We all want to find the best Kratom product when it comes to online purchasing. There are doubts if we don’t get to see the powder ourselves and know if it’s real or fake. But with Mr. Botanicals Kratom, you will get the 100% real Kratom products you want!

All you need to do is browse through their website and find the best Kratom strain you want. They have a pretty good collection that will keep you coming back for more. Enjoy their Kratom powder in your tea, or take it however, you like!

We are here to review each and every one of the Kratom powders they offer. Our in-depth research on Mr. Botanicals Kratom category will clear all your queries and doubts related to any Kratom purchase in the future.

An In-Depth Mr. Botanicals Kratom Review

Mr. Botanicals has been providing its users with authentic and trusted Kratom powders since 2002. With their vast experience, they really mean business.

The company comes from the Netherlands and has been providing its services worldwide. Its international shipping and fast delivery service easily outperform other European-based herb providers. You are bound to see herbs that are hard to come by online!

They select Kratom powders that are highly potent and from the best farms in Borneo and Malaysia. You will find it to be finely powdered, with its original properties intact.

The website is easy to browse and has all the necessary information one can find. Not only does it include a comprehensive Kratom powder range but also other herbs such as Kanna, African Dream Herb, Mimosa Hostilis, and Motherwort, to name a few.


We have listed the pros we found during our extensive review:

  • High-quality Kratom powders.
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Insurance for your shipment.
  • Orders are shipped within 24 hours.
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • International shipping


No product or service can be perfect. Here are some cons we found:

  • There is no cryptocurrency payment option.
  • There is no cash on Delivery option.


Let’s get to the pricing of their Kratom powders. Each Kratom powder is of high-grade quality and finely powdered to not give you that gritty texture when combined with water or any other beverage. The prices are reasonable, and the products are worth your money.

Mr. Botanicals offers only two strains of Kratom powder as of now. One is Borneo, while the other is a Maeng Da Kratom blend. Here are the prices offered for each product:

Kratom – White vein Borneo, Red vein Borneo, and Green vein Borneo

1 KG$190
3 KG$480
5 KG$760
10 KG$1,350

Kratom – Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da

1 KG$190
3 KG$480
5 KG$760
10 KG$1,350

Kratom – New! Maeng Da Super Green

1 KG$200
3 KG$500
5 KG$800
10 KG$1,400

Maeng Da Kratom is imported directly from Malaysia and gives a strong kick to the user. The other strain comes from Borneo Island and is also potent and rich in quality.

There is little to no variation in the prices of the Kratom powders. This is the main reason why getting your hands on any strain you want is not a problem.

But comparing these prices with other Kratom products out there is an issue. Customers can usually get the same products at a low price. This gives the business a setback. However, they make up for it with fast and within 2 days delivery service. They also give insurance on the purchased products with a promise of a 100% money-back guarantee to the buyer.

Overall, Mr. Botanicals must give some thought to setting their pricing strategy. But the Kratom powder is of the highest quality, with no faults in its delivery whatsoever! We give its pricing structure a 7 out of 10.


The great thing about the business is its international customer base. It provides worldwide delivery with an almost hassle-free shipment. Once you place your order, you will be given a tracking ID to trace your package’s path. The added benefit is that you will not find any hidden charges once you checkout.

The website gives you insurance on every package booked. So even if your shipment gets damaged, you are guaranteed to receive 100% money back.

They also ensure that your product is safe, with no discernible hints as to what could be in it. Discreet packaging is their norm, so your product has a limited chance of interference during the shipment process.

The packaging ensures there is no chance of foreign material entering the Kratom powder and violating its properties. What makes their shipping structure great is the promise of delivering your package within 2 business days, with most articles being shipped within 24 hours. Overall, we give its shipping structure a 9 out of 10.

Refund Policy

People are reluctant to make online purchases as they are not sure if the product is true to its word. And users are even more wary of buying herbs online. Another reason is the fact that most online businesses do not offer refunds and rely on exchange policies.

But that is not the case with Mr Botanicals. Their refund policy includes a 100% money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with their purchase. All you need to do is send the product back to the company to claim your full refund.

The products are fully insured, so you do not feel cheated at all! This alone justifies the high price set by the company on its Kratom powders. The discreet packaging allows for no chance of amalgamation in the product, and it is safely delivered to your doorstep.


Make payments through your debit or credit card with any bank. The website accepts Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, mail (money) orders, and bank transfers.

It is a seamless transaction process with no hidden charges at all! Simple instructions will guide you on how to conduct a successful transaction. The website uses SSL encryption to make your payments safe and secure.

The only drawback is that there is no medium of transaction for cryptocurrency. They also do not offer a cash-on-delivery service for the time being. We give their payment process an 8 out of 10.

Customer Service

They deserve a pat on the back for their return-on-order policy. Every order you place gives you an Order ID and a Tracking ID. If you feel like returning your parcel, you can simply go to their website and click on Orders and Returns. Enter your Order ID along with your Last Name and Email address or zip code to return your order!

Send them an email at ‘support@mrbotanicals.com’ if you want to know the status of your order or have any queries. You can also go to their website and fill out the Contact Information page with the required fields to receive their reply via email. Include your contact number if you want their customer representative agent to call back.

We have said enough about their commitment to privacy for their users, refund policy, and pricing. We give their customer service an 8 out of 10.

Bottom Line

Mr. Botanicals is one of the longest-running online herb sellers in the European region. Users can find the best Borneo and Maeng Da Kratom powders from their website without any hitch in the delivery process. Its insurance on products and full refund policy are what set it apart from its competitors.

They can work on the pricing strategy to capture more Kratom users. But they make up for it with their quality customer service and delivery within 2 business days.



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