People go for Benzodiazepines or SSRI’s to control their anxiety, but recently the combination of Phenibut and Kratom has proved fruitful for the treatment of Anxiety. Phenibut and Kratom combination has helped many anxious patients to continue a healthy life, soothing and calming them, reducing their worries and boosting their moods. This mixture of Kratom and Phenibut has enabled many people to get back to a happy life with fewer problems. To study Kratom and Phenibut combination in greater detail, let’s have a look at this disorder first.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a generalized term that is used for some disorders including panic, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias and generalized anxiety disorder. The general symptoms of anxiety include a feeling of panic, fear and uneasiness, impaired sleeping, sweaty and cold hands, hypoventilation, palpitations, dryness of mouth, tense muscles, nausea, paresthesia of extremities, etc. Anxiety stops people from going to places which make them anxious, from taking exams that give them cold hands and taking interviews which make them jittery.

anxiolyticHow does Phenibut acts like an ANXIOLYTIC?

Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid or Phenibut is a neuropsychotropic drug that serves as an anxiolytic and as a nootropic, improving cognition. It mimics GABA and acts on GABA (B) receptors primarily and secondarily at GABA (A) receptors. It has dopaminergic activity and serves as an antagonist of beta-phenylethylamine. It is widely used in different parts of the world, especially Russia to cure ailments like tension, anxiety, fear and sleep disorders.

Since it mimics GABA, it acts in the same way benzodiazepines do. It gets attached to GABA receptors and potentiates GABAergic activity. It increases the frequency of GABA-mediated chloride ion channel opening. As a result, it helps in reducing anxiety states.  Phenibut is favored in the treatment of acute anxiety state and for rapid control of stress and it also has remedial actions.

phenibutKratom and Phenibut Combination for Anxiety

Together Kratom and Phenibut give you a sense of well-being, and it soothes your nerves.  Though individually the two drugs are known for sedatives effects but together they have a very marked effect. There is this overwhelming sense of well-being after consumption of the two drugs.  You feel relaxed and calm. You will feel a noticeable reduction in anxiety and nervousness. Kratom has an effect that lasts for a shorter time, but when taken in combination with Phenibut, the effects will last longer. It is crucial that you take the right dose to avoid sleeping in case you have an upcoming interview or an appearance somewhere.

Phenibut and Kratom, The right dose for ANXIETY

Kratom has different strains, and these strains are useful for various ailments. Speaking about Kratom, we should mention that Red Kratom is particularly responsible for producing calming effects and for treating anxiety. So the doses that are going to be mentioned are, particularly for Red Kratom. Although you will get sedating effects with Kratom, users report that at small doses of Kratom one usually experiences mood stimulation and gets the energetic feeling.

A little moderate dose of 2-4.5 grams of Red Kratom kills anxiety.

Phenibut should always be started at subtle doses. Start with 500milligrams. If you do not feel any effect, then you can maximally increase up to 1500milligrammes. After this dose, it is entirely possible that you will sleep due to too much sedation. Therefore it is suggested that you take these two drugs in very careful doses as to avoid sleeping.

phenibutreviewHow to take Phenibut and Kratom together?

It is recommended that you take the two drugs on an empty stomach as food delays the absorption of Kratom and Phenibut. Since Kratom has a very disgusting taste, you can take it in the form of a capsule, and you can take Phenibut in a similar way.

However, you need to take a stimulant drink after the consumption of Phenibut and Kratom combination. Most users go for coffee while many others go for energy drinks. Wait for an hour to observe noticeable effects.

Take it in the morning or 2-3 hours after your last meal. If you take it on a full stomach, the effects will appear late. The effects last for almost 12-14 hours.

Phenibut and Kratom Precautions

It is important that you don’t take this combination daily as it can lead to tolerance and severe withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, you need to keep the dose in check; otherwise, increased doses can result in severe GIT distress, nausea, and vomiting. According to users, it may even cause stomach ulcers as Phenibut is acidic in nature.

According to users, the combination is very harsh if the doses are increased as Kratom hits the mu receptors and Phenibut hits the GABA receptors. If overdoses, it can lead to severe inhibition and can prove fatal.

Moreover, Phenibut is incredibly addictive, and it causes serious withdrawal symptoms. Phenibut addiction can develop within ten days, and its removal can prove fatal as it causes sleeplessness and rebound anxiety.

Side Effects of Phenibut and Kratom combination

Phenibut and Kratom if taken at higher doses can cause too much sleepiness. It can be avoided by taking stimulants like caffeine. If you take the combination at night before sleeping, make sure you take small doses as it can cause oversleeping. You can quickly build a tolerance to Phenibut.

To avoid this issue, it is necessary that you do not take Phenibut more than three times in a week. The less often you use this drug, the more often it works for you.

Phenibut and Kratom both have a potential for addiction and dependency, though it is quite small. You can experience a slight headache after taking the combination.

Before consuming the mixture, note that you do not have any other systemic diseases as these two drugs can aggravate certain conditions. Make sure that you are also not taking any prescribed drugs whose action can be counteracted by the combination of Kratom and Phenibut. Always consult your doctor before starting any drug regimen.



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