Have you heard about the latest innovation in the Kratom industry? It’s called “Nano Kratom.” Well, it is not an ordinary product. That is why the new form of the Southeast Asian plant is gaining popularity across the globe. For many reasons, it’s causing Mitragyna speciosa enthusiasts to think about it! But there is a question what’s Nano Kratom stand for?

With some research on nano Kratom, this read will teach you what micronized Kratom is, the manufacturing process, whether it’s safe to use, and much more.

What Is Nano Kratom All About?

Breaking down Kratom into tinier nanoparticles helps its absorption into the body through the bloodstream. The body can easily get these nanoparticles as they increase the surface area available for metabolism, thus improving absorption. Nano Kratom is often present in products like Kratom gummies, capsules, shots, and tinctures. 

The Nanoparticles are a few microns; you can measure them on a (nm) nanometer scale. It is almost impossible to separate the individual components of the substance. These are finely ground, so small particles with a dusty texture that usually have the size of 1 to 10 microns, so you have to use a microscope to see them.

Micronized Kratom is available in the market in different strain colors; white, red, yellow, and green. Each strain has unique properties that can vary on individual experiences.

How Does Nano Kratom Differ From Kratom Powder?

Don’t let yourself get confused between both terms, as the final shape is dusty. That means nano Kratom can be more effective than conventional powder because it has higher percentages of particles than conventional powder. Using nano Kratom ensures you simultaneously absorb more of Kratom’s health advantages into your body.

Although people use powder mostly yet, with Nano Kratom, you can take your herbal ingestion to the next level. With the help of advanced technology, the manufacturers grind the herbal leaves into an ultra-fine powder that’s very easy to mix with your favorite liquids and meals to swallow down.

How Is Nano Kratom Manufactured?

It takes a long process to make Nano Kratom that you find in the market and has a high demand. As there are no regulations for manufacturing Kratom, the final product’s quality can vary considerably from one manufacturer to another. The procedure involves the nano mills that can filter and grind raw Kratom leaves into very tinier particles. The steps involved in making Nano Speciosa are as follows:

Collecting The Leaves

The first step involves picking the leaves from the Kratom tree. The leaves are in different stages of maturity, and producers pluck them according to the desired product. 

Drying The Leaves

After that, the leaves take several days to dry. There may be exposure to sunlight or processing through a drying shed. Once the leaves are completely dry, the process moves to the next stage.

Preparing And Purifying The Powder

The producers then grind the dried leaves to form a powder. The resulting powder is usually quite coarse. After that, a unique process refines it. The resultant is a fine powder that quickly absorbs. It is the refinement process that gives the substance unique properties.

The Final Step In Making Nano Kratom

After processing the required standard, the final product is ready to pack into various size packaging and sent to vendors. The users consume the powder in various ways, such as brewing it in tea, taking it in capsule form, or mixing it with other ingredients.

Does Nano Kratom Have A Different Chemical Formation?

We can not distinguish nano Kratom from traditionally used forms. However, the micronized state is a fine yet smaller grain of Kratom powder. That is how it is not a chemically modified version of Kratom and has the same chemical composition as other variations. The claims that nano Kratom behaves differently from others lack evidence.

Benefits Of Nano Kratom As Compared To Traditional Kratom Products

You may have a question about why it’s necessary to grind Kratom more when regular powders already exist. People who choose this substance have particular benefits in mind, leading them to buy it rather than regular powder. Below are some advantages of using Nano Kratom.

One reason for switching to this herb is that it blends readily with other powders, drinks, and meals. For users who are always searching for Kratom recipes that can give both the benefits of the plant leaves and great taste, this new creation can do wonders for them. 

Nano Kratom is also assumed that the body metabolizes and assimilates more quickly, resulting in a shorter time to start its effects. Enough research is necessary to determine the absorption rates while ingesting this medicinal herb.

Adding to it, Nanotechnology is modern and advanced. A few users believe that the filtering and grinding methods used in producing nanoparticles contain lower risks. The risks include contamination and impurity as compared to Kratom powder. With the technology or machinery used for making this Kratom product, maintenance and management are also important factors that decide the botanical purity.

Should I Use The Micronized Kratom?

As a Kratom fanatic, try something fresh and new hitting the market. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to remember that Nano Kratom is another form. This form is similar to the others you’ve used, it may involve different processes like filtration, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than regular powder or other forms.

What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Nano Kratom?

If you are thinking about trying the fresh, smooth, and strong Kratom product in micronized form, keep some things in mind. There is no ideal dosage for any Kratom product. Certain factors decide the dosage, including age, gender, lifestyle, and other health conditions. As we are not medical professionals, we cannot recommend any specific amount of this natural therapeutic. Yet here are some general suggestions.

For consumers using this substance for the first time, it is suggested to begin with a smaller dosage when ingesting the herbal supplement. Four to six 0.5g capsules and two to three grams of powder would be enough to initiate the effects. If you are still not noticing any outcomes, adjust the dose accordingly.

However, taking high doses can have different side effects, including dependency on Nano Kratom. That’s why for your good, you must consult with a healthcare provider to avoid the risks.

Will Nano Kratom Show Up On Drug Test?

This question has no exact answer as it depends on various factors. Kratom is not included in standard drug tests, which check for the substances such as marijuana and other tranquilizers. However, some specialized drug tests may include the botanical in their screening.

Moreover, if you ingest nano Kratom that contains trace amounts of other substances, such as sedatives or stimulants, it may be easier to detect them in a drug test. It’s essential to note that the accuracy of drug tests can vary depending on the test type, the sensitivity, and the sample’s quality. It’s best to speak with a medical professional who can provide more specific information on whether nano Kratom will appear on a drug test.

How To Spot Fake Nano Kratom And Other Scams?

Kratom, the natural supplement, lacks regulations across the globe. This situation creates a favorable environment for dishonest manufacturers to operate.

With nanotechnology’s ability to enhance the effects of the tropical plant, it is no longer difficult to make deceptive claims when marketing nano Kratom products. Hence, users have to take care while shopping for it. One way of doing so is to determine the quality of the product. Here are a few suggestions that will help you determine whether the micronized Kratom is authentic or fake:

  • See for the product with third-party testing, labelling information, or a certificate of analysis (COA)
  • Look for the packaging 
  • The price should be reasonable, as the cheaper can cost you much later.

The Sum Of Discussion

If you’re seeking a new, potent alternative without any unpleasant side-effects, you may try Nano Kratom. Vendors have developed new and unique strains of Nano Kratom that may work great for you. So, if your current experience with Kratom powder, capsules, or gummies could be better, upgrade it with Nano. It’s important to remember that Nano Kratom is a varied form derived from the same herbal leaves. The preparation procedure is quite different, enhancing its effectiveness compared to regular powder. However, it depends on your preferences to use this variation or others.



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