The popularity and widespread usage of alternative medicine paved the way for herbal and plant-based extracts. Where medicine fails to works, people are often drawn towards the alternatives that work.

Despite the lack of extensive research on whether these extracts carry the goodness they claim, everyone follows the trend to explore that benefits themselves. Use for both medicinal and recreational purposes is being investigated.

Like the markets of CBD and marijuana, Kratom is another sensation that has taken over the internet. Mitragyna speciosa is a South Asian native plant of the coffee family indigenous to Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and neighboring countries.

For centuries it has been used by the natives for its medicinal qualities and properties. Kratom is a natural analgesic. It works by mitigating the pain and inflammation in the body. It is also taken as a mood stabilizer and enhancer and for the management of anxiety and depression.

Kratom Related Products and Companies

Kratom plant, in addition to planned cultivations, also grows naturally. It requires a warm and damp environment with heavy rainfalls to grow in full bloom. Such weather is characteristic of the South Asian geographical region, which is not present anywhere else in the world.

These conditions make mass-level cultivation of the Kratom plant very difficult.

To solve the problem and to meet the Kratom demands across the U.S. and other countries with the rising popularity of Kratom, several companies started manufacturing Kratom-based products. It was done by extracting the active ingredient in the form of oil-based tincture or by powdering the leaves and forming capsules with some other added ingredients.

Several online vendors sell the product in bulk. Moreover, there are several types of extracts available on the market. One such is a relatively new and leading brand called MIT 45.

Without further ado, let’s look at this brand and all the fantastic Kratom products they manufacture.

What is MIT 45?

It is one of the new companies on the market that specializes in the production of Kratom products. Their categories include liquid shots of different potencies and several capsules.

The name of the company consists of two parts. MIT stands for the Mitragynine or Mitragyna, the active compound of the plant and the plant’s scientific name, respectively.

The number 45 indicates the percentage or the potency of the compound in the products.
45% ratio is one of the highest ratios for the Kratom products on the market.

It is a full spectrum extract and contains a high-quality compound in a highly active and potent form. For newbies or beginner users, 45% is often too much of a dosage. Thus, it is recommended to avoid consuming it in excess if you are a first-timer.

How Does It Work?

Working of Kratom, be it in powdered form or tincture, is the same. Its action is very similar to pain killers like morphine or codeine. It interacts with the pain receptors and numbs them to prevent the feeling of pain.

In addition to that, it is also known to mimic the opioid compounds in terms of pain-relieving qualities and interaction. Its association with opium and use during the withdrawal of addiction is one reason behind its notorious image and ban on use in several countries.

Where To Buy Online?

Several online stores offer services for the purchase of MIT 45 products. Depending on the requirement, you can buy in bulk or a single pack of the products. It can depend on how much Kratom you consume daily and your tolerance levels.

If you are someone new to this and just exploring your options, you can buy it from vendors that deal with single products. For example, you can place your order at Kratom Guys.

In case you want to place an order in bulk, then MIT45 has the official website for wholesale dealing, and you can buy the cartons there. The good thing is that you will save money when it comes to bulk shopping. Most vendors offer several discounts that can range anywhere between 20% to 60% discount.

You can order the product of choice at:

Type Of Strains Sold

MIT 45 sells wholesale, but they deal in processed products of Kratom. These are mostly manufactured through the processes of distillation and extraction. Thus, it is clear that the company does not sell out based on different strains of Kratom.

Their products, however, contain the active compound that is said to be extracted from Maeng Da, which is a red-Coloured, highly potent strain of the Mitragyna.

Their different products are to fulfill different requirements of their clients, including price ranges and dosage. For instance, MIT 45 silver extract is an introductory product with a lower dosage and price.

Lab Test Report

Unlike other vendors, for example, OPMS that don’t reveal the ratio and the dosage in exact amounts, MIT 45 does. The brand name itself indicates the percentage of the Kratom extract in terms of the active compound.

Although there are no specific reports found on the website, all the products are prepared in a certified state-of-the-art facility in Holland, a well-known and certified place for the manufacturing of herbal constituents.

All the product of the facility is tested for quality and purity. Only Good manufacturing practices are used to ensure the overall standardization of the product.

Are They Making False Medical Claims?

The official website and several other vendors are not making any false medical claims. It is mentioned that the specific brand is not for beginners because of its high dosage.

Other pages, mention the effects one might feel after the consumption of the shots or capsules. Nowhere on the website has the product been sold as a cure or alternative to the medicine. Thus, the brand possesses legitimacy and authenticity to its name.

Are They Selling With a False Kratom Name?

As a production company that has seen a 96.1% reorder rate on its products, it is safe to assume that the product is original and there is no new false name.

Affiliated vendors and shops claim that the products become relatively famous and spread across the stores and smoke shop like a wildfire.

Thus, all of the business growth and popularity signifies that none of the claims is false, and MIT 45 is indeed a seller of original and high-grade Kratom products.

Customer Feedback On Social Sites

Overall there are positive views about the MIT 45. Its quality is often compared with the long-standing brand OPMS known for its wide range of Kratom products. Many reviewers say that it is far better than OPMS in terms of quality.

Another prominent aspect that has widely been mentioned on social media sites is that MIT 45 is more transparent in comparison.

The users know exactly what they are consuming and in what quantity. It is often discussed online that OPMS does not offer such type of transparency in its production.

As a result, MIT 45 has become a widely known symbol of kratom within a short duration. For both online and offline vendors, it is sold in large quantities to its wide consumer base.


The price ranges of the MIT 45 products are variable based on the quantity you buy. There is a significant reduction in the price range if you go for the wholesale of bulk products. The overall price range is $7.99-$59.99, depending on the product’s type and quantity.

Although the products are inexpensive compared to the other brands, MIT 45 has developed a tincture that does not cost a lot. People who want all the good of 45% Mitragyna can go for the silver shot at an affordable price. It is one of the cheapest products at $7.99 only.

Prices Compared With Competitors

If we compare the pricing with the competitors, then a significant difference is seen. Considering the comparisons and frequent association, we have considered the pricing of OPMS. It can be observed that the MIT shot is $17.99 while OPMS starts at $20.
In addition to that, there is no price-reduced product at OPMS.

Another drawback is that you can’t order OPMS on the official websites. They have affiliated vendors, and most of them are not online. Anyone who likes to place an order online is a considerable setback and disadvantage and reduced the targeted customer base’s size.

Shipment and Payment Options

The shipment and payment ways vary with the vendors and from where you are buying the products. If it is available locally, then shops are your best choice as it cuts down the cost of getting the shipment. Online orders in bulk also reduce the cost.

On the official website of MIT 45, there is a variety of payment methods available. They vary with the wholesale order and single order.

All the pricing is calculated when you select the product needed and checkout by choosing the payment methods. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and several other methods are available. You can pay through the one that is most convenient for you.

Top Selling Product Of The Company

The best and reasonably popular product of MIT 45 is the MIT 45 liquid shot. It is packed with the alkaloids’ goodness and contains a good percentage of 45 in terms of the active compound.

It is a full spectrum product extracted from the Maeng Da blend, one of the widely consumed and the most potent combination of all Kratom strains. It is often termed as ‘rocket fuel’ for its potency and fast-acting effects on the body.

Key Features

The main features of one of the most popular products of MIT 45 are listed below.

1) No Added Flavors

All-natural and all pure product, does not contain any artificial additives. It is present in pure form, and there are no flavors. Thus, with MIT 45, you get to taste the product in its natural state.

2) Kicks In Within a Few Minutes

As it is highly potent and contains 45% of the active compound, it does not take time to kick in and start acting on the system. Within a few minutes of consumption, you will feel that that shot is working its magic. The effect deepens for an hour before it wears offs.

3) 15 ml Bottles

The standard serving size of the pro-users is a 15 ml bottle. But to avoid overdosage and keep away the side effects of nausea and vomiting, most users dilute the shot and consume it in the form of drops. For beginners, the whole bottle shouldn’t be taken in a single day.

Some of the pros and cons of MIT 45 products can be listed as follows:


  • Provide instant relief to the body
  • Acts as mood stabilizers
  • Give you a boost of energy
  • Reduces pain and inflammation instantly
  • It does not carry addictive nature
  • Tested and certified for quality and purity
  • GMP- free, all-natural, and pure


  • Not FDA approved for human consumption
  • Safety dosages are not scientifically established


If you are looking for Kratom-based products, MIT 45 is one of the best brands. It should be remembered that MIT 45 is not for amateur users. It is highly pure and potent. It can be fatal for new users who don’t have information about dosage management or how to manage the intake. Thus, it is best to move on to MIT 45 when you know you can tolerate the Kratom well and suit you.

Another thing that should be considered is that the shots or capsules are not medicinal alternatives. They can manage the symptoms and reduce the pain levels associated with several diseases, but they do not cure them.

Nonetheless, it is one of the most widely used and reliable brands that delivers fantastic quality products at affordable prices. In this complicated world where no fun is in sight, it is good to have a bit of Kratom occasionally.



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