Kava bars of cafes are in vogue, owing to the growing love for kava benefits among the general population.

Piper methysticum is commonly known as kava kava by pacific islanders.

Other names include yaqona, Ava, Seka, awa or malok. It has been used as a customary drink in spiritual and recreational ceremonies for thousands of years.

Kava bar culture is as old as Kava itself. People back then used to consume Kava in drinks more often in their villages, on occasions such as births, funerals, weddings, and other events.

Kava drinks are considered as a symbol of harmony and love among the native families in their social gatherings where they sit together and enjoy Kava in a peaceful environment.

The conventional method of drinking kava embraces seated in groups and consuming it with all doors opened, which signals that anybody can join the session and interact while having Kava.

Advancing popularity of Kava hit western countries soon after the establishment of kava bars in pacific islands.

The legalization of Kava in the US, then further aided towards the formation of more kava bars in the states of Florida, New York, and California.

At this moment in time, there are numerous kava bars all over the US.

Kava bars usually serve kava drinks made up of a variety of kava strains depending upon the strength of kavalactones in each strain type.

Different types of kava impact separate effects that range from subtle and smooth sensual effects to a strong buzz of happiness, causing euphoria.

Super welcoming kava tenders and other staff members know very well what they are serving to their customers. They generally help one decide which kava strain should be taken to achieve desirable effects.

Many bars offer kratom tea, CBD infused drinks, Kambucha, nitro coffees, and many other herbal drinks to add more value for their customers.

Few reasons to understand the tremendously increasing popularity of kava bars are briefly elaborated below:

1) Melts Away The Anxiety

The boon for which Kava is most popular among youngsters is that it reduces anxiety and escalates relaxation.

It gives a subtle sensation of calmness and tranquility while keeping the user clear-headed and well-focused. Kava has proved clinically safe for treating Generalized Anxiety Disorders.

Reason being, it promotes sedation which further aids in clearing clouded thoughts and encourages serenity.

One of the reasons why people are more driven towards bars, is that overthinking leading to anxiety disorders has taken over the community in recent years and what could be better than opting for a natural anti-anxiety with negligible or no side effects.

This particular anti-anxiety effect has given Kava a moniker of “Natural Xanax.”

Almost all kava bars claim to provide users with a restful environment where the kava users can feel the desired outcomes to the fullest.

2) A Healthy Alcoholic Buzz

Folks are propelled more towards bars to experience an alcohol-like happy buzz.

This unfortunately is significantly associated with brain function alterations, blur vision, halted logical thinking, and abrupt body movements.

Kava bars, on the other hand, offer kava drinks which gives the same happy feeling without messing up with your brain functions, allows you to think logically and make decisions.

No hangover is reported after consuming a substantial amount of kava drinks.

Whereas, alcohol consumers complain of hangover quite often, which includes nausea, vomiting, and severe headaches the day after heavy alcohol drinking session.

Regular consumption of kava drinks for an extended period has extraordinarily beneficial outcomes, unlike alcohol.

Bars thus holds the distinction among other alcoholic and beer bars, since the drinks served in kava bars are not unhealthy and would not affect the user severely.

The Dopamine boosting property of Kava is responsible for the euphoric effects generated by kava drinks.

3) Anti-Craving—Helps With Substance Withdrawal

Kava-bar serves as a place where substance abusers are benefited more as compared to the non-abusers.

Since kava drinking is associated with fading away the urge to consume substances that one is addictive of, kava drinks play a role of an anti-craving agent.

People struggling with drug and substance withdrawal symptoms witness exceptional impacts, which kava drinks bring to their drug dependency.

The growing acceptance of Kava benefits is engaging more and more people in kava consumption leading to an exponential increase in bars across the globe.

4) It Is A Cool Trend

Going to a bar and enjoying a drink that is not intoxicating yet euphoric, a drink that fosters responsiveness yet do not slur your speech, a drink that makes you more receptive and friendly sets a trend within the community.

Most kava bars recommend bringing the stuff of your pleasure along when you enter the bar.

Music lovers can bring guitars; workaholics can bring their laptops, and so on. It has become more of a trend to visit bars and share the exotic experience with the circle.

5) Atmosphere and Events

A typical pacific island theme is followed while designing kava cafe to give it a more organic look.

Lighting and music are kept low and relaxing to help the visitors experience the utmost delight.

The target population is usually anxious, restless, stressful, and disturbed adults who are desperately looking for a place to relax and de-stress themselves.

Therefore, the environment of kava cafe differs from that of regular alcohol bars with loud music.

The kava bartenders usually serve kava drinks in coconut shells or cups resembling coconut shells to create a more natural feel.

Most Kava cafes offer other entertaining activities while enjoying a kava drink, which includes board games, singing events, electronic cigarette smoking, and other harmless relaxing activities.

Other fun-filled activities like open mic concerts, live music, singles’ night and many more are also held to attract the visitors.

Since no alcohol is served in any bar as consuming both Kava and alcohol together can cause liver failure. Therefore bars are said to have an alcohol-free atmosphere.

6) Kava Cafes or Bars Encourage Sociability

One of the most valued impact kava has on its user is that it promotes sociability and allows the user to be more friendly and responsive.

Bars and cafes serve the purpose really well, having a well-disposed staff that is decently trained to welcome all the visitors warmly and interact.

Kava bartenders are usually very cordial and indulge in conversations related to history, different kava strains, and health benefits of Kava.

Kava makes you a little more talkative, happy, and interactive, which helps you socialize more.

Meeting new people, befriending them, and enjoying the wholesome experience is all that kava-bars come up with.

A traditional aspect also supports the idea of building a community, since the islanders drank it to promote togetherness and interaction among communities.

7) Youngsters Often Complain Of Sleeplessness, and Kava Promises A Sound Sleep

Increasing complains of insomnia over the past few decades due to workload, and other emotional and physical strains are now being catered by consuming Kava.

Bars are specialized in providing a sound and calm environment that promotes a night of healthy and peaceful sleep.

Adults seeking for a natural and healthy alternative to their artificial sleep-inducing treatments are more attracted towards the hushed Kava bars.

8) Kava Has Gained Massive Recognition Over Time

The period of 20 years, Kava has gained a lot of popularity among masses owing to its exclusive health benefits.

The more it is reaching the general public, the more people are indulging in kava drinking.

Someone who has drunk Kava and experienced its benefits apprises others to help them with their health problems or so.

Bars similarly, conduct many informative events to let the general population know more about Kava and how it may help them.

One such activity includes “BLIND TASTING OF KAVA” where random participants volunteer to experience a new drink while blindfolded.

Coming across the instant relaxation and happiness, which later is followed by healthier outcomes, many people get motivated to walk towards a nearby kava bar and enjoy another shot of restful Kava.

Apart from blind kava tasting, copious other events are held by many organizations to increase kava awareness among general population and tourists, resulting in escalating demand of Kava all around the world.

9) Favorable Scientific Researches Helping Kava-Bar Owners

Many pieces of researches from past decades are evident of exceptional medicinal benefits of Kava over many anxiolytics, analgesics, sedatives, and diuretics.

Regional people use to prepare kava drink by merely chewing the roots and rhizomes of the plant and grinding it to paste, the paste is then added in the water and strained later on.

Kavalactones, the active ingredients that constitute most of the kava roots and rhizomes, exhibit most of the medicinal properties of kava herb.

The therapeutic effects of Kava, including anxiolytic, anti-craving, muscle relaxant, reducing pre-menopausal symptoms, and overcoming sleep disorders, are intriguing.

On account of these scientifically proved positive attributes, Kava attained worldwide admiration and acceptance.

As a consequence, many countries, including the US, have legalized the sale and consumption of Kava.

Since the past two decades, the kava industry has provided approximately 200$ million dollars business to the pacific island.

However, its status went murky in 2002 when Germany banned kava consumption — on the grounds of few reports of liver failure after drinking Kava which resulted in a significant loss in the sales of Kava.

Later on, after WHO issued a safety manual stating that Kava has not yet proved to be responsible for liver toxicity.

Many countries including Germany lifted their ban on Kava resulting in bringing kava craze again to the new heights.

Kava has undoubtedly gained a great deal of admiration on account of its health benefits, and the public interest towards Kava is still growing.

Kava bars are increasing at an accelerating pace, and it is assumed that by the end of the next decade, kava is going to be the NEW COFFEE in the US.



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