Nova Kratom is an online kratom supplier in the Pacific Northwest. They have made a notable impact in the area with their extensive product range and amazing deals. They are now a highly-rated brand known for its versatility. 

If you are thinking of trying Nove Kratom products, then it is essential to know about the brand first. Read on to learn about its strengths and weaknesses for a balanced decision.

About the Vendor 

Monica founded Nova Kratom, and she is still in charge. However, there needs to be more clarity regarding the location and origin of the brand, whether it is based in Idaho or Oregon. Monica’s vision behind this brand is not only to sell Kratom but also to share a passion for the Kratom in a friendly way. Her company aims to make each customer feel unique and valued. 

Nova Kratom rapidly gained attention as a new vendor for offering concentrated kratom powder at reasonable prices. The brand also claims that each of its strains contains 1.5% mitragynine, which indicates that they focus on providing potent kratom products.

However, they need to add information about the office and phone number because it adds transparency about the brand. Some of their website blog reviews have misrepresented facts about the brand, leading to misinformation among customers.

Nova Kratom Products Lab Test Report:

Nova Kratom is known for its high concentration of mitragynine. Their website also mentions that all their products are lab-tested for contaminants, heavy metals, and impurities, which ensures natural and additive-free kratom. Despite all these claims, there is no accessible third-party laboratory certification on their website to substantiate these claims. It raises questions about transparency and verification. 

Prices as Compared With Competitors

Nove Kratom has priced all their strains identically. Their prices range from $22 (with Nova Kratom coupon) for 250 grams, 500 grams for $48, and a kratom kilo selling for $88.00. These are the fair market prices for sure.

However, If we take a general market review, prices for similar kratom products typically range from $10 to $120 depending on the vendor, quality, and quantity. Some well-known vendors offer Kratom at lower prices for basic strains but significantly increase prices for premium or rare strains. 

Comparatively, Nova Kratom pricing falls within the average market range. Their lower-end price of $22 suggests affordability. This is reasonable, especially for new Kratom users for those looking to try new strains without a significant financial commitment. 

Nova Kratom Offers a Return-back Guarantee

Nova Kratom offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their orders. This policy applies to all opened and unopened products. Customers can easily apply for a refund with no specific reason. This 30-day refund starts when the tracking number indicates that the item was delivered, not from the order placement date. 

Customers are only eligible for a refund when they return the products with at least 85% of the original contents. They don’t re-stock their opened returns but rather safely dispose of them.  Their return policy explicitly announces Nova Kratom’s exceptional customer service. If you wish to request a refund, follow the steps mentioned on their website. 

Nova Kratom also offers an exchange policy on unopened products. Customers can return or exchange products within 90 days of receiving them. They also mentioned a step-by-step guide on their website.

Shipping and Payment Options By Nova Kratom

Nova Kratom ships all its orders with USPS Priority Mail, which usually takes 1-3 business days. They don’t offer the fastest shipping methods. However, Nova Kratom provides free shipping on orders over $39.99 and also offers 2*50g free samples on every order. They accept various payment options, including e-checks, Visa, and others. 

Discount Codes And Coupons 

They offer a “NOVAKRATOM20” discount code, which customers can use at checkout for a 20% discount. They also provide different types of coupons for echeck options and orders above $39.99. All these coupons automatically apply at checkout. They also offer newsletter subscriptions to tell customers about the latest Kratom news and Nova Kratom offers. 

What Customer Say About Their Strains

Nova Kratom has positive reviews on its website about products and reasonable prices. Some customers say that their products to shipment are all amazing. Few customers have complained about the taste of their strains. Overall, their customers love Nova Kratom Red Veins products and receive the best reviews among all strains.

Strains Nova Kratom Offers 

Nova Kratom offers a variety of Kratom strains. They categorize their products according to the strains they offer. However, customers must choose whether they want capsules or powder and at what quantity. 

Here is the list of products they provide in each strain:

1- Red Vein:

The products available on Red Vein are in 3 quantities. Customer can choose the quantity and then place their order.

2- White Vein

They offer a variety of products in white veins in various quantities, which are:

3- Green Vein

They offer 17 products under green vein kratom. All the products range from $28 to $88 for different quantities. 

4- Yellow vein Kratom

Every kratom vendor does not offer this kratom vein, but Nova Kratom does offer this unique vein. Nova kratom obtained this vein by uniquely drying white-veined kratom leaves and then subjecting them to a process to produce the yellow coloration. 

  • Yellow Elephant Kratom
  • Yellow Maeng Da Kratom
  • Yellow Vietnam Kratom
  • Yellow Gold Kratom
  • Yellow Sumatra Kratom
  • Yellow Bali Kratom
  • Yellow Horn Kratom
  • Yellow Sunda Kratom
  • Yellow Borneo Kratom
  • Yellow Indo Kratom
  • Yellow Thai Kratom

Nova Kratom: A Notable Player in the Kratom Market 

Nova Kratom has established a positive reputation in the market, evidenced by the favorable reviews they have received on their website. Despite not having AKA, GMP, and FDA-authorized products, Nova Kratom still managed to maintain its strong customer base due to its high quality and variety of products. Their extensive range of Kratom strains also contributes to their positive reception.

However, their affiliate program adds an extra dimension to their business model, allowing individuals to earn a commission by promoting their products. Nova Kratom is a brand that balances quality products with effective customer care, making it a notable player in the kratom market. 



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