Getting Kratom has become quite easy and you can easily gain access to it regardless of where you live. The smoke shops in your area sell different forms on Kratom and you will be surprised to find out the different brands that they offer to the buyers.

Apart from that, there are many online-based Kratom companies that don’t have their products sold on physical outlets. But this is not the case every time. As mentioned before, it depends on the area and the Ketum brand that you prefer buying.

Overview Of Nuwave Botanicals

With Kratom use becoming more common than ever, Korth brands have updated their performance and are coming up with a wider and better range of products.

Nuwave Botanicals is one of the many brands that are known for their selling products of the Mitragyna plant. Based in Texas outfit and operating out of The Woodlands, Nuwave is owned by Chris who takes the business very seriously and makes sure that only the finest quality products are sold at the shop.

Nuwave botanicals is a distribution company and sells Kratom products from different brands making Ketum shopping easier for you.

The Reason For This Review

Many Kratom lovers might be unaware of this brand. Even if they know about its existence, information about the products and amazing features could be an addition to their knowledge.

Thus, the sole purpose of writing this review is to benefit the audience and highlight the brands positive as well as lacking areas.

Key Features

What makes the brand different from others is the way they sell their products. It is their different approach, vision, and mission that sets them apart.

All these things can be seen in the key features of any brand. Let’s see what Nuwave Botanicals have to offer!

  • Different Forms Of Kratom

Ketum is consumed in different forms and not all brands sell all forms of the drug.

It depends on their policies and selling criteria that which product are they interested in selling. The Botanicals deals with three different forms of Kratom.

  • Kratom Capsules

Nuwave Botanicals sells Kratom capsules from different brands at their store. They are a reliable dealer as they only deal with original products and you won’t find low-quality stuff on their shop. The Ketum brands commonly found here are:

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  • Whole Herbs
  • Krave Botanicals
  • Choice Botanicals
  • Experience Botanicals
  • Kratom Powder

You can find a huge range of Ketum powders available on the website. They are dealing with the same brands as for capsules and drinks.

The most popular brands for powders are Choice Botanicals and Experience Botanicals. It’s a must-visit website if you want to get high-quality Kratom stuff at low prices.

  • Kratom Drinks

The company also deals with Kratom drinks and brings the best-selling drinks from different Korth companies in one place.

The favorite liquids on their website is from OPMS and Krave Botanicals. However, they deal with other brands too.

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Pricing Comparison

If you find the products on the actual company’s website, they are sold at higher prices. While Nuwave Botanicals offer those products at discounted prices which is a treat for the buyers.

Maybe this could be because they get bulk products from the original Mitrygyna companies and get them at reduced costs which they further sell at reduced prices. I have shared a comparison of a few products so you can evaluate the difference.

  • Capsules

Few examples are shared. Choice Botanicals jumbo bottle (100 count) is sold for $69.99 at their official website, while Nuwave Botanicals offers the same bottle for $39.99.

Same is the case with Krave Botanicals capsules, 150 capsules are officially sold for $49.99 whereas you can get these for $23.98 at Nuwave botanicals, which is a huge difference.

  • Drinks

The Krave Zen 3x shot is available at Nuwave for $6 while its original price is $7.99. the OPM’S liquid 8ml bottle is priced at $19 on other stores whereas Nuwave sells it for $17.28.

  • Powder

Choice 100gr Powder is sold for $25.99 whereas its original price is $49.99.

Whatever the reason is, I am delighted to know that we can actually get the same quality products at a discounted price.

So, if you have a favorite product from any brand which Nuwave sells, make sure you check them out by placing your order soon.

EXP Menage Powder 2

Social Media Presence

Social media has made a big impact on our lives and we can’t deny the importance it has in the present era.

Businesses greatly benefit from being active on social media. It’s a great tool to keep the audience connected, just with a little effort.

Nuwave botanicals is active on social media platforms, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and keeps the customers updated with the latest news and Ketum deals that they offer. They have a huge fan following which continues to grow every day.

So, if you want to know about something about the brand, you can easily find it on these sites if you don’t feel like visiting the online store.

Lab Testing

Checking the authenticity of Kratom products is possible by looking at the Lab tests results of the products that you are interested in. However, Nuvawe Botanicals doesn’t share the reports on their website which is a concerning point. This means that people interested to buy something from the brand are unable to check the lab test results which makes it difficult to make a decision to buy any product as they can follow this practice on other websites where lab test results are available.

How Ethical Is This Brand?

Nuvawe Botanicals doesn’t offer any medical claims with any product sold on their website. Which means that they consider ethical issues seriously and don’t intend to misguide the customers with false statements related to Ketum consumption.

Thus, this proves that they follow ethics, which is important for a brand.

Shipment Details

The store is open for the whole week except for Sundays and holidays. All orders paid by 2 pm will ship out the same day, after that the orders will be processed the next day.

On Saturdays, orders placed by 10 am will be shipped same day and anything later than that will go to Monday then.

There are no details stated for the time they take to deliver the stuff which is an important detail to be mentioned by online dealers!

Another thing is that they only ship to Continental US, and people living somewhere else can’t benefit from the deals that are worth-grabbing.


The positive points should always be highlighted as they encourage the brand to perform better. The best qualities of Nuvawe Botanicals are that they:

  • Sell high-quality Kratom products at discounted prices
  • Offer a range of options from different Korth companies.


Just like the pros, spotting out the negative points is also important for the growth of the brand.

They learn about the gaps and clients can also benefit when they know about the flaws of the company that they are planning to order from. The negative points of Nuvawe Botanicals are as follows:

  • They only ship to Continental U.S.
  • No delivery details are mentioned on the website.
  • No information about payment methods is available.
  • Lab test results aren’t available.


Nuvawe Botanicals is a brand that brings you the best products for their customers. They know very well about the favorite brands in the market and make the stuff available at their store.

They just need to work on offering more information about their shipment and payment policies. Till then you can ask them any question related to their products through the form available on their website.

However, if they work on the lacking areas, it would be a permanent solution and put a nice image on the people who go through their website as people always like to know everything about a certain brand.

Otherwise, considering the number of products offered and the prices that they sell at, their brand is a good place to order from!

Still, an opinion to all Ketum buyers is that don’t order from any website until you are fully satisfied with it. As your happiness and satisfaction are all that matter!

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