In this day and age, virtual shopping places and access to commodities from faraway places is getting common by the minute. We can now get our hands on any item that is from a distant place, and the best part is, there is no compromise on quality!

Another trend that that has become common is the use of natural supplements to deal with health issues, instead of using medicines for long periods.

Putting these two things together, we find several shops online for kratom and other natural opioids that have made a place in the market.

My Trees of Life is an online vendor that offers kratom to combat various health issues.

However, the most exciting thing about it is that it sells plants! You can buy your kratom plant from the online shop and grow your feed. The name says a lot about the products available as it sells kratom to millions of people who can benefit from the qualities of the plant.

Kratom – A Tree of Life

Kratom is a plant that possesses the ability to help users with numerous disorders and illnesses. It helps curb stress-related issues like anxiety and depression.

People can use kratom to feel energized and maximizes their performance in every field. If you want to feel alert, pain-free and excited to face life, you can use the different types of kratom tree leaves to achieve a better quality of life!

Background of My Trees of Life

My Trees of Life was established only two years ago but has benefited thousands of people who wanted to grow their plant and avail the goodness of Kratom leaves. This concept is new as the rest of the online shops sell processed products which are ready to use.

The website is a colourful homepage with easy access to the various plants and some information about kratom as well as the site. You can quickly get to shopping for the kratom plant you want to grow.

All you do is log on to the website and go through ‘All Products’. Choose the plant of your choice and place your order on the website. The site needs the necessary information as a standard form. You can fill it and place your order with ease.

Payment and Returns

The website promises quick and smooth delivery. The shop delivers rooted plants to your doorstep in good condition. The users say that they have always received their orders on time.

The My Trees Of Life offers cash on delivery and also gives discounts. This practice makes it easier for customers to buy online and save money while getting a plant that will add quality to life.


The best part about My Trees Of Life is that it is a one-time investment that does not make it hard for the users to continue their consumption.

A healthy plant, which provides kratom forever, will cost less than $50 to $250. It is easier to afford this plant than order monthly supplements, which turn out to be more expensive in the long run.

What’s Different About The Website?

The website is not a kratom supplement vendor. It is a place where people can buy plants and grow them on their own. The experience is not only a refreshing one but ensures a continuous supply of your favorite kratom, which you have in your own home!

How Are The Plants Sold?

The plants are not sold as seeds but as young organisms that grow in suitable soil and environment for up to 6 weeks. All you have to do is order the plant, take care of it and benefit from the kratom plant to keep yourself energized and pain-free!

How Do They Package The Plants?

Many customers worry about how a live plant can come in a box to them! The company packages the plant keeping in mind that it is a living organism and has to remain aerated and fresh.

The packaging is done in a way to safeguard the fragile plant without suffocating it. Users have commended the online shop for maintaining a good standard of delivery and packaging.

Is Kratom Plant Easy To Grow? How Will I Raise The Plant?

Yes! You can also buy a plant from My Trees Of Life and grow it in your home. The ideal environment for the plant is to keep it warm and humid.

Many users have kept the plant indoors or have used the greenhouse environment for growing plants.

When you receive your order from My Trees Of Life, you will also get a booklet of instructions. This ten-page manual will guide you about how to grow the plant on your own.

At the online shop, the cultivator plant seeds and take care of the plant for 6 to 10 weeks old.

Users have to transplant it in a bigger pot and maintain a few environmental factors. The plant grows well and will keep giving you energy and positivity through regular use.

Things to Consider

We have explained that it is easy to nourish the plant at home; however, it is essential to compare the purchase of a live plant with a processed kratom blend.

Users have to keep in mind that they have to look after a plant whereas if they buy kratom powder or capsules, it is easier only to consume it! Any living thing requires attention and care.

Therefore people with a busy routine or travel may not be able to take care of their plant well.

Some people live in colder areas and cannot maintain the atmospheric humidity and temperature that is favorable for the kratom plant.

My Trees of Life sells live plants, and that may result in some people consuming more than needed. Capsules and powders come in a proper measured dosage, but a plant can be used in teas or as a paste in excess.

The users may not be able to evaluate the right quantity and may suffer from side effects due to over-dosage.

The Kratom Plants Available On The My Trees Of Life Website

There are several types of kratom plants available at the online shop. Here is a brief introduction of each one of them:

1) Rifat Thai Kratom

Rifat Thai Kratom

Rifat Thai kratom is one of the four types of kratom originating in Thailand. People believe that this is one of the two kinds of kratom trees that grow in different regions and their names are according to their area of plantation.

However, the Thai Rifat is a favorite type and is available as a live plant of the website. This plant helps deal with several health concerns such as pains, stress, depression, anxiety and many other minor issues. The Rifat kratom is a type of tree that grows in many countries.

The My Trees of Life shop offers Thai variety, which is the most popular. This variety gets its name from the French botanist Claude Rifat, who cloned the plant. It is said to have high alkaloid content, which makes it more effective.

2) Indonesian Kratom

Indonesian Kratom

Indonesian kratom plant is also available in the online shop. You can observe the plant accurately since there are pictures of the leaves with each item.

The Indonesian kratom is also as beneficial as the Rifat Thai, but the difference is that it grows in a different place and has been cultured from the variety that grows in Indonesia.

The website claims that it is the second plant strain that has become available in the United States after Rifat Thai. The Indonesian kratom has a soothing and stimulating effect. You can conveniently grow your supply of this plant now!

3) Bumblebee Vietnam

Bumblebee Vietnam

Bumblebee Vietnam is an exciting kratom and causes a lot of curiosity among people due to its name. This variety is from the kratom variety that grows in Vietnam.

4) American Grown Kratom Leaves

American Grown Kratom Leaves

American grown Kratom leaves are also available at the website. These leaves may be the only variety that is ready to use and does not need processing. You can use them in tea and other beverages.

Apart from all these products, there are numerous plant packages that you can read about in detail on the website.

User Reviews

The customers often appreciate this website as a way to obtain their own plant and benefit from it forever at a limited cost. It is a one-time investment, and that is what makes it popular.

People find different kinds of strains available at My Trees Of Life to be a good alternative for medication and that also as a regular supply. You can read numerous reviews of happy customers on the website.

The only thing that you will have to choose is the variety of kratom you want. The customers like the whole experience of shopping from My Trees Of Life, and it can guide you in making the right choice.



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