Maeng da Kratom in Review


Maeng Da kratom is most likely the first and also most well-known of the many strains of kratom. Reportedly in 2015, there have been some changes in its potency and effects. Despite the change in the market, which I’ll explain in a bit, Maeng da kratom is highly recommended for anyone who needs pain relief and/ or stimulation. Very few other varieties or strains can offer this advantage in such a life-changing way.

What a unique history this strain has! Some of the information out about this herbal medicine focuses on a negative side. The name itself is disparaging. Maeng Da, (which in Thai means ‘Pimp’) kratom, has only been so named for less than 20 years. Actually the history of this strain has been veiled from public knowledge, and, thanks to an apparent lack of research, some conspiracy-oriented people even speculate that kratom has been genetically modified. From all the information I can garner, it has not been genetically modified but is bred through a unique process called grafting. Order Kratom online from this highly trusted vendor here.

The main reason for any change in the growing part of this process has come due to sales. The market always wants more potent leaves, in greater quantity, that can be grown in a very short period of time. It’s called “greed”. For that reason, interested farmers from all over Southeast Asia were breeding some very unique qualities into stimulating Thai strains. Selective breeding occurs naturally anywhere kratom is bought and sold, but the “Maeng da” strain is seemingly more pronounced than many of the others.

Southeast Asia boasts swampy conditions for growing and scorching heat. For many of the men, manual labor is the only option available for them to provide for their families. The hard conditions and ruggedly demanding jobs place kratom in high demand among the workers.

As you can imagine, competition runs high among the growers, who are striving to have the highest potency possible in the shortest growing season imaginable. These rough jobs and hard conditions have dramatically contributed to kratom’s popularity.

Maeng da kratom offers such a variety of effects, that despite any new strains’ marketing savvy, it outshines them all in terms of benefits to health. Users generally choose between its pain-killing ability or its stimulation effects.Maeng-Da-KratomFor those choosing stimulation, this strain can be used equally as well for hard and strenuous labor or for detailed mental work, where the focus is needed. I used to do church concerts with my family. After these, I was so exhausted, even though I had felt mentally high during the concert, that I often said, “This is harder than digging a ditch.” From the information above you can see that Maeng Da works well in a vast array of applications.

The principal effect of Maeng da, noticed by those who use this type of kratom, is stimulation, which is felt primary as a mental-physical readiness. For example, energy to meet the day’s physical labor demands or mental clarity to think through a long list of options for a successful business venture would fall into this category of kratom’s usefulness.

Kratom is considered a “clean stimulant” in that unlike caffeine, which can cause physical discomfort or profuse sweating, it has few side effects.

Do you struggle with constant pain, fibromyalgia, or arthritis? Perhaps this strain is what your body needs. In combination with stimulation, this variety also offers effective analgesia if chronic pain is your constant companion. While not the most ideal kratom for pain, it can be great for those with moderate pain who can’t tolerate the sedative effects of traditional pain medication or any of the other analgesic kratom strains.

Maeng Da kratom has noticeable mood-lifting capabilities. No doubt this adds to its popularity. However, tolerance to these kratom effects builds quickly, especially for those who use it regularly or don’t manage their Maeng Da kratom dosage. Because of this, those who have used it for this purpose commonly wind up disappointed in a short period of time.

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