The recent Kratom craze saw a significant influx of Kratom brands and vendors. As with any other lucrative industry, the Kratom one is too saturated with brands, strains, colors, and potencies.

But remember all that glitters isn’t gold. If you have been a frequent customer, you probably would have come across stories of wholesalers mixing dangerous chemicals, off-label brands selling unpure powder with filler content, and unscrupulous brands fooling customers. These brands pop out like a sore red thumb and rattle the community while we scramble to protect it.

If you have spent any time researching Kratom strains or brands, you must have stumbled across Mayan Kratom. The company has garnered a lot of attention- or negative attention to be more appropriate.

Due to the name’s similarity with the great ancient civilization, consumers tend to confuse it as a type of Kratom strain. So what is its reality?  The article intends to nip all the assumptions in the bid and educate consumers on the truth.

The Truth About Mayan Kratom

The brand’s name stands synonymous with the greatest Mesoamerican civilization the world has seen. And hence, it is very natural for people to mistake the name Mayan Kratom as some mysterious Kratom strain cultivated and inherited from the Mayas.

To steer away from all the doubts and misconceptions, Mayan Kratom is neither any charming strain nor vein. It is just another vendor making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

For the record, historical and anecdotal evidence suggests that Kratom was never grown outside of Southeast Asia. On the flip side, the ancient Maya civilization had its roots in present-day Guatemala in around 250 AD- quite long before kratom use emerged.

So, a little heads up, the next time you come across any blog or article claiming that Mayan Kratom is a genuine vendor selling Kratom from the era.

The site alone will leave you scratching your head with dozens of red flags. Some sources claimed that the company started its operation in 2014 from its head-quarter based in Florida.

The foundations were laid by Wesley Todd (CEO) after his so-called life-changing experience with Kratom following a bike accident. Despite his claimed success story, further investigations revealed Todd’s shady past. He was convicted for a big theft, possession of illegal weapons, and witness tampering to burglary.

Shall I Buy Mayan Kratom?

From what we can tell, Mayan Kratom must not even be the last choice for a Kratom buyer. Here are all the reasons we discourage our readers from ordering online their products:

1) Unsecure Site:

The website is time and time again de-ranked or removed by Google. Hence, often customers are left with the only option of contacting via their phone number. Besides, the site is not protected by HTTPS- putting visitors at significant risk of cyberattacks.

2) Very Limited Collection:

Whether you believe it or not, but the Mayan Kratom site only offers five kinds of strains, namely, Maeng Da, Maeng Da Supreme, Premium Bali, Super Green Malay, and a so-called Red Vein Kratom (God knows the origin or type).

Another shocking fact is there is little guidance on Kratom quantities being offered. All we know is they provide three package sizes of 30g powders, 20ct and 40ct capsule bottles. And if you ever need more information, you can get in touch via the contact number.

3) Poor Rating And Reviews:

Recommendations and positive feedback are one primary benchmark to gauge a business’s credibility. And, Mayan Kratom again falls miserably in that. Neither other vendors nor the customers seem big fans of the company or its products.

A quick search will reveal tons of negative feedback due to their substandard quality and service. On top of all, they don’t allow customers to post reviews or comments on their product or anywhere on the site. This alone speaks volumes of their credibility.

4) Clouds of Uncertainty:

Any sane company or marketing team tries to lure customers with attractive images and convenient shopping options. Apparently, Mayan Kratom is least bothered about it. Instead of setting up individual product pages for each product category, they provide a mere list of the five names mentioned above. 

5) False Claims:

If you are updated with the recent happenings of the Kratom world, you must know that Kratom is not regulated or approved by the FDA in any shape or form. Hence, any company claiming to sell FDA-approved Speciosa is plain rubbish.

Mayan Kratom claims to be the only brand offering FDA-approved goods. So, what can one expect from a site with zero information on its product, the owners, or its background, and heck, make false claims and promises?

Buy The Best. Buy SNB!

When it comes to Kratom, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best of the best. Unfortunately, the industry is not yet regulated by the authorities. Hence, as vigilant customers, you must purchase only the highest quality product from a trusted source.

Hiya! Top Quality Kratom Alert!

SNB’s unwavering vision is to supply the world 100% pure, fresh, and authentic Kratom in a delightful and vast array of options while maintaining an affordable price point. We strive to nurture an honest and integral kratom marketplace where brands are transparent and accountable.

We believe that profit-making must never blind or deviate the brand from their core mission of why they offer this miraculous herb to the people in the first place: to promote their overall health and well-being.

At the same time, consumers must play their part by boycotting shady grifters, the like of Mayan Kratom, and give a blow to their business.   

Final Verdict

Everyone expects to get the value of the hard-earn they spend. And that’s entirely legit. Not only does Mayan Kratom fall short of our expectations, but the brand is also notorious for making false claims. Or maybe if you ever got a chance to pay a visit to the Mayan Kratom website, you’ll find several red flags.

We would also like to inform readers that the company seems no longer in business, as of this writing. A google search will not display any of the company’s URLs or products. 

So far, there isn’t any news on whether they plan to relaunch the business. However, given the owner’s and the brand’s questionable image and repo, we would strongly urge our readers to avoid buying their stuff- even if they are back at any point in time.

It won’t be wrong to say that Mayan Kratom is one of those few vendors that add to the bad image of the kratom world.  But what if you can’t buy from them? There are scores of reliable vendors providing nothing but the best quality and cheap Kratom with consumer service, education, and community engagement at the heart of all their doings.



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