Maeng Da Kratom – A Guide for Beginners

Maeng Da is a high-quality Kratom strain which provides relief from pain coupled with stimulation of the central nervous system of the human body. The word ‘Maeng Da’ is a Thai word which means “pimp grade” in English. The purest form of Maeng Da grows in a small area located in Indonesia where Kratom was legally planted for the first time. Locals handpick the best kind of Maeng Da leaves from mature trees. It was, however, initially found in Thailand.

It was first produced when the natives used their ancient knowledge about grafting in order produce a better version of Thai species of Kratom tree which is known as Mitragyna speciosa. The engineering of Maeng Da was resourceful because it provided an improved stability during its growth and reduced susceptibility towards climate changes.

The leaves of Maeng Da Kratom are dark green and possess a strong yet pleasing aroma. Locals harvest the leaves and either crush it or grind it into a powder that has a consistency like sugar. Maeng Da is one of the strongest Kratom strains available to the people by far.

How can Maeng Da help users?

Maeng Da is one of the top Kratom strains which are the most potent. There is a limited number of scientific studies about how it can help users. However, a general survey suggests that the presence of more concentration of flavonoids and other alkaloids is what makes Maeng Da stronger than the others. Mitragynine is an important alkaloid in this respect which can help the people in a variety of ways. Maeng Da can help the people cheer up by giving a boost to their mood. It also stimulates the mind and increases the work stamina as well as the efficiency of those who use it.

Additionally, Maeng Da Kratom also possesses certain nootropic effects, especially those related to the cerebral functioning which in turn enhances the ability to think. People who use Maeng Da report that this strain helps them to focus in a better way. Consequently, they can focus on their everyday chores more efficiently. Both mind and body experience stimulation and a boost in the level of creativity, as well as productivity, is observed using Maeng Da.

Whether it is a complicated business presentation or a tricky college exam, Maeng Da has helped a lot of people in getting through. Users must take a certain amount of Maeng Da Kratom in the morning, and it will keep them fresh and clear headed all day round. They can work better, focus better and consequently, live better.

Top effects of Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom can produce a lot of benefits in people. However, following are some of its top benefits in users:

  1. Fatigue Blasting Property

    Maeng Da is most famous for its effects to reduce fatigue in people. Individuals who use this Kratom strain say that it is even better than caffeine. Some users even replace their morning coffee with Maeng Da permanently because of its significant advantages. It energizes the body to help it face the challenges of the world. Maeng Da also tends to keep a user refreshed all day long. Hectic days are made easier using Maeng Da Kratom and users can perform in a much better way.

  2. Pain killing effect

    Maeng Da also tends to alleviate all kinds of bodily pains of those who use it consistently. The analgesic effects of this Kratom strain are quite high as Maeng Da also relieves a person of a chronic and old pain with ease.  It is one of the best Kratom strains for individuals who are suffering from body aches. However, it works best for a moderate level of pain and is suitable for those who want relief from pain without added sedation.

  3. Brain Stimulation

    Brain stimulation is one of the primary effects of using Maeng Da. Maeng Da manifests its stimulating effect by improving the mental as well as the physical readiness of the user. However, it does not cause side effects, unlike caffeine which includes physical discomfort, sweating or jitteriness. Hence, Maeng Da Kratom is extensively called as a “clean stimulant”. It works best for those who often engage in strenuous exercises and hard physical labor. Maeng Da is also ideal for people who have to do a lot of brainstorming on a daily basis. It clears the mind and sharpens the instincts of a user making it easier for him to cope with his everyday tasks.

  4. Psychological Benefits

    Maeng Da is a good remedy for lifting the mood of a person. Therefore, it can treat depression in people. In some cases, people even replace their anti-depressants with Maeng Da because it does not cause any additional side effects when taken in an appropriate way. In an individual who is already happy, it pronounces its effects. It also puts the users in a positive mental state and significantly enhances the factor of joy in their daily activities. A person feels enthusiastic and excited about himself and his life owing to Maeng Da Kratom.

  5. Anti- anxiolytic effect

    Maeng Da is perfect for individuals who are socially shy and prefer to stay isolated. In such people, Maeng Da helps to boost the self-confidence as well as control their social anxiety. A person can mingle with other people more conveniently and his life changes. Those who have been diagnosed with anxiety can also use Maeng Da in large doses to produce a state of calmness. This is because Maeng Da also works to cool the nerves down and make a person control his apprehensions.

Effects of Maeng Da according to dose

The effects of Maeng Da Kratom are largely dependent upon the dose taken by the user. The following table summarizes what effects a particular dose of Maeng Da is likely to produce in a user:

Low dose 2 to 4 grams Consuming a small dose is likely to produce a mild level of stimulation and euphoria in a person with no side effects at all.
Moderate dose 4 to 6 grams Consuming a moderate amount of Maeng Da produce a slightly high level of stimulation. A moderate dose is also capable of producing a certain degree of sedation in some but this can be tolerated.
High dose 6 to 8 grams For the majority of the people, 6 to 8 grams of Maeng Da is considered too strong. It can relieve pain but can cause sedation in a person.
Very high dose 8 grams or more Increasing the dose of Maeng Da more above 8 grams is too dangerous for almost everyone. Only those who are regular users of this strain can tolerate it and experience analgesic effects of Maeng Da accompanied by sedation.

The recommended doses at which Maeng Da produces its effects are small as compared to other strains of Kratom. This is because it has a higher prevalence of alkaloids. For those who are just beginning to use Kratom strains, less than 2 grams of Maeng Da works just fine. Maeng Da is available in powdered as well as supplement form, but the former is preferred. This Kratom strain can remain in the bloodstream of a user for 8 hours.

Side-effects of Maeng Da overdose

Although Maeng Da causes a lot of benefits in people who use them, there can be certain side effects too. These side effects are mostly seen when an overdose of Maeng Da taken, either intentionally or unintentionally. Maeng Da can produce the following effects in a person if one takes it in too much amount:

  • Delusions
  • Increase in aggressive behavior
  • Laziness
  • Paranoia
  • Shakiness
  • Respiratory depression
  • Paranoia
  • Severe nausea

Nausea and vomiting tend to occur commonly and can get severe. These symptoms may also stay for a long duration of time in some users. The effects of Kratom overdose set in rapidly and stay for almost 4 to 5 hours on average. It may extend for more than 6 hours if the user ingests a very high dose of Maeng Da Kratom.

In rare cases, some serious symptoms might also occur. These symptoms include brief periods of psychosis in which people can experience aggression, hallucinations, confusion and hostility, as per the DEA.

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