity offered, but the price ranges are generally the same considering all aspects.

Hence, it can be concluded that the prices charges by Pure Lifted are not unreasonable. If there are those who hold the opposite view, they can take advantage of discounts frequently offered and also any promo codes that might significantly reduce the prices.

What Are The Most Popular Products Of Pure Lifted

Pure Lifted offers many strains. Maeng Da Kratom is a very famous strain. Aside from helping the user in relaxing muscles and easing headaches, this strain is also known for relieving pain. It makes the user more alert and improves mental cognition.

Another famous strain is Red Bali. High doses with this strain can lead to a euphoric feeling and also sedation. It has calming effects and helps the user maintain focus and attention.

Does Pure Lifted Indulge In Ethical Business Practices?

Pure Lifted does seem to indulge in ethical business practices. On many links, they have given legal disclaimers. They have given age restrictions and recommended situations where Kratom should not be consumed. They have also mentioned how the FDA has not evaluated its site.

There may be some concern with regards to the contention that they are making false medical claims. On their “FAQ” site, they have given details with regards to Kratom and its benefits. However, these claims are pretty general and can’t be said to amount to making medical claims.

Additionally, on each and every products’ page, they have not gone into detail about the product but explained it in general. By giving legal disclaimers in appropriate links on their site, they have relieved themselves of any possible liability.

Is Pure Lifted Active On Social Media Platforms?

Pure Lifted has accounts on two social media platforms, which are Facebook and Instagram. They are active on both sites, which is good. This is because they can benefit from the advantages offered by these platforms. Through these sites, they can remain in touch with their customers, and inform them of new products or deals.

Important Shortcomings Of Pure Lifted

While Pure Lifted offers many options when it comes to quantity, it, unfortunately, does not provide many options when it comes to strains in the capsules form. Pure Lifted also does not provide many options when it comes to different forms.

Many customers prefer non-traditional forms like tinctures, shots, and extracts. Some customers also prefer different strengths; which Pure Lifted does not provide. As a result, customers may choose to go to other vendors and Pure Lifted may lose out on business and profits.

Some may choose to respond to this by saying that Pure Lifted is offering Kratom in the 2 most famous forms; hence, it is not a big deal. And also the fact that the customers have a variety pack option available may make up for this shortcoming. There may be some who won’t be willing to overlook this negative and rightfully so.

It is truly impressive the methods that Pure Lifted has gone to in order to ensure that the products can be safely consumed. Not many vendors bother to even disclose such information, but Pure Lifted has.

Nonetheless, the brand has not actually disclosed any lab tests that would prove that the tests were conducted in the first place and that they are not contaminated.

Their claims on the website are simply not enough; more is needed. It could be the case that these may be false claims and if that is true, then the quality and security of the products are compromised.

These concerns are even more serious considering the general stance of the FDA, who has constantly advocated against the consumption of Kratom. Pure Lifted needs to quash these concerns and doubts.

The return policy of Pure Lifted is also very strict. The brand hardly allows any returns and exchanges. Some customers may be deterred by this.

There may be situations where the customer has changed his mind as to the purchase of the product, the strain or quantity. And unfortunately, this policy does not cater to such situations.

In general, the website takes some time to load. But otherwise, it is quite easy to function. Additionally, the vendor only offers one option when it comes to shipping.

It may be the case that the customer is looking for early delivery and can’t deal with Pure Lifted since they are not providing that option.

The options offered for international shipping are extremely expensive, deterring customers from opting for this vendor.

Pure Lifted does not offer any alternatives to Kratom. Indeed, this is not a very important negative of the brand. However, one can’t deny that it does add on to the overall image of the brand, and offers more variety to the customers.


There are many positive factors of Pure Lifted. The fact that they have complied with relevant standards and have conducted lab tests being the main one. But while the negatives may not be that important or may be few, they are still important. Yet, one should not hesitate in dealing with this vendor; considering all factors, it is indeed a very good option.



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