Mount Kratom is one of the kratom vendors that have become popular within a short time. We tried out the various strains they offered and understood the reason. Quality, price and the efficacy of kratom strains is what users look for in any product. The wide variety of kratom strains at Mount Kratom is enough for you to indulge in an experience that provides multiple health benefits.

Excellent packaging, Lab tested, Variety of Strains
Key Strains: Maeng Da, Bali, Super Green Malay
$$; $$$
Retail Locations: Online only
Shipping: Depending on which payment option you use at the time of order
Payment Method: Zelle/Venmo, Credit/Debit Cards and E-Check
Coupons: will be added soon

Score Card

The overall score for all the strains was based on quality, price, and the origin of Kratom and the consistent services of the supplier. Mount Kratom qualifies for five stars on all bases, and that’s more than enough for you to go ahead and try the strains you like!

Is Mount Kratom Reputable?

The FDA has not yet passed Kratom as a natural supplement to help health issues, and the pharmaceutical companies benefit from this. However, millions of people around the country use Kratom as a pain killer and anti-anxiety supplement, and they find it to be beneficial. New users who want to turn to Kratom to avoid opiate dependence always ask one question, where can I find quality kratom?

With the restrictions on Kratom, several unreliable vendors have surfaced, causing doubt among new and old users alike. When you want to choose a vendor, remember some factors matter more than others. Mount Kratom is one of the known vendors that supply quality with variety. You can shop a wide range of kratom strains while enjoying discounts and improving health!

A reputable brand is one that conducts lab tests on all products, maintains freshness and delivers the best quality of Kratom to customers with proof! The Good Manufacturing Practice certification is the standard of excellence in the kratom industry.

Mount Kratom has been open and honest about the fact that the company is still trying to get the GMP certification. However, you can rest assured that the freshness and aroma of any strain that you buy from Mount Kratom will vouch for the quality maintained by the supplier.

The Company and Three Pillars

Mount Kratom is in New York and is not one of the pioneers of kratom industry in the United States. It is a comparatively new company but has established a customer base and fantastic reviews within a year. Mount Kratom believes in simplicity and transparency, which is their claim to become a favourite among users all over the country.

Mount Kratom stands on three principle pillars; sourcing high-quality Kratom, then the company supports its customers by offering the best prices with the best service. These three pillars are what makes the company’s service and products different.

The Origin of Kratom

Mount Kratom imports the dried leaves of Kratom from Southeast Asia. The organic Kratom comes from various suppliers, based on the source of the particular type of Kratom. All organically grown Kratom is bought from Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

The Shop

The Mount Kratom online shop is an easy layout for all those who only seek health benefits and don’t want to go through a problematic shopping procedure. All products can be displayed at once, or you can focus your search on red, green and white strains or select the variety packs designed by the supplier just for you!

You can find refined powders, capsules and several mixes of different kratom types to suit specific conditions.

The Colour Glossary

The colour of the leaf vein is what determines the different types of kratom strains. However, the richness of colour and aroma speaks volumes about the quality of the strain.

Mount Kratom displays pictures of the variety they have in store, and it is an excellent way to let the customer decide whether the product is pure and organic.

The Red Vein Bali kratom is a brighter colour with a strong tinge of red, while the red Maeng Da is not as brilliant, this is due to the nature of both the types. It is an excellent indicator to see that all kratom types available at Mount Kratom are kept the way they are in nature.

Unauthentic sources of Kratom may use colour to satisfy customers that if they are buying the red variety of Kratom, it does look red. However, this is not the case with Mount Kratom and adds a point to its profile!

Colour Glossary Mount KratomWhat Do Colour and Aroma Mean for Kratom?

The colour and aroma of the various Kratom strains only ensure users of its organic nature and freshness. The distinct aroma of multiple types of this plant is due to the nature of that particular strain. For example, White Maeng Da has a nutty smell, while Red Bali may have an earthy and herbal fragrance.

The aroma and colour of any kratom strain have a story to tell, and Mount Kratom ensures that their sale items remain fresh so you can enjoy the effects of your kratom purchase.

Mount Kratom Prices and Money Back Guarantee

The prices offered at Mount Kratom are lesser than other vendors. You can find your favourite kratom strain in 1-ounce to 1-kilogram packing without exceeding $100 on the cash register! This packaging is a fantastic feature of the Mount kratom shop since all of us love lower prices without any compromise on quality.

The customers can receive an ounce of any kratom they want to try if they shop for $100 or more. You can now avail this offer and try new strains for free!

The online shop may offer seasonal discounts, and the return policy is also easy. You can return your purchase within a month and get full payment back, but you have to email the request for a refund. The money back guarantee option ensures the company’s confidence in their kratom strains!

The Mount Kratom packing is a cool black bag with all the details of your kratom powder. It is a ziplock bag that keeps Kratom fresh while it’s easy to use again!

Shipping and Delivery

Mount Kratom ships your order as soon as the payment is made. You can pay through credit cards as it is the most convenient method. You can also pay through Zelle or Venmo. E-check is another safe and efficient method to pay for your Kratom. Once the company receives your payment, your package will be on its way to you! The delivery can be within a day if you are in a hurry to get your order. Otherwise, only three working days are required.

Mount Kratom offers USPS courier service, which takes a short period to deliver, however, if you pay through credit card, you are sure to receive your order within two days because the payment is instant. With E-check, it may take up to five days because the payment clearance requires two days.

Mount Kratom delivers all over the United States except Rhode Island, Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, Arkansas, Alabama, Washington DC, Alton, Sarasota County, Columbus and San Diego.

The Must-try Strains

Every individual has a different requirement when it comes to Kratom. However, here are a few kratom types at Mount Kratom that we recommend!

The White Maeng Da kratom is a perfect alternative for coffee. It stimulates your senses and makes you feel ready for the day. The reason we recommend it is that it works on your moods to make you feel confident and sure of yourself. Probably this is something a lot of us need nowadays! The black seal bag holds a lot of energy inside, and once you open it, the whiff of earthy, organic aroma will mesmerize you for a short while. It soothes the senses and makes you feel positive. Excellent quality of Kratom is only evident in the taste and the aroma!

Another pick for you can be the Bentuangie kratom. It is soothing and stimulating at the same time! The Bentuangie kratom powder is ideal for people who do not want to feel lazy or sedated but want to keep their mind off stressful thoughts. Every individual will find something in Kratom that makes them feel better; with Bentuangie, it is the stress-free and anxiety-free state that you experience!

Here’s What People Says!

Mount Kratom users will almost convince you to log on right now and order any strain of Kratom that you like from the shop. You can find several user reviews on the social media pages of Mount Kratom along with sites such as Reddit. People are all praises for the quality, service and low prices of Kratom that has helped them deal with pain, anxiety and that too at a reasonable price!

Some users have found new strains at Mount Kratom, which they were reluctant to try from elsewhere. Due to the excellent quality of kratom variations at Mount Kratom, people dared to try Kratom other than their usual picks. These reviews speak loud about the company’s prerogative to offer the best and win people’s trust!

Video: Review of Mount Kratom

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  1. There are not many companies that I actively seek out places to throw a review for it down. I was VERY suspicious about them at first, mainly because i wanted a 250-gram bag and the only way to buy an order that low is through Zelle… I got the order WAY before they estimated it would be to me and there were no issues.

    The Kratom (red meng da) is STRONG. Very good stuff. Fine powder that’s perfect for teas, smoothies, condensing to an extract, or packing into capsules.

    I honestly can’t recommend this place enough. Their prices also aren’t cheap, they’re fair. People are just used to bloated and greedy price-points.

  2. have been buying my Kratom from Mt. Kratom for about a year. I tried their variety pack the first time because I was new and had never bought before. I did however do a fair to vast amount of research before committing to a purchase, Mt. Kratom had the best reviews I could find so I felt safe offering up my credit card and buying from them. Their site is easy to navigate and their response to questions was very quick and concise. My first order was placed during their normal East coast work hours so the email communication from Mt. Kratom staff commenced within moments. The order was filled and shipped within an hour of so. I was provided tracking information and received updates about the shipping progress from Mt. Kratom. I received the product at my West coast home in three days and was very pleased with the shipment packing and the product resealable black foil envelopes, I as well received a follow up email from Mt. Kratom asking if there were any issues with the product once it had been delivered. In recent memory I can say I have never experienced the level of CUSTOMERR SERVICE I have seen from Mt. Kratom, they are in a word – OUTSTANDING!! If you’re doing your own research (which I hope you are!) and somehow have stumbled upon my thoughts, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to try at least one of their products. That will assuredly make up your mind and you’ll be among their thousands of VERY SATISFIED customers for as long as you are a consumer of kratom. I wish you GOOD LUCK with whatever is bothering you and I sincerely hope kratom will help you. By tha by, I settled upon using their WHITE product(s). They work the best for me.


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