No doubt, kratom has its pool of boundless benefits when it comes to health. With the ever-growing increase in the types of kratom strains available and so many competitors, you may likely be confused with so many options.

Here is an unbiased brand review of Kratom by Mitragaia which no doubt beats all its competitors when it comes to the basic few things to consider. Formerly known as Gaia Ethnobotanical, Mitragaia has been on the top for many years now and there are reasons behind it.

About Mitragaia Kratom

Formerly known as Ethnobotanicals, MITRAGAIA is based in Las Vegas. It is an online store that sells the best quality kratom and is a certified top-certified vendor of kratom. The brand has been successfully maintaining its position on #1 in terms of being the main source of kratom and its quality that is unmatched by others. 

MITRAGAIA is composed of two words namely Mitra which means friend in Sanskrit and Gaia which is the name of a Greek Goddess of the earth. This brand is said to have over five million reviews online that are all praises for this brand. It is claimed that once you consume MITRAGAIA, you will never want to switch to another brand for your kratom needs. 

With over 5 million reviews online, the founder’s view is that once you consume MITRAGAIA kratom, you will never want to change your favorite shop for all of your kratom needs.

Why Mitragaia Is The Best Brand?

The background and reputation maintained by Mitragaia Kratom is based on the high-quality products they offer are enough to prove a point. Below are some core values they practice and maintain that make this brand the number one choice and no doubt it has easily maintained its spot on the number one position.

Diverse Range of Products

MITRAGAIA Kratom offers different types of strains that are available in different structure types. These strains are resourced from over more than 15 types of different regions in the SouthEast of Asia.

All of these strains are high quality and MITRAGAIA never runs out of stock. Some popular and most commonly used strains include green kratom, white kratom, yellow kratom, red kratom, and the best ones are their new ones, namely the gold and silver strains. 

AKA GMP Compliant Products

Mitragaia Kratom is AKA GMP compliant along with being FDA compliant. Yes, all of their products are tested in a third-party lab which ensures the originality and quality of the product being tested. All of the strains are heavily tested for any metals of bacteria. Mitragaia has a strict policy when it comes to production and regulation of product quality to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Lightning Fast Shipping

MITRAGAIA offers the best and seamless shopping experience. All of the orders are given a tracking number as soon as you place an order. Depending on the time you place your order at and the day, you order easily arrives within two to three business days or sometimes even in a day. 

Good Price

MITRAGAIA offers the best prices to its customers although their products are very high quality. So you don’t have to worry about spending an entire fortune on it. Also, the brand cooperates a lot with, which keeps offering various discounts and coupons from time to time for the customers. 

Customer Support

MITRAGAIA Kratom strives to offer the best customer support at all times. If you ever have any concerns or face any issue, they are highly responsive and supportive and you can also consult in choosing the right strain if you are unsure. They also send regular messages to confirm your order and offer updates plus a tracking option to make sure you can observe your shipment. 


The dedication and investment of so many years towards the maintenance of quality. MITRAGAIA is appreciated by both professionals and customers alike. The brand has been on the Top 3 for so many years straight and has also been declared as having the best customer support team. 

Are The Products Lab Tested?

Mitragaia Kratom takes lab testing procedures very seriously and practices serious lab testing methods and also posts the results on the website regularly. Tests for all kinds of bacterias and metals related to kratom are carried out through various third-party lab companies. 

What Do They Offer?

MITRAGAIA never runs out of stock and has a wide range of blends and kratom strains, extracts and so much more. They have recently opened another headquarters in Jacksonville where new powders and capsules are being prepared. 

Some of their most popular kratom strain powder types include the following:

  • Maeng Da: Prices start from $11/oz and available in all four colors. $40 for 4 oz and $150/kg.
  • White Dragon Capsules: Prices start from $6.99/oz and $160/kg.
  • 8-in-one custom blend: Prices start from $5/oz and $120/kg.
  • 50x Black Diamond Extract: Prices start from $65/oz and $1500/kg.
  • Red Bali: Prices start from $5/oz and $120/kg.
  • Bali Gold: Prices start from $5/oz and $120/kg.
  • Green Bali: Prices start from $5/oz and $120/kg.

Most Popular Kratom Strains By Mitragaia

Some of the most popular kratom strains by Mitragaia include their newly introduced blends and strains which are produced after a long and tedious process to ensure maximum benefits.

Mitragaia Bali Gold: Best Mitragaia Kratom Strain

The Bali gold powder is a high-quality strain that offers the ultimate euphoric experience and has a very fresh aroma. The power offers a gentle mouthfeel and is like powdered sugar in texture. Bali gold smells like black tea that is very strong and is extracted from OG leaves that are dark in color and very rich in alkaloid concentration. 

Mitragaia White Dragon – 2nd Choice For Top Kratom Strain

The second best popular strain by the brand is the White Dragon Strain which is a combination of Elephant and Maeng Da which are one of the most powerful strains on the market by the brand. The elephant strain gets its name because of its oversized leaves that resemble the floppy ears of the elephant. These leaves are rich in Mitragynine and produce a powder that is very pungent and strong with a very rich indole alkaloid. 

Mitragaia 8-In-1 Blend

Many customers of this brand are all praises for this combination offered by Mitragaia, it is a custom blend where you can ask for different Green Malay, Bali, and Maeng Da. Based on your need, you can order just an ounce, a quarter kilo, or a kilogram of this blend. The blend gives you a chance to experience the mixture of all their different strains at a cheaper rate as opposed to stocking up on individual ones. 

The 50x Extract

The 50x extract is so fine that it has a consistency of a talcum powder and easily dissolves into the water. It is the Maeng Da strain that is produced by using various extraction methods that finally result in the most high-quality kratom powder rich in alkaloid. This strain is abundant in 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine. The production of this strain is quite time-consuming but the results are worth it. 

Current Payment Options

Mitragia offers different payment options for its customer’s convenience. These include:

  • Money order
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Credit Card (Mastercard and Visa)
  • ACH (Checking and Savings account)

Discounts And Coupon Codes

  • You can save an extra 10% when checking out by using the coupon code: BUNNY
  • You can get 5% off of your next order by using the coupon code: welcome5
  • Mitragaia also offers gift cards you can buy for your loved ones ranging from $10 to $500.

Is Mitragaia Making False Medical Claims?

When it comes to buying and selling Mitragyna, there are very strict rules and regulations set by the FDA, and warning letters continuously are sent to vendors and brands that tend to make false claims about their brand.

Mitragaia Kratom makes sure that there are false or misleading claims made on their website. The company also clearly says that their products are not intended for medical use and they do not have any medical claims. So far, the brand has a very clean and good reputation on the market. 

Social Media Presence Of Mitragaia

These days, the use of social media for the promotion of brands and interacting with customers is essential. Since Mitragaia is an online store, its social media presence is a must. The brand is fairly active on all social media platforms and its pages are updated regularly.

Mitragaia Kratom also has a Pinterest account along with a very active Facebook and Twitter page. You can follow their pages to stay updated with their recent releases of products, discounts, and new strains introduced. The brand also makes sure to respond timely to any queries raised by the customers. 

Return Policy

The brand offers a return policy in case there are any harmed goods delivered which is a very nice rule to practice that increases the bond between the brand and the customer. It also shows how much a brand has faith in its products and Mitragaia offers a complete return policy when it comes to dissatisfaction by the customer in case of improper strains of unsatisfactory products. 

Final Words

In conclusion, based on all the above-mentioned factors, it is no surprise that Miragaia is considered to be the topmost brand worldwide when it comes to the supply of kratom. Their quality, when it comes from sourcing to production and then finally to distribution, along with their excellent customer support services beats all the other brands.

No doubt, Mitragaia is the top competitor when it comes to kratom strains. However, if you are a beginner then you might get confused with their diverse range of products to choose from, so it’s recommended that you should start with their welcome bundle or a blend to try their different options.



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