Kratom tea is made as you make regular tea, but there are considerations to be made regarding the dosage.

Kratom is becoming more popular in the USA – and elsewhere – as it gains publicity. It is made from the leaves of a plant native to Thailand, Indonesia, and the surrounding regions. Kratom is a substance that has many potential benefits.

Thai workers use kratom to give them an energy boost. People also use it to relieve anxiety, improve their social enjoyment, and help with sleep and pain relief. Many people use Kratom as a recreational substance.

While Kratom remains unregulated in most of the USA – so far, it is not an approved substance in the eyes of the FDA – it is mainly legal, although we do advise you check the legality in your state or town.

This article will discuss a popular method of ingesting Kratom – making Kratom tea. We will also look at the subject of kratom dosages, which is important as Kratom has entirely different effects in small or large amounts. Let’s begin by looking at why people make Kratom tea.

Why Make Kratom Tea with Kratom Tea Bags?

There are many reasons why you may choose to make Kratom tea, as mentioned above. In fact, most drink it as simply another form of tea. Tea comes in many different strains, and Kratom can be considered another to add to the list.

However, there are some essential factors to take on board. Kratom has opioid aspects. It can, in some cases, have a similar effect to other opioids. Certain controversies come with this unregulated but popular substance.

We assume you are interested in trying Kratom tea bags if you read this. That’s great, as many currently enjoy Kratom in this way. Let’s talk next about the best way to make Kratom tea and how to enjoy it fully.

How is Kratom Tea Best Made with Kratom Tea Bags?

Put simply; Kratom tea is best made as you would your standard cup of breakfast tea. Boil your water in a kettle or a saucepan, and then add the Kratom afterward. The title of this article points towards Kratom tea bags, which are rapidly becoming a convenient choice.

Many still use powdered Kratom – a convenient option – or dried Kratom leaves, as you would with loose tea leaves. Yet Kratom tea bags offer the convenience of a known dose and simplicity.

What makes Kratom tea different is that it needs to be left to steep for around 10 to 15 minutes. This will allow all the elements of Kratom to be infused into the water.

Now we come to an interesting question: what does Kratom tea taste like? The answer is very bitter! This is why most people use a sweetener – honey is the preference – to make Kratom tea more palatable. You may enjoy the bitter taste as some do, but we advise having honey on hand to sweeten the tea.

You can add hot water to weaken the tea should you wish. Next, we want to discuss a hugely important factor when using Kratom – how much should you put in your tea?

What Dosage of Kratom Should Kratom Tea Bags Provide?

There is a curious aspect to Kratom that is important to understand if you plan to try it. In small doses – we will go into more detail shortly – Kratom is a stimulant. It provides an energy boost. It also enables those with social anxiety problems to become more sociable and willing to engage.

A larger dose, however, can have the opposite effect and serve as a sedative. Indeed, too large a dose can potentially result in hallucinations, euphoria, and other psychotic effects associated with opioids. What is the ideal dose of Kratom?

One of the benefits of Kratom tea bags is that you use a controlled dose. If you use powder or leaves, it is far easier to exceed the recommended and safe dose. Let’s look at general dosage advice and why it differs per individual.

As with all substances we ingest, each individual will be affected differently. Your body weight, metabolism, and physical health will affect how Kratom acts on you. This is why giving an accurate dosage is difficult.

Let’s say you are drinking Kratom tea as a stimulant. General advice says a dose of 2 to 4 grams is ideal. However, it is better to match your body weight with the dosage. A good kratom dosage guideline is to take 0.025grams per pound of body weight for stimulation.

If you take Kratom for pain relief or as a sedative, the recommended dose is 0.04grams per pound. These are simply guidelines. We advise that if you are taking Kratom for the first time, you start with a gram – check the Kratom tea bags you are using for the weight – and increase the dosage until it has the desired effect.

We also recommend that if you start using Kratom, you take medical advice should you take any other medications, as it may have an adverse effect in such cases. So, now that we’ve looked at things in more detail, is Kratom tea the way for you?


Kratom tea is a popular and convenient method of ingesting the substance. Whether you make your tea from tea bags, powder, or leaves is up to you. The advantage of Kratom tea bags is knowing how much Kratom you are ingesting, which, as we have explained, is essential to this substance.

Kratom taken in larger doses can have serious adverse effects. It is an opioid substance, so it must be treated respectfully. Start with small doses and work up, and you will find the point at which Kratom has the desired effect on you. Finally, always check that Kratom is legal in your state, city, or town, as some areas in the US are banned.



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