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With the introduction of herbal remedies such as Kratom, CBD and other homeopathic treatments there is an increasing population transitioning from over the counter medications, pharmaceuticals, and antibiotics alike to a more wholistic approach.

When was the last time you tried an all natural solution to help with some of your ailments? While I am not saying that they are always the answer and always work but many have found greater relief from them over the traditional forms of medication.

Kratom is one of those remedies mentioned above that is taking the herbal supplement industry by storm. Many people are taking this herb for it’s therapeutic and energizing effects.

Organa Kratom is a Kratom vendor that offers it’s customers 51 types of Kratom. Let’s get to the review to help you understand more about the company and if you should make them your new kratom vendor of choice!

Product Type & Forms

Not one, not two, but 51 different Kratom strains are available here at Organa – Insane, right?
Everyone has their own needs, not to mention preference on taste, aroma, and alkaloid content so this is an area where Organa really stands out.

To cater to everyone’s needs, Organa Kratom has sought out and met with family farmers in Indonesia to bring the widest variety and highest quality kratom to market.

To be honest, their product categories and descriptions are enough to help you make a purchase but if you need additional assistance with a specific question we found that their customer support team is very responsive and has a deep understanding of the strains they offer and how they can help you. We’ve put together a basic breakdown of how they categorize their kratom below.

1) Energy Strains

Organa’s Energy Strains category is for those who are looking for an all natural pick-me-up in the morning or mid-day to replace your typical coffee/caffeine intake. Are you low on energy all the time?

Try out Organa’s premium grade Bali Green Kratom Powder, Kapuas Maeng Da Hulu Kratom Powder, or Borneo Green Kratom Powder! The list goes on for strains that offer an energy boost or to assist with increasing drive and focus. They offer high quality Kratom that we found to be some of the best in the industry.

2) Balance Strains

They have an equally impressive list of Balance Strains that offer a feeling of well being and mood boost that users have reported are amazing for mid-day supplementation.

Feel relaxed and balanced in your day to day life without the jitters typically associated with caffeine intake while avoiding the drowsiness of a caffeine crash.

Some of their more popular Balance Strains are Vietnam White Kratom Powder, Kapuas Green Hulu Kratom Powder, Organa Gold Kratom Powder, and Thai Red Kratom Powder for sure.

If you’re wondering whether their Balance Strains might be right for you but don’t know where to start, simply contact their support staff as we did for more information.

3) Unwind Strains

The Unwind Strains category contains many of your typical Reds and Yellows associated with relieving aches, pains, and discomfort from your daily activities. Long day at the office? Unwind from all the stress of your daily grind with Organa’s unwind strains.

We recommend trying out Vietnam Red Kratom Powder, Indo Red Kratom Powder, Organa Red Horn Kratom Powder, and Sumatra Red Kratom Powder for best results. This is not all they offer – check their entire list of products on their website.

Note that, Kratom comes in many forms but here at Organa Kratom you will find it in powder and capsules form.

One of the features we like about this brand is you can check out their sample packs if you are unsure which strain to purchase. Get yourself a sample pack containing 3 strains of your choice to help find the right strain for your needs.


In comparison to the industry average, Organa’s prices are on the lower end, if not some of the lowest we’ve seen. Normally, this correlates with the quality of kratom the brand offers but Organa is one of the few vendors that puts quality and consumer safety above all.

Along with favorable pricing you are getting variety with them. You can get any strain from Organa in either powder or capsule form. The lowest quantity of their powdered Kratom is 25g that costs around $8.99.

If you want, you can also order powdered Kratom in 50g, 100g, and 250g. They also offer wholesale/bulk pricing, for those interested just contact their support team for pricing and info.

The price for 50g of powder is $16.99, 100g will cost you $29.99 and 250g is listed at $54.99. Pretty reasonable! Not to mention if you join their “Organa Exclusives” mailing list they offer additional discounts and promo codes.

If you prefer capsules, you have the option to purchase any of their 51 strains in capsule form at very affordable rates. You can opt for 100 capsules for $29.99; 200 capsules will cost you $49.99 and 300 capsules for $69.99. I must say, these prices are pretty amazing when compared to what most top vendors are charging.

Check out their samples if you are reluctant to buy from them. Affordable prices and product quality are definitely something you will get from them!

Returns & Shipping

They have pretty straightforward instructions about their shipment policies on their website. If you want your product to ship as soon as possible, it is recommended to place your order before 2pm EST as those orders are shipped out SAME DAY! Orders are shipped within 24 hours of payment and they offer free shipping on orders above $75 as well.

At Organa, shipments are delivered through USPS priority and express mail. The shipping charges and time will be according to the method you choose. Keep track of your order through Organa’s provided tracking number!

The main question here is, what if you want to return the product? See, many brands actually don’t allow you to return the product, but at Organa Kratom they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and will also allow you to exchange a product in the case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

However, there are certain terms that you must follow before returning products back to them which are listed on their terms and conditions page on their website.

Due to the nature of the product they state they will thoroughly check the returned product. If it is in an acceptable condition for a refund, they will refund you with no issues.

Important Things To Know

Now that the basics of the company are covered, let’s talk about a few additional important points to know about Organa.

1) Locations They Service

They currently only ship within the United States and you must be at least 21 years old to purchase from them. Also in accordance with U.S. laws, they cannot ship to Arkansas, Alabama, Jerseyville, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Columbus, Vermont, District of Columbia, Alton, Sarasota County, Union County, and Denver. Always be sure to stay up to date on the current legislation for your given state and location.

It’s also important to note that Organa does not make any medical claims about their products and always recommend you consult with your doctor.

2) Lab Testing

Organa Kratom believes that product quality is paramount and state that they batch test all of their products prior to sale. In fact, they have a separate section dedicated to lab testing filled with a list of tests that they conduct on their products.

Although we could not locate lab test reports displayed on the website, from their professional conduct, consumer reviews and our experience with their product we can confirm their kratom is extremely high quality.

3) Customer Feedback

As with most brands, there are usually both positive and negative reviews. For Organa Kratom, the reviews are mostly positive. They have a clean, user friendly website and a friendly staff to assist with the buying process.

Consumer reviews seem to highlight not only the quality of the kratom but the assistance they receive from the company.

Having dealt with many kratom companies over the years we would have to agree and definitely say Organa is one of the better companies when it comes to kratom quality and overall buying experience.

4) Social Media Presence

Organa Kratom encourages positive engagement on all of their social media platforms. They are consistently trying to grow their reach in the kratom community and help to spread knowledge, information, and quality kratom products consumers can trust and count on.

Accurately informing the kratom community at large and representing a higher standard of company values is what the kratom industry needs and Organa Kratom seems to be doing just that.

5) Payment Options

You can pay through Zelle or E-Check on their website. These may seem like limited options, but remember due to banking regulations on kratom companies it is very hard to secure a legal credit card payment option.

Their checkout page is easy and seamless to use and SSL secured ensuring your information is always protected. You can pay with either of the two options mentioned above, which are just as secure as paying by credit card.

Our Verdict

Well, to put it simply, we would highly recommend you check out Organa Kratom for your next purchase. From pricing, to quality, to buyer support the brand seems to be doing a lot of things right and has a lot to offer its customers.

Their website shows that they are well informed on all things kratom and have done their research before coming in to the market. Everything is present on their official site in details, whether it’s their terms or disclaimer.

From quality to quantity, everything is great including the huge strain range. In my opinion, the brand is a must-try – you won’t regret it!



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