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About The Brand

The name Phoria has a reason. Their Ketum strains exhibit a unique euphoria and the brand name tells about it. Phoria is a U.S. Kratom company that is based out of Miami, Florida. They promise that all the Kratom they use is sourced from Indonesia.

They came to existence by the year 2010 and since then they have been true to their words. Delivering quality and working with honesty are their commitments. Phoria is a simple brand with high ambitions.

Reason To Write The Review

People do not know much about this brand so I thought of sharing a review of the brand and discussing the pros and cons of Phoria. Here is a detailed review of its brand, which assures natural wellness. I have been extremely honest throughout the review and everything discussed is my personal opinion. Have a look if you are interested to know about this mysterious brand.

Key Features Of The Brand

With so many brands that are selling Kratom these days, it is challenging to stay among the favorite sellers. What makes possible to be people favorite? It the features of your brand that distinguishes one brand from the other and allows people to choose their favorite ones.

  • Product Line

What the brand sells affects its overall performance. The number of products under each category does not matter if the quality is up to the mark. However, brands selling various types of Ketum are usually preferred more because you get all of your required stuff under one roof. That is the case with Phoria too. You get Korth powder, capsules and extracts here. Moreover, three different strains, green, white and red are also available. I have also shared details about different forms of Ketum sold at Phoria.

1) Kratom Powder

You can get your hands on 10 different types of Kratom powder if you shop from this store. They include three veins, which are red, white and green. You can get Maeng Da and Borneo powders in all three vein colors. Other than these, you can get Red Bali, Red Dragon, Green Malay and Gold Korth powder. The Gold Kratom powder is a mixture of all other nine strains that are sold at the shop, which makes it special, and hence has a cool name too. The brand makes sure that all favorite types of Kratom powders are included in the variety.


All the powders sold at Phoria have the same price but the prices vary with the different amounts. A comparison is given below.

  • A pack of 28 gms is for $9.99.
  • Get 90 gms of powder for $29.99.
  • Pay $59.99 and get 250 gms of the powder.
  • 1 kg pack is for $149.99.

2) Kratom Capsules

Phoria sells an amazing quality of Kratom capsules. Therefore, people who prefer Ketum capsules can get their stuff from here. All the forms of Korth powder mentioned previously are also available in capsule form. However, you can only get two different amounts of capsules in all varieties. 30 and 300 counts.


All the types of Ketum capsules sold by Phoria have the same prices and are as under:

  • 30 capsules for $12.99.
  • 300 capsules for $59.99.
  • Kratom Extracts

At Phoria, you also get Kratom extracts. They are available in these forms.

1) Phoria 175mg Alkaloid Kratom Tincture

A 15 ml bottle containing 175mg Active Kratom Alkaloids is available for $19.99.

2) Phoria Extract Capsules (45% Mit)

  • 2 capsules are sold for $19.99.
  • While 30 capsules are available for $139.99.

They contain 45% Pure Mitragynine and over 100mg of Mitragyna Speciosa Extract per Capsule.

3) Phoria Kratom Extract Powder (45% Mit)

  • 1 gm is for $34.99.
  • 10 gms is for $299.99.

4) Phoria Kratom Extract Powder (10% Mit)

  • 1 gm is for $12.99.
  • 10 gms is for $89.99.
  • Pricing Comparison

The products at Phoria are really reasonably priced as compared to other brands as at some places, capsules are sold for $126, while 250 grams of powder is sold at $69. Therefore, if you want reasonable stuff and good quality Ketum, Phoria is a one-stop solution for you. As they cater to your needs and offer the finest quality too.

What's Unique About Them?

It’s important to bring something different to the table to stand out in the competition. At Phoria, they sell non-GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free Kratom. This initiative makes them one of those brands who like to be creative with selling strategies. Apart from this, you find a lot number and expiration date printed on each label on their product, which is another great quality. You will not find these things in every Ketum brand that you try.

Are The Products Lab-Tested?

Phoria ensures that all of the strains sold under their name are lab-tested for any heavy metals and microbial contamination. They are only used when the stuff is free from any harmful substance.

However, they do not have any lab-test results on the website, which means that there is no evidence for the customers. Sharing an honest opinion, I can’t trust if the products are being lab-tested until I see a lab test report, so, for me, it’s a turning point that makes me doubt the brands’ promise of lab-testing the stuff.


A good news for everyone planning to get stuff from Phoria is that you can avail free shipping on all orders over $100 and 10% off is available on orders over $150 via USPS, FedEx or UPS.

Social Media Presence

Social media has mended the gap between businesses and clients. It has provided a great platform to publish the offers, sales, new products and people can easily learn about anything about their favorite brand. Phoria knows the difference it can make, therefore, the brand has a page on Facebook where they remain in contact with their fans throughout the year. You can reach out to them on Facebook too if you do not want to ask something using the official website.

Any False Medical Claim?

Phoria does not offer any medical claims for the stuff sold at their shop. They have made it clear that their products are not evaluated and approved by the Food and Drug Administration and therefore, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Are They Involved In Unethical Business Practices

The Kratom products sold have simple names to avoid confusion among buyers. One thing that bothers me is that they do not share the lab-test results and ensure that the stuff is lab-tested. In my opinion, their statement is misleading, as it is not supported with proof. If they share lab-test reports, it would be beneficial for them and help them gain a positive reputation.

  • Sells affordable products.
  • Offers non-GMO, Kosher, Gluten-Free Kratom.
  • Mentions lot number and expiration date on the product label.
  • Sells all three strains of Ketum.
  • No lab tests results on the website.

Our Verdict

The brand does not have the most impressive variety of Kratom powders and capsules. Even then, they have made their place in the hearts of hundreds of people around the world. Phoria has proven itself to be a reliable vendor with powerful strains. Those who are interested to buy good quality Korth at a reasonable price should look no further. Check out the stuff and tell us about your experience!



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