There are hundreds of choices for people who want to try weed in different ways. Kush is the Middle Eastern genetic combination of cannabinoid strains that have become very popular. Since there are so many options for users, you might want to know what kind of strains are loved by all and the ones you should try.

We have tried out some of the best strains and gathered user reviews to understand which strain will be most suitable. Listed here are the most famous Kush strains.

Kings Kush

This royal strain is at the top of the list because it gives all the results that weed users expect. This strain has an aroma similar to the earthy Diesel strain, while there are undertones of fruit. Many users use only this type of Kush strain because of the wide array of effects and the unique impact on individuals. Try this strain to see what it offers you, and you will be convinced that it is named appropriately.

Skywalker Kush

This Kush strain goes by many names. Some of the prominent ones are Sky OG and Mazar x Blueberry. The fruity aroma of this strain is due to the high terpenes profile that has an uplifting impact. The Skywalker is an excellent addition to your evening routine and has the invigorating and refreshing taste that makes it a must-try! You can try the various strains, and you will be returning to this one.

Bubba Kush

This strain has a long-standing reputation for being potent and impactful. This strain occurred by an accidental cross between the Afghan Kush and the Northern Lights. This strain has a sweet, earthy flavor with some hash aftertaste. If you are looking for comfort and a calming feeling, this is your strain. Bubba strain has a unique name, and it is adopted by the founder Matt Bubba Berger.

Banana Kush

This strain has a slight banana aroma, which caused the name to fit. Many breeders say that this strain results from crossing OG Kush with banana, while others claim that it is a mixture of more than two strains and the aroma is a charismatic property. The high terpenes profile and the fruity smell make people feel happy and relaxed.

Blackberry Kush

Here is a blend of the Afghan and Blackberry that has a calming yet exhilarating impact on users. This strain is Indica-dominant, while there are a lot of benefits of using this fruity-scented strain in the long run. Users love it because of the blackberry aftertaste and superb flavor. Indulge in a refreshing experience with this strain.

Amnesia Kush

This strain is extremely potent as it contains high levels of THC. This is for you if you are looking for a strain that makes you forget the stresses of your daily routine. The Sativa-dominant strain has many benefits, and users feel that they do not need to try another strain if they are looking for some energy while making their minds stress-free! However, beginners should try a mild strain before they try this one.

Mango Kush

The sweet and sticky aroma of mangoes can be enticing, and so is this strain! This Indica-dominant strain has a bit of banana and mango scent, making it a sweet treat with many benefits. If you want to try this strain, prepare for some delicious fun because this strain has a rich flavor and aroma. Like Amnesia Kush, this strain is for regular users who can take quick results without an overwhelming feeling. The exotic fruit scent and the stimulation of this strain will refresh you!

Cookies Kush

This strain became famous from a coffee shop, and since then, it has garnered fans wherever it is used! You will love the sweet aroma that gives you a relaxed feeling. Have you ever walked into a coffee shop that smells of freshly-baked cookies? This kush strain will give you the same warm and comforting feeling. This strain is considered stronger; however, you must try it to see what it has in store for you.


Kush strains are available in a wide variety, and each one has a slight difference from the next one, and still, they all have unique effects. If you are a fan of fruity strains, or if you like to keep your strain consumption an occasional affair, there are many choices for everyone. We picked eight of the most popular strains for you to enjoy. Try each of them to see which one is your favorite.



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