For a while now, the snowball of Kratom has been growing steadily due to its relaxing and energizing effects. The organic tree which is planted mainly in particular regions of Asia continues to be a magical solution to a lot of folks’ health problems.

At the moment, you can purchase Kratom in many strains and formulations. The market is filled with capsules, oil extracts, and powders of Kratom products.

Due to its intricate nature of being used in many forms, there are a lot of vendors who have specialized in producing and selling particular forms of Kratom.

Purchasing Kratom online is easy but finding the best and reliable Kratom vendor might be the bull-charging task you have to go through. It is frustrating to spend a lot on a Kratom product whose quality is not what you expected to have paid for.

Moon Kratom is a Kratom vendor based in Austin Texas and specializes in the distribution of high-quality Kratom products. This Kratom vendor claims to sell Kratom products in all sizes and at the lowest price.

How well does Moon Kratom compare to the rest of the vendors in the Kratom vending business? Let us take a look.

Moon Kratom Customer Reviews

The best way to judge service delivery is to consider the views and comments of the end user. Moon Kratom has enjoyed considerably good ratings from its customers. That is the case if you consider the reviews written on the vendor’s website.

One customer in particular notes that Moon Kratom has “amazing products and great customer service. Highly recommended. The Maeng da Kratom product is amazing” This could point out to the efficiency and reliability of their customer support services.

You can also easily catch a glimpse of the good quality products from Moon Kratom from the reviews written by customers. To sum it up, you will be glad to know that customers consider Moon Kratom impressive because of product quality, shipping, and pricing.

“Best Kratom I’ve found! Best price too! Very light, fine texture, nice and fluffy. I will continue to be a loyal customer because I really appreciate what you guys are doing.” It is evident that positive reviews most customer share about the Kratom quality and pricing put this vendor a level higher above many average Kratom vendors currently in the market.

Kratom Strains Available at Moon Kratom

Moon Kratom lists a variety of strains on their website. Giving customers a variety of strains to choose from is highly valuable.

Each customer has their own favored strain of Kratom. Kratom strains are different not just in their regions of origin but also the effect they produce. This is why a particular strain will be favored because the customer wants the impact it has.

Recently, Moon Kratom added to its stock of strains by introducing new strains to its shelves. The vendor now includes White Borneo, Yellow Thai and Red Bali to its previously sold strains. Besides these strains, there are other strains which are highly sought after.

In general, Moon Kratom offers the following strains of Kratom:

Yellow or Brown Kratom Strains which are similar in characteristics to Red strains. The Yellow strain is also derived from the same leaves of the natural organic tree that produces the Red Kratom.

The only difference is that Yellow Kratom is dried for much longer or fermented. The fermentation or prolonged drying helps to enhance this strain’s euphoric effect.

The euphoric effect of Yellow is accompanied by an energizing, pain relieving, relaxing and augmenting focus effects.

Red Kratom Strainsbear yellow strains as well. As a result, users can also experience the euphoric effect of the yellow strain of Kratom. In particular, Red Kratom strains sold by Moon Kratom have been known to produce analgesic effects. This is the desired Kratom strain if you are going after a product with both relaxing and energizing effect.

Moon Kratom’s Red strain is obtained from the Kratom leaves which receive more sunlight from any other part of the tree.

Green Kratom is the other strain sold by Moon Kratom. This one, in particular, helps to stimulate the mind. It is also known to energize and provide a euphoric effect on the body.

If you need a clear head, dealing with stress and overall serenity, this is the strain to order from Moon Kratom.

How much the Green strain impacts you will vary depending on the individual using it. Some people will simply it t help focus and concentrate. Unlike the Red strain, Green Kratom strains are obtained from the leaves found at the bottom of the tree. These leaves receive much less sunlight.

White Kratom Strains share in the characteristics of the Green Kratom Strains. Despite the similarities in the characteristics, this strain is obtained from leaves found in the middle of the tree. They receive more light than the leaves of the Green strain but lesser compared to the Red strains.

Moon Kratom’s White Kratom Strains helps provide clear minded energy and relaxation effect to its consumers. Due to their strong analgesic properties, White Kratom is highly suitable for pain relief.

Best Kratom Products from Moon Kratom

Moon Kratom ProductsMoon Kratom prides itself as being one of the most sought-after Kratom vendors not just in Texas but most of the regions it distributes to.

However, not all Kratom products sold by Moon are equally appreciated. Whether it is the price or the innate quality of the product, Moon Kratom’s product is differently valued by its customers.

Among the 8 products sold by Moon Kratom, here are the best brands you might want to try out from them.

1) Yellow Indonesian Micro Powder Kratom

This blend is one of Moon’s best sellers. It is considered one of the freshest Kratom powder in the market with a flour-like consistency. Consumers who have tried out Yellow Indonesian Micro Powder compliment it for its strength and impactful effect.

2) Green Indonesian Micro Powder

The Green Indonesian Micro powder is a special blend which has a bright energy glow. It is perfect for its relaxation and mind concentration.

3) White Borneo Micro Powder Kratom

Moon Kratom didn’t initially offer white Borneo. However, due to the great demand for the product in the market, Moon introduced it to their shelves.

Moon Kratom’s White Borneo has all the beneficial characteristics of a White Kratom strain. The white powder organic Borneo is one of the most sought-after Kratom products.

4) Yellow Thai Micro Powder Kratom

Moon Kratom also introduced the Yellow Thai Kratom to their line of Kratom. To say that most customers are satisfied with this selection would be an understatement. If you are a fan of the Yellow strains of Kratom, then getting Thai Micro powder from Moon Kratom is a choice you will never regret.

5) Maeng Da Kratom Micro Powder

This product is also referred to as the Super Green Kratom by customers who have purchased the product from Moon Kratom. The vendor continues to enjoy high sales from Maeng Da Kratom. This Kratom product, a real version of the Green Kratom strain yields all the desired effects of Green Kratom.

6) 10X Kratom Extract

Moon Kratom also has another product known as the 10X Kratom Extract. This product offers not only the cleanest but also the purest form of Kratom extract. Due to its pure nature, the 10X is also highly being sought after.

Pricing of Moon Kratom Products

It is fair to some that among many things, Moon Kratom has become popular for selling its Kratom products at relatively lower prices. The Kratom powder is sold at low prices.

Here, you can find prices for Kratom powder starting as low as $21. Without compromising on the product quality, this vendor aims to be the lowest priced around.

The Product Prices are as listed below:

  • Yellow Indonesian Micro Powder Kratom
    $21.00 – $124.00
  • Green Indonesian Micro Powder
    $21.00 – $124.00
  • White Borneo Micro Powder Kratom
    $21.00 – $124.00
  • Yellow Thai Micro Powder Kratom
    $21.00 – $124.00
  • Red Bali Micro Powder Kratom
    $21.00 – $124.00
  • Red Indonesian Micro Powder Kratom
    $21.00 – $124.00
  • Maeng Da Kratom Micro Powder
    $25.00 – $139.00
  • 10X Kratom Extract
    $32.00 – $200.00

Moon Kratom Coupons and Deals

If you are looking for Kratom product for any purpose, Moon Kratom is your one-stop shop. It has everything that a Kratom user needs and sells their products at the lowest prices in the market. The prices at Moon Kratom are several dollars lower than the average store in the market.

As if the low price is not incentive enough, Moon Kratom offers you alternative ways of saving money. You can purchase gift certificates from this vendor to send to your friends and family. You can also sign up for the newsletter to get exclusive access to new products.

You also get coupon codes to enjoy great discounts.

Product Descriptions

The only downside with shopping for Kratom from Moon Kratom is their inadequate product descriptions. It is unfortunate that this vendor’s site falls short of giving anything in the form of explanation as to what varies between the products they offer.

If you are using Kratom products for the first time, you are bound to have a difficult time choosing the brand that fits your needs.

Sure, the variety is nice and sounds fancy, but as a consumer, we’re given literally zero information on what differentiates one from the next. The descriptions make vague claims such as “most sought-after” or “purest Kratom” and “best-selling product” without a slight validation of such claims.

Final Words on Moon Kratom

If you are an avid fan of Kratom and are simply looking for a vendor who can supply you with the best quality, then Moon Kratom is your go-to vendor. Besides their low prices, their customer service is exceptional. It is responsive and reliable for any query you may have.

Ordering from this vendor is also very easy, and their shipping is prompt and secure. You will be glad to know that Moon Kratom offers a variety of payment options including Bitcoin. Overall, this is one of the best Kratom vendors you will come across in the market.



  1. This is my first time buying from you. I have not yet trued My Kratom, but I’m looking forward to seeing how well it works. I had wonderful customer service, and that alone is worth coming back to check out other items.

  2. Just got a bag of this, I’ve tried a lot of different kratom and usually go back to my original vendor… Had a coupon for this company and tried it last night after taking a 3 month break from kratom and didn’t even notice I took anything?? I tried adding a little bit more than usually which I SHOULDN’T need to after a long break… I’m going to try for a few more days and email the vendor because something ain’t right.


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