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Today, I am writing a review on the Mind Bullet Kratom that I recently laid my hands on, and to be honest; I am more than satisfied with its quality. I was introduced to this herb some time ago by a friend who was a regular user of Kratom. She told me about the good qualities of Kratom, which intrigued me to try it myself.

First of all, I was very reluctant to order Kratom online as so many people was selling it online and at local stores, but then I came across Mind Bullet Kratom. The question is, what made me put my belief in it? It is the face of the Mind Bullet, Chris Bell and his story that made me believe in the quality of this product in the first place.

Now, without any further delay, let’s start with the full review so that you can also get your hands on the best Kratom ever!

About Chris Bell & Mind Bullet

First, I would like to share the story that inspired me to try Kratom. Chris Bell is a writer/director who has several books published under his name. If you have seen him on Instagram, then you must have already fallen in love with his massive body with amazing abs and appealing bicep cuts.

Once in his life, he also went through a phase where he struggled to gain sobriety, happiness and peace of mind. Chris is of this belief that pain medications can result in addiction, which is why he prefers gym over everything.

Kratom is another form of pain reliever that he wholeheartedly believes in and hence, the formation of Mind Bullet. Chris Bell introduced this product in the market to help people improve their mind and physical health. As Mind Bullet’s first page suggests, “Attack the Day! Focus, Gain Clarity and Increase Creativity”.

Mind Bullet is an all-natural product that helps in increasing focus and boosting energy. The motivation by Chris Bell is what inspired to go for this product. If it can change his life, then why not mine?

Key Features Of Mind Bullet

No matter if you are writing a review for Kratom or a purse, you have to tell people about its best features. Unless the customer understands the importance of the key features of the product, rarely, they would even think about purchasing the product for themselves. So, here it is.

Mind Bullet is a brand with such a great name behind it, which makes it more interesting to explore. I will tell you everything about this product from its key features to its cons to let you fully understand this brand. Let’s get started then.

  • Kratom Forms By Mind Bullet

Kratom is sold in many forms in the market; however, at Mind Bullet, you will get it in the form of capsules and potion. You need to be sure about what kind of Kratom you can intake and then order the product depending on its form.

Both potion and capsules can be gulped down pretty quickly without having to experience the exact taste of the product. I ordered capsules for myself as I can easily take them.

  • Product Range By Mind Bullet

At Mind Bullet, you can purchase Kratom, which is made of pure Mitragyna Speciosa. The ingredients used in the Kratom are mentioned in each of the product to let customers know that they won’t be investing in a product oozing with chemicals.

You can order two types of Kratom from Mind Bullet; one, in the form of potion (Mind Bullet – Potion) and the second, in the form of capsules (Mind Bullet – Bottle).

If you choose to buy the bottle, then you will get 100 capsules in one bottle of Mind Bullet. The price of 100 capsules is $74.99, which is a one-time payment.

At the website, you will find a subscription option while ordering the product that let you choose how you want to pay for the product. The 100 capsules in the bottle are enough for 6-weeks, so if you buy a subscription for 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-weeks, then the price will be $59.99 for selected weeks.

There is no minimum amount of capsules that you can purchase from the website, and each of the capsules of Mind Bullet will contain 1.5g of Mitragyna Speciosa in it.

You can also purchase Mind Bullet in the form of the potion. It is an 8gms of the bottle that comes for $17.99 only. There is no choice of payment option or the amount you want to order.

Apart from these products, you can also purchase Mind Bullet shirt at $25 and cap for $25 for yourself.

Lastly, if you are not sure about the product, then you test it by purchasing a small batch from the website, i.e. the travel pack with 10 capsules at $6.99 only.

Note: The prices mentioned above for quantities is the minimum amount that you have to pay. You cannot order this product in 1 or 2oz.

How To Use Mind Bullet?

For Capsules: You can gulp down these capsules with water, juice or any other liquid of your choice. Taking too much of capsules is not recommended at all, so take it in the required dosage.

For Potion: You can drink the potion with water, tea or juice; if you like. You can also directly drink the potion in the required dosage.

  • The Research Behind Mind Bullet

What helped me to choose this product is their research about Kratom and its amazing qualities. You can visit the website of Mind Bullet to check their studies on Mitragyna Speciosa, which shows positive outcomes regarding the use of Kratom.

Apart from one study, this brand has come into reality after a thorough analysis of the Mitragyna Speciosa and its use for clarity, focus, uplifting energy and much more by professional doctors.

So, if you are confused about the authenticity of the product, then you might check their website to get a clear view.

  • How Active Is Mind Bullet On Social Media?

You can visit the Mind Bullet website to order the product. Apart from this, you can also check the YouTube videos of Chris Bell, follow Mind Bullet on Instagram or receive email updates by Mind Bullet.

This brand has a clear and prominent social presence, all thanks to Chris Bell. If you want to get first-hand knowledge about the new products and everything, then Instagram is the best option to go for.

  • Lab Test Report

You can find a lot of research proving the positive effect of Mitragyna Speciosa on the mental health and physical capabilities of the person. Still, there is no lab report published on their website.

You can find a picture with ingredients with products, but that cannot be taken as a lab report. So, this might be an issue for a lot of people. However, their research on K is Kratom is proof of their hard work to make this product.

How To Return & Refund Mind Bullet

1) Merchandise Purchase

You can easily return the unopened product of Mind Bullet within 30 days. You will have to provide the receipt of the product after which the amount of the product will be refunded to you. Note that, refunds can take up to 7-14 business days, so have some patience after you have returned the product.

2) Product Return By Mail

If the product has been shipped to you, then you can return this product through mail to the Mind Bullet. You may send the purchase and receipt to the Returns Department of Mind Bullet. If you are returning the product, then you will bear the shipping charges. The ship to return address is:

Mind Bullet®
Attention: Returns Department
4516 Redbud Drive,
Davis, CA 95618

General Overview

Below is my general overview of the entire brand and product based on the qualities of the product.

  • Excellent gym supplement
  • Good quantities of product
  • Own researches on Mitragyna Speciosa published on the website
  • Good branding
  • Amazing customer service
  • Premium quality Kratom
  • You must be 21 years old to purchase the product.
  • The products are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration of the U.S.

Our Verdict

From my perspective, I love using this product and have witnessed an evident change in my mood and energy level. I received this product on time, and during one time when I received a damaged product, the customer service representatives of Mind Bullet made sure to replace it in time. I always had the best experience with this brand and Chris Bell is an inspiration for many.
You can get this product at a reasonable price, so do not miss your chance to be your best!



  1. That’s very expensive. 100 caps for $75. I can get 240 caps of OPMS for $40. I’m sure mind bullet is a good brand but it’s also a rip off.


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