Ever wonder about making Kratom more potent? Or discovering a way where you can take Kratom easily without going through the hectic daily routine of measuring dose and then waiting for the effects to appear? If yes, here’s one simple solution!

Why don’t you make an alcohol based kratom extract? It’s very easy to make, it’s affordable, and the best part about alcohol based kratom extracts is that you can preserve it for an extended period and guess what?

The alkaloids stay active all this time! So if you like the idea, make sure you follow this ‘how to make kratom extract with alcohol.’

The natural part of this method is that it’s exactly like that of water based kratom extract; the only difference is that you add alcohol instead of water.

Ingredients to make alcohol based Kratom extract

  • Alcohol: Only use ethanol.
  • Leaves of Kratom.
  • Scale: you need to measure your herbs.
  • Measuring cup: For accurate liquid measurements you will need this.
  • Strainer: You need to get the plant material out of your extract.
  • Glycerin: Stabilizes alcohol based Kratom extracts.
  • Citric acid (lemon juice): Acidification helps in efficient extraction.
  • Extraction bottle: These bottles are chemical and heat resistant.
  • Storage jars: Amber-colored glass jars are the real storage jars. The colored glass keeps the light out, allowing the extract to stay fresh and potent for a longer period.

Method of making alcohol based Kratom extract

Mentioned below are six steps that you need to follow to make the perfect Alcohol based kratom extract.

  1. Weigh the herb

    The best practice while making an extract is to weigh each and every herb or strain of Kratom that you use. This helps in the determination of the dose later. Also, measure the quantity of alcohol., You can either use 40% concentrated alcohol or 95% ethanol, which gives better results.

  2. Steep

    Next step is to cover your weighed herbs with alcohol in a jar. Add lemon juice at this step and stir it properly. Now you have to steep your jar of Kratom leaves and alcohol in water. The lid should remain open. If you are using cool water, you will need to keep it steeped for a week. If you are using hot water, leave the container for an hour in the water and then repeat with freshly heated water.

    This step is done to allow the alcohol to evaporate by generating pressure due to the heated water. Alcohol vapors are highly flammable so never do this step directly on the stove.

  3. Strain

    After the expected time has passed, strain the leaves out of the container using a fine strainer and allow the tincture/extract left behind to evaporate. Muslin Sheet can also be used for this purpose.

  4. Evaporate

    You need to ensure that half of the original amount is evaporated. Avoid getting the container contaminated with dust particles.

  5. Measure

    In this step, you identify the ultimate strength of your Alcohol based Kratom extract. To do so, you weigh the product after evaporation and compare it to that of the initial amount. The ratio gives you the strength of the extract.

  6. Labeling and storage

Label your extract with the name of the strain used, the concentration of initial product and the final product, the date of production.

Always store your extract in a cool and dark place. This ensures the enhanced potency of the extract. Before storing it, you may add glycerin to prevent the extract from getting evaporated quickly. About 5-10% glycerin is added as a preservative.

Benefits of alcohol based Kratom extracts

•    It adds up the medicinal benefits of Kratom by reducing stomach discomfort.
•    It can be added to drinks.
•    It aids in relieving pain.
•    It can be applied topically.
•    It’s a good solvent, so the alkaloids are extracted efficiently and quickly.
•    It enhances the stimulant property of Kratom.



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